The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"""Thank you very much, goddess!!!"""

reku-chan desu.

Thanks as always! I'll strive hard to create more chapters in the future!

Here's Episode 63, senpai!

Chapter 63 (v.1) - Advance, then Ambush

Submitted: February 01, 2018

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Submitted: February 01, 2018



"Can you stop carrying me now?"

Iza said angrily to James while still being carried by him princess-style.

"Oh. Sorry." James apologized while putting her down on the ground.

"Eh. Is Mari alright?" She asked him while brushing off the dust in her skirt.

"She's alright. For now."

James looked at Mari, who just stared at the horizon at a distance while being protected by Iza's barriers.

The reason why Mari is just staring there is because, she's waiting for a person to arrive.

"Are we really...going to die here?" Iza asked in a troubled manner.

"I don't know. For now let's believe in Mari that there is still hope."

James looked at her friend in admiration.

"Let's help our friend so that we won't die in the end." He said to Iza.

"Nn! Let's beat up those bad guys!" Iza approved.


Less than 8000 demons left. Drake, who is the class [Dragon Knight] kept on using his [Flame Breath] and [Dragon Scale] so much that he always gets low on mana.

"Yuki! I'm sorry, I went low on mana again!" He said to their [Mana Controller], Yuki.

"Muuuu! How many times do I have to tell you that you're not the only one here that needs mana! Fine, I won't supply you mana for a while, so use it properly. [Mana Surge]!" She replied with a vein popping up on her head in anger.

"All right! Thanks!"


Drake thanked her, but she just ignored it.

"Ah. This time I'll make good use of your mana."

He looked at the place where many demons are concentrated, then took a deep breath.

"It's my first time to do this, but here we go!"

Wings grew from his back when he used his [Partial Dragon Form], then flew up in the sky. When he reached a certain height, he chanted a incomprehensible incantation, and suddenly a huge magic circle formed in the sky.

"No he gonna use it for real?" Mark gasped in surprise.

"Looks like it." His partner, Ike replied.

The two of them, the fire and water combo, slashed through the enemy ranks with temperature extremes as they freeze and burn them.

Meanwhile, as the magic circle in the sky shrinks, Drake's body began to form tough scales.

"Mow them down, [Arvius]!!!"

Darkness filled the sky and clouds surrounded him, as his body changed drastically. His eyes became yellow and his pupils became elongated, his teeth turned into sharp jaws, his hair turned white and his skin became full of red scales. His size increased at an alarming rate until his transformation is complete.


By assuming the form of the First Dragon [Arvius], he swooped down to the demons while releasing a breath of blue flame that scorched the demons and melted even the ground.

"All right! Take that, you bastards!" Ivan shouted to the demons.

"Hey, it's not time to celebrate! Mari will get angry at us!" Mamet scolded him.

"Eh, okay."

Ivan and Mamet, [Weapon Specialist] and [Earth Mage], worked on the offense and defense while making sure that no demons could escape.

"What weapon do you want?" Ivan asked him.

"My sword broke just now, so..." Mamet said as he thought for a while.

Ivan smirked, then created a magic circle in front of him, directed at the demons.

"Swords, is it? Eat this!"

Countless swords began to fly from the magic circle, stabbing the demons who got caught in their path.

"Is that the reason you asked me?" Mamet glared at him.

"Just get any sword that you want. Look."

Mamet looked at the demons stabbed by countless swords in front of him.

"I'll take the green one." He said with a sigh.


Two hours passed, and the demons' number dwindled to about 4000. Fire, water, earth, wind, light, darkness...various spell attributes rained down upon the enemy, and with the backing of Karen and Yuki, they won't get depleted on health and mana.

"Karen, I'll help Drake for a bit..."

"Okay. I'll help Rin and the others too."

The two supports went on opposite sides of the battlefield.

"The goddess is going there! Protect her!"

The leader of her fan base shouted to the other members.


The soldiers guarded Karen from demons as she ran towards her classmates.

"Goddess! Pio is greatly injured!"

One of the soldiers called out to her. Karen became shocked, and rushed towards the soldier who is lying on the ground with a sword pierced on his abdomen.

"Pull the sword."

At her orders, a soldier removed the sword from the body lying on the ground, then applied [Heal] on him.

"Secure him to a safe place. I'll go help my classmates now." Karen spoke to them in a serious tone before leaving the soldiers.

"""Thank you very much, goddess!!!""" The soldiers shouted to her in praise.

"Can they stop calling me goddess?" She muttered to herself as she ran.

She approached Rin, who is also running towards her.

"Rin? Is something wrong?" She asked her in surprise.

"No. But you need to come."

Rin hurriedly grabbed her hand, and the two of them ran. When they were in front of Mari and the others, they stopped running.

"Rin? Why did you take me here?" Karen asked in wonder while panting and placing her arms on her knees.

Rin didn't answer her question, but instead she held Karen's hand tightly and looked at her with a warm gaze as she smiled.

"Rin?! W-What are you doing?!" Karen gasped in surprise.

Rin didn't replied at her words.

"Rin..." Karen got lost for words at Rin's sudden change in behavior.

Mari, just looked at the two girls in front of her without showing any emotions.

"Hey, I sensed something strange--WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!"

Rin suddenly came from behind Mari while panting, then she became shocked when she saw Rin holding Karen by the hand.

"Two...Rins?" Karen muttered also in shock when she looked alternately at Rin who is standing behind Mari and the other Rin who is holding her hand.

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