The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Don't worry. Depend on us more, okay?"

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - The Harbinger of Discord

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



"It's been a while. Death Goddess."

The man who suddenly appeared has white covering all over his body, except for his skin. Hair, eyes, clothing, weapon, everything is white.

While pointing his dagger to Lerish, who became silent as she continued to drive the wagon, the man greeted Aoi with a smile.

"I never thought that I could find you here, Death Goddess. Well, it's been about two thousand years since I last saw you, so I'm glad that you're still alive." The man said.

"I-I don't know who you are, but I won't let you hurt my sister or Lerish." I said while keeping Aoi away from him as she rests on my lap.

"Ah, this? Don't worry. I'm just an afterimage of the original body in Sadari. I'm only here to meet the Death Goddess, that's all." The man said while smiling as he threw the dagger away from Lerish. Upon seeing that he threw it away, Lerish breathed in relief.

"Oh, before I disappear, I would like you to know this: the Queen sends her regards to you, the man named Ren Mortel." He said while looking at me with a grin.

Then, after a few seconds he began to fade away. When he's finally gone, Aoi's condition began to recover.

"...Big brother..."

She looked at me as she stood up again.

"Are you okay now, Aoi?" I asked her.

"...Nn. At my present condition big brother, I can't take too much divine power from other sources other than humans, so this happened to me. But I'm okay now, big brother." She said to me.

"How about you, Lerish?"

I then asked Lerish, who still acted that it's just normal for a princess like her to be restrained with a dagger pointed on her neck.

"Worry about Aoi more. I'm okay, he poked me a few times with his weapon, but I didn't felt a single pain on my body." Lerish told me with a smile.

T-Then...he's really just an afterimage, like a hologram?

"I-Is he...a [False God]?" I asked Aoi,

"...Nn. His name is Se'ith, and he is called, 'The Harbinger of Discord'."


"...Wars are just a form of entertainment for him. Everywhere he go, there is always war. He would do anything to create a war, so that his appetite for it will be satisfied."

Wars as a form of entertainment, huh?

"...Maybe he killed the Duke for that reason..."

Aoi hypothesized.

"Is he...powerful?" I asked her again.

"...Nn. But compared to me who is an [Old God], his divine power is just a little more than mine at my present condition." She said.

Aoi, how can you be certain of that?

"...Big brother, he is a powerful god to say at least, but the [Queen] is much, much, much more powerful than him." Aoi said to me in worry.

Ah. I remembered Se'ith mentioning that his [Queen] sends her regards to me.

More questions started to form inside my mind.

"Do gods also have ranks aside from being [Old Gods] and [False Gods]?"

"...Nn. We [Old Gods] have a hierarchy that we follow, same as the [False Gods] but theirs are much more complex. For example, I, the Death Goddess, is ranked thirteenth, based on the Arcana numbers."

Aoi already told me about the numbers associated with each Arcana. [The Death] has the number 13, while [The Fool] is numbered 0. [The Magician], [The High Priestess], and [The Tower] has the numbers 1, 2 and 16 respectively.

"...Big brother!"

Aoi suddenly leapt into my chest.

"Aoi, what's wrong?"

"...Big brother, even though I'm an [Old God], I can't do anything to protect you from him! I'm sorry!!!"

She said as she began to sob while embracing me.

"Hey, it's okay! You don't need to apologize!" I said in panic as I try to comfort her.

"...No. I promised that I will protect you from anything, big brother...but if I always get weak each time a god is nearby, I won't forgive myself if they hurt you!"

Aoi gripped on my clothes as she try to contain her disappointment on herself.

"That's not true!"

Lerish shouted at her, as she stopped driving the wagon. Aoi looked at her in surprise, with tears flowing from her eyes.

"Even Ren will say that it's not true that you can't protect him from the gods. You're the Death Goddess, right? Prove to them what an [Old God] can do!"

"Lerish is right. Well, it's true that it would be a problem if you always get weak each time we meet a god, but you can lend our strength as long as we're here." I said to Aoi while brushing her hair.

"...Big brother...Lerish..." She looks at us with an anxious expression.

"Don't worry. Depend on us more, okay?"

She only nodded at my words. Her crying already stopped, and she wiped the tears on her eyes.

"...Nn. I've been depending on you always, big brother."

She smiled lightly.

"Good grief. I'm trying to be a big sister here, you know? Can you also depend on me?" Lerish pouted in dismay.

"...I only need my big brother, but if you insist then I'll expect more from you." Aoi said while glaring at her.

"Okay, now that you've returned to your usual self let's get off the wagon now."

Lerish said to us while jumping down the wagon.

"Eh? Why?" I asked her.

"Of course, we're in Sadari already." Lerish replied.

Sadari. The place where the real Se'ith is currently at.

"Aoi, Lerish. We will kill the god named Se'ith."

At my words, the two of them lets out a bright smile at me.

Saa, let's begin the subjugation of a [False God]!

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