The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Chapter 64 (v.1) - Rin on the Left, Rin on the Right

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018




When Karen saw another Rin running behind Mari, she doubted her eyes. It's impossible to think, that Rin could exist in two different places at the same time. One of them could be a fake, but which is which? That's the thought running in her mind.

"Of course that's impossible! I'm the real deal, you know?!" Rin shouted at her in shock and anger.

Mari looked at Rin who is standing beside her then she looked at the other Rin who is holding Karen's hand.

"So you finally came, mysterious man in white." She said calmly at the other Rin.

The other Rin smiled when her identity was found out.

"Good can't fool anyone nowadays..." The other Rin said while mocking herself.

"W-W-Wait, what?! That imposter is a man?!" Rin opened her eyes wide when she found out that the other Rin in front of her is a man.

"E-Eh?!" Karen hurriedly let go of the fake Rin's hands as she separated herself from her.

"What's wrong, miss? You don't want to hold the hands of your rival?" The fake Rin said while smirking.

"H-How did you knew that?!" Karen asked in disbelief while being confused and shocked.

"Simple. I was along with you the whole time." The fake Rin replied.

"N-No way..." Rin took a step back as she heard the fake Rin's words.

If there's anyone who followed them on the way here at Sadari, she could identify it beforehand, but it seems that he heard even their girls talk with Karen.

"Aaaaaaahhhh...being young is amazing, especially if you're a fine lass..." The fake Rin skipped around Karen in rapture.

Karen can't express what she's feeling at that point due to the sudden development of the situation.

"At the same time, I hate it! That's why, I'll take your youth along with your life!!!"

Suddenly, the fake Rin drew her katana from her waist as she leaps toward Karen. Her eyes show killing intent, and her lips formed a wide grin.


Rin used [Blink] as she blocks the katana of her fake self.

"Run away! I'll take care of this!"

At Rin's words, the two girls ran away from them.

"Oooh, not bad for a girl wielding a sword!" The fake Rin said to her.

"I don't want to hear that from a person having the same body as mine!"

Rin, with a slight twist of her wrist, flicked the fake one's sword away from her.

"Tch. [Four Killing Wasps]!"

While being irritated, Rin attacked her fake with four consecutive sword thrusts, but the fake Rin used [Sideswipe] to evade.

"How dare you use my abilities!"

Rin continued to rain down slashes at her, but she managed to block all of her attacks.

"[Flash Butterfly]!"

Fake Rin created a severing wind using her sword that has the color of snow, and directed it towards Karen, who is running together with Mari.

"Look out!!!"

Rin shouted at the two of them.

The two, upon hearing that, hurriedly moved away from where the wind blows.

"You...I won't let you hurt them!"

Rin charged towards her, with her katana pointed at her fake's head.

"Ahahahaha! She's angry now!"

Her fake self laughed while evading Rin's attacks as if to provoke her more.

"Shut up! I'll cut that annoying tongue of yours!" Rin said in rage as she saw an opening on her fake's defense and formed a small cut on her right shoulder.


Rin groaned in pain when her right shoulder is also cut.

"You can't hurt me, if you do you'll hurt yourself!" Fake Rin spoke to her, then strongly slapped the wound with her hand.


"Hahahaha! Our bodies are connected, you know? I made it so that if I die, you'll die also!"

The fake Rin laughed while looking at her.

Rin gritted her teeth to ensure the pain on her shoulder. She found it very ridiculous for her to die because of her own attacks.

"I don't care...I will kill you!!!" In fury she dashed towards her, while landing a slash to her fake's thigh.


"More! More! Let me hear that sweet scream of yours!"

Fake Rin didn't try anymore to block her attacks, instead she intends to catch all of it.

Rin's breathing became rough as her wounds continue to bleed. If this goes on, she could die of blood loss.

"What's wrong? Feeling weak now?" Her fake asked her in a mocking tone.

"Not yet..."


"Not yet!!!"

She dashed again at her, and landed a slash at her sides.


Rin screamed in pain as she dropped her katana.

"Hahahahaha! Look how miserable you are! Do you really want to die?"

Rin didn't said a word at her, but she looked at her with eyes filled with frustration and rage.

"Okay, as an apology I won't imitate you anymore."

The fake Rin smirked, then created a magic circle under her feet. The circle slowly rises from the surface, changing the fake Rin's form as it goes up.

"However, I will kill you with this body instead."

Rin's eyes widened in shock, for the one in front of her wasn't her fake self, but her classmate and childhood friend Ren, looking at her with an evil smile on his face.

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