The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"I will fly in the sky!"

reku-chan here.

This April, we're having our On-the-Job Training for our Electronics Engineering course. I thought that I have to tell you guys about it beforehand, in case that I can't post chapters regularly at
that time.

Still, here's Episode 62, senpai!

Chapter 62 (v.1) - Charge!

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Submitted: January 31, 2018



The both sides haven't made any single move yet, each of them is waiting for the right time to attack. Mari, who stood in front of the [Promised Ones], pierced the sword that she borrowed to the ground and just stood there silently, waiting for the demons to attack first.

"Almost there..." She whispered to James and Kai, who are standing nearest to her.

"Okay. We'll start at your signal." Kai said to her.

"Yosh, let's beat them up." James cracked his knuckles in excitement.

Mari counted in her mind while glaring at the demons with an expressionless face.


"Not yet", she said to herself.

When the countdown in her mind reached one, the demons immediately began to charge towards them while raising their battle cries. Mari already knew that they will attack first, that's why she told her classmates to wait for that to happen.

"Iza!" Mari shouted at the petite girl standing at the center of their circle formation.

"I will fly in the sky!"

Suddenly, Iza was tossed in the air by the boys of the class. Due to her small build, she was always the one who gets tossed up when she became a cheerleader in their school.

She flew up a great height because one of her classmate used his [Partial Dragon Form] to increase the strength of their toss.

"Woahh, too high! Okay, let's do this..[Barrier Fly Away!]!"

At a height that she can only see her classmates below as tiny dots, she created a huge circular barrier that looked like a bubble and placed it directly above the demons.

"Everyone, stay right where you are!!!" Mari commanded her classmates and the soldiers.

Then, all of them saw a shining object in the sky that started to fall down. Along with the object, is Iza who screamed while also falling down.


When the demons heard her scream, they all stopped charging and looked at the falling Iza in wonder.

"Now! [Strengthen]!"

James used a body strengthening spell in order to catch his classmate and friend, who began to cry as she fall.

"Got you!"

He caught her on his arms and carried her like a princess, away from the demons.

"Iza, aren't you becoming a bit heavier since last time?" James said to her jokingly.

"You know that it's rude to talk about a girl's weight, right? Besides, I'm not becoming heavier, idiot!!!" Iza replied angrily at him.

James only laughed at her grumble.

"If you kept on mocking me like that you'll end up like them..."

While still being carried like a princess, Iza pointed her finger towards the demons, who stopped moving and just staring at the huge bubble that will crash to the ground.


As soon as she said that, the bubble crashed onto the demons and suddenly, a great explosion followed that gouged the ground in a large area. Even though the whole class is within the explosion radius, they are being protected by Iza's [Round and Round!] she set up beforehand.

"Fufufu...never underestimate what a little girl can do!" Iza laughed while looking at the charred remains of the demons with an evil grin.

"It's not time to celebrate yet!" Mari reminded her classmates.

Even though it was a powerful spell, it only claimed the lives of about two thousand demons, leaving about 18000 still capable of fighting.

"This time, we'll charge!!!" Mari shouted.

At her signal, her classmates who excelled in long range attacks began to rain down death upon the enemy.

"[Lightning Rain]!"

"Take this, [Hundred Arrow Rain]!"

Leah and Edna, [Lightning Mage] and [Marksman], sent a total of 200 ordinary and lightning arrows that pierced the demons who charged at them without thinking.


The two of them gave each other a high five when all of their arrows hit their targets.

Mari only looked at them while feeling somewhat irritated.

"As a [Hero] I won't let you have your way!"

Meanwhile, Kai is currently in a duel against the commander if the demons, who wielded a sword about the same size as him.

"Is that all you can do?" Kai taunted him when he received the demon's attack using his holy sword.

In rage, the demon commander spewed out incomprehensible words as he attack Kai with his greatsword.

"Kai, you need help?" Rin, who is also crossing swords with the other demons, asked him.

"No need. Pay attention more to your enemies."

Kai said to her.

"Hah, don't rely on yourself too much."

Rin distance herself from a high-ranking demon while being surrounded by lesser demons.


She used [Blink] as she dashes behind a demon, and bisected his body into left and right.

"Burst forth, [Flash Butterfly]!"

Using her sword to create a gust of wind that severs anything that it touches. The demons instantly became shreds as soon as the severing wind blew upon them.

"Can they just attack all at once?" Rin sighed in disappointment while running towards her next target.


Rin heard a faint cry, and she saw Karen blocking a sword slash with her staff.


The soldiers, upon seeing her struggling to defend herself from an attack of a demon, hurriedly ran towards her and killed the demon.

"Goddess, are you okay? Did you get hurt?"

"To think that they will attack even a pure-hearted girl..."

"If the goddess fell into danger, it would be a shame for me as a knight!"

The soldiers became worried about her situation while breathing heavily as they fawned around her.

Since the time that Karen took care of them in the camp, they began to call her a 'goddess' and formed a group that would protect her from danger.

As expected from a school sweetheart, Karen already have a fan base even in another world.

"I-I'm okay. I already healed my injuries, so there's nothing to be worried about. Thanks for the concern, everyone."

Karen smiled at them while expressing her thanks.

When the soldiers saw her radiant smile, the fervor in their hearts began to spring forth from within.

"Okay! We will protect the goddess with our lives as a knight on the line!"


"Charge upon the enemy, and kill everyone who dare point their swords at her!"

One of the soldiers that is also the leader of Karen's fan club, raised his sword and shouted their battle cry.

"For the goddess!"


And so, the soldiers fought gallantly against the demons.

"Eh?'re exaggerating too much!!!"

Karen shouted at them while feeling embarrassed, trying to stop them from being too reckless.

Rin glared at the soldiers while saying, "What the hell are they doing?"

Mari, on the other hand, just looked at a distance, waiting for the latter half of her omen to happen.

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