The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm


reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 59, senpai!

Chapter 59 (v.1) - The Dagger Pointed At One's Neck

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



The class finally reached the city of Sadari. When they got off the carriages, they were surprised at the wonderful sight that welcomed them.

"I-Is it just me who thinks that, the demonkin always attack at beautiful places?" James asked everyone from the class.

"It can't be helped. Places like these can have plenty of resources for them to use, and just like in Sarca, this city is a strategic point for the army that controls it." Mari replied.

While Sarca is an situated inside a large plain, Sadari rests on the side of the mountain. Also, Sadari is nicknamed as 'The Southern Arsenal' due to the fact that it contains the largest weapons repository in Narashel, and is where the Military School of Narashel is located.

If by chance that the demonkin conquered Sadari, the tide of battle will turn towards them. That's why, in order for that to not happen, the class is sent here from Arandel.

"Mari, from here on we will depend on you." Kai told her.

After they prepared for last minute adjustments, Kai approached Mari, who is currently checking their positions on the map.

"Okay. I'll do my best." Mari replied.

She glanced at her classmates, who are also looking at her with eyes of admiration and resolve. Mari only smiled, before looking at the horizon in front of them and taking a deep breath. Then, she raised a loud cry.


At her signal, everyone in the class, as well as the accompanying soldiers immediately arranged themselves into position. The formation they implemented was, to have everyone keep watch of every direction the demonkin may attack.

"Hey, is it too soon for them to come?" James asked her.

"No. Everything's according to schedule." She replied with a grin.

At that instant, a giant hole appeared in front of them, and from there burst forth a large army of demonkin, numbering about 10000. Each of the demons has three horns, and all of them looked ravenous.

Everyone in the class immediately brandished their weapons and started chanting their spells. Mari pulled a sword from its sheath, and pointed it towards the demons.

"Saa, let's see who'll make the first move!"



We heard a strange noise coming from the mountain, that's why the three of us went to investigate. Granz and the knights are too busy right now, that's why they can't accompany us.

"...Big brother, I could sense their presence." Aoi said to me in a soft voice.

"So it means to say that the hole is nearby?" I muttered.

"[Search: Hole Portal]"

Lerish used [The Tower] to find the hole where the demonkin will appear. A magic circle appeared on her hand with a black needle on the center that pointed the direction where the desired object is. When the compass activated, the needle suddenly pointed to the south.

"South? Is it on the other side of the mountain?" Lerish said to herself.

I then used [Locate] to verify the location of the hole.

"W-Wait. You gotta be kidding me..."

"...Big brother?"

Aoi got startled when I suddenly became tensed.

"...Two...holes?" Aoi also got surprised when she saw two dots on different sides of the mountain.

"One in Kizun, and one in Sadari?" Lerish also looked at the map used for [Locate].

"...Looks like, the one in Kizun is just a decoy." Aoi said with a sigh.


Lerish and I both became shocked while looking at Aoi with widened eyes.

"...If they're really nearby I could feel their presence more. Right now I could sense them, but they're still far away from us."

A decoy hole...why do they have to do that?

"Does this mean that it's a waste that we went here to Kizun instead of Sadari?" I asked Aoi.

"No, I think. Sadari is just an hour away from here. Besides, we have our wagon right?" Lerish answered on her behalf.

"Nn. You're right." I nodded.

"Let's go to Sadari, before it gets too late." Lerish said as she ran towards the wagon.

"Hey, don't run!" I said as Aoi and I ran after her.


We didn't asked Granz for permission when we left for Sadari. Still, Lerish is the superior, that's why it's okay for us to go.

"...Ugh. Big brother..." Aoi called me while she held her hand on her chest.

"Aoi, what's wrong?" I asked her when I saw her in pain.

"...Big brother...!" Aoi clawed her hand on her chest as if she's having a heart attack.


I hurriedly checked her temperature with my hand to see if she has any fever.

"Here, lie down, okay?" I said to her in panic as I rested her head on my lap.

Aoi began to sweat profusely as she gasped for breath.

"Aoi! What's happening to you?! Hey, Aoi!!!"

She looked at me in a pained expression.


"Aoi! What is it?"




At that instant, I could feel a strange presence behind me.


When I looked behind to see who 'he' is, I saw a white-haired man wearing white, with a white dagger pointed on Lerish's nape.

"It's been a while. Death Goddess." The man greeted Aoi with a smile.

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