The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Big brother, I can do better!"

reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 61, senpai!

Chapter 61 (v.1) - [Spectre] in the Shadows

Submitted: January 30, 2018

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Submitted: January 30, 2018



"First of all, we need to hide our identities."

While we're preparing ourselves for the subjugation quest, Lerish handed over to us two black robes with a hood.

"Why do we need to do that?" I asked her while receiving the cloak.

"Have you forgotten? Your comrades are going here in Sadari. Do you want them to recognize you?"

Ah. The King already told us about that.

"It would be fine for me even if you guys reunite again, but if you really want to isolate yourself from them for a while then I have no choice but to support you in your decision." She said in a serious tone.

"Nn. Thanks." I expressed my thanks to her.

"...Big brother, here." Aoi pulled my shirt lightly, then she gave me a white mask.

"Is this...the mask of Lumiari?"

"...Nn. Just to make sure." She said.

These they want to keep me away from them?

"Thanks. Aoi."

Aoi simply nodded.

"...We have to observe the situation first." Aoi said to us.


The three of us used our spells and senses to locate the demonkin. While wearing black cloaks, we walked inside the forest until we saw some group of demons patrolling on this part of the forest.

We immediately hid ourselves inside the bushes.

"...We need to take them down quickly."

Aoi instructed us, keeping her voice as soft as possible.

"Okay! Leave this to me!" Lerish replied in a whisper while preparing her bow.

Lerish aimed at the demon who got separated from the other demons. As soon as she fired the arrow, it flew with a faint 'whoosh', then it pierced the demon right on the head. The other demons didn't noticed it as they just keep on eating.

"...Good work."

"You're good, Lerish."

Aoi and I praised her.

"N-No need to p-praise me for that. It just happened that there's no wind, that's why it flew straight at him." Lerish said while blushing.

"Nope. You're really good."

I said while patting her head. Lerish blushed even more when I pat her, making herself even more cuter.

"...Big brother, I can do better!"

Aoi said while pouting her lips when she saw me patting Lerish.

"...Let's kill them all at once."

She snapped her fingers, then the demons numbering about 20 all collapsed to the ground at the same time.

"...Hehe. How's that, big brother?"

She looked at me with sparkling eyes, as if she's waiting for a reward.

"Nn. As expected from my cute sister."

I also patted her head to show to her my thanks.

"...Fufufu. You have a long way before you defeat a little sister, Lerish."

"I-I'm not thinking of this as a competition, but if you're saying that you're the one who will get the most attention from Ren then I won't lose to you."

The two of them glared at each other so much that sparks seem to form between them.

"Hey you two, stop fighting! We need to find Se'ith as soon as possible, right?" I said in order to calm them down.

The two stopped glaring at each other then both of them looked at me.

""...Sorry."" Both of them apologized to me.

"There's no need to know who's better between the two of you. Both of you are special, and I'm really fortunate that I got the opportunity to be with you."

I said to the both of them while patting them at the same time.

"I will give equal attention to the both of you, so don't fight anymore, okay?"

When I said that, they both nodded in affirmation.

"Saa, let's go!"


We continued walking inside the forest, while making sure no one sees us.

"As I thought, the name [Spectre] really suits us." Lerish said.

"R-Right. These robes makes us look like we're shadows dancing in the darkness.

The three of us wore black robes, but I also wore a mask of Lumiari to hide my face. We looked like some occult group, or even a group of assassins hired to kill someone.

"...These robes is like the color of my flames. I love it." Aoi said happily.

"Hehehe. If you want to, each time that we will go on a mission, we have to wear these robes. What do you think?" Lerish asked us.

"It's okay for me...I guess."

"...Me too."

Aoi and I agreed on her suggestion.

"Okay! From now on, we are the [Spectre], and we have a mission to kill the gods!"

Lerish said in high spirits while raising her fist up in the sky.

"...Kill! Kill!" Aoi also replied in high spirits while raising her arms like the letter V..

"All beasts that harm people, what should we do to them?"

"...Kill! Kill!"

"All wicked people, they all need to..."

"...Die! Die! Die!"

The two girls hopped happily as they say things that they shouldn't say.

"Uh, wait...girls, calm down..." I said to them in worry.

No good. Lerish's starting to be influenced by Aoi's murderous personality.

I need to stop them before they walk the path of being an assassin.

As we continued walking, I only let out a deep sigh while looking at them.

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