The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"You girls...want to die before him?

reku-chan desu.

I forgot to say that Arc 8 already started in Episode 61. The arc title is, The Harbinger of Discord and the Evil Inside One's Heart.

Here's Episode 65, senpai!

Chapter 65 (v.1) - Ruthless Torment

Submitted: February 03, 2018

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Submitted: February 03, 2018



Rin desperately held on to her katana she dropped as she kneeled on the ground. Her eyes looked at the person in front, who was also looking at her with eyes filled with malice and killing intent.

"Isn't it painful to think that the one who will kill you is your childhood friend?"

(Fake) Ren said to her in a mocking tone.

"I looked into your mind, and I found out that this is the person you loved the most, right?"

With a smile on his face, he spoke.

"No..." Rin muttered in a faint voice.

"Huh?" Ren tilted his head in wonder.

"No way you're gonna use him to hurt me!"

Rin shouted at him. She struggled as she tried to suppress her urge to cry.

"Hahaha! Of course I will! What's the purpose of changing into this appearance if I won't kill you and your friends?"

Ren then looked at a distance, and saw Karen looking at him with widened eyes as her body trembled due to shock.

"You want me to kill them first?" He asked Rin.

Rin gritted her teeth as her grip on the handle of her sword tightened. Blood continued to drip from the side of her abdomen, making her unable to fight anymore.

"Oh! I have a good idea!"

Ren said while snapping his fingers.

"I will let you live, but you have to see them die one by one! Isn't that a great offer?"

Rin didn't answer to his question, instead she looked down at the ground while fighting back her tears.

"Hey, hey, look!"

When the fake Ren shouted at her, she looked at him, and saw him pointing his finger towards the direction of her classmate Drake, who is currently in his dragon form and laying waste on the demons. Suddenly, a huge white lightning bolt surged from the sky, and hit the dragon on its body. The dragon roared in pain when the lightning created a huge hole on his body.

"D-Drake...!!!" Rin said without any energy, her injuries made her unable to scream.

The dragon reverted back to his original form, and a smoking figure of a man suddenly collapsed to the ground.

"Hahahahaha! Look at that, one hit from a bolt and he's down!"

(Fake) Ren laughed while placing his head on his forehead.

"You..." Rin could only look at him with eyes filled with rage.

"I'll take down the other ones too!" Ren said happily while brandishing his white sword.

"Please, stop..."

Rin desperately extended her hand to stop him from killing her classmates. Ren instantly appeared in front of Edna and Leah, which he slashed them with his sword without giving them time to react.


Her eyes widened in remorse when she saw her two classmates also collapsing to the ground.


Ren then moved towards Ivan and Mamet, who tried to save the two girls. Ivan tried to use his flying swords, but the imposter slipped past through them and pierced him on his shoulder. Mamet tried to protect him, but he too was stabbed in the abdomen.


The tears from the despair that she tried to quell began to flow from her eyes. With her having such deep wounds, she can't imagine how long it would take before everyone gets killed.

Ren took down her classmates and the soldiers one by one in a daze, until Iza and the others are the ones who are left.

"Good grief. You already exterminated my little ones?"

Ren said to Kai, who stood in front of him.

"You bastard! I'll make you pay for hurting my friends while using that appearance!"

Kai concentrated magic into his holy sword, then hurled a cleaving light at him. Ren playfully hopped to the side to evade his attack.

"[Explosive Surge]!"

James leaped towards him to strike him with his fists that are covered in lightning. Ren only laughed at his actions, then grabbed him by his arm and thrashed him to the ground. A huge crater formed on the ground with James at the center of it, who fainted with whitened eyes.

"James! You..." Iza said in rage as she concentrated magic into her hands.

"Take this!!!"

A huge magic circle appeared beneath Ren's feet. A second later, a dome-shaped barrier formed around him, that gradually shrinks in size as Iza tries to crush him.

"I'll crush you with my [Treasure box]!!!"

The barrier dome became smaller and smaller while Ren just smiled at the sight of a petite beauty looking at him with eyes of hatred and disgust.

"Oh? Isn't this barrier too thin?"

Ren flicked his finger into the barrier, causing it to form huge cracks.

"Ghaaaaa--" Iza fell into despair and shock when she saw her barrier getting destroyed that easily by him.

"And you're much more brittle than your barriers."

Ren then dashed towards her, who got petrified due to shock, and stabbed her also in her abdomen.

Kai took a step back when he saw how gruesome the situation of his classmates are.

"I...I'll kill you!!!"

Kai used his [Zero Limit] in anger, and instantly dashed towards his fallen classmate's imposter.

"Hmm?" Ren became slightly surprised when he took a cut from Kai's sword on his chest.

"You'll pay for everything up until now!!!!"

While on this [Zero Limit], all of his attributes are multiplied by a factor of ten, but he can only use this for a short duration.

"Impressive. For you to cut me with your expected from a [Hero]…"

"Just shut up and prepare to die!"

Kai raised his holy sword to cut him again.

"But it seems that you're the weakest [Hero] that I've ever seen..."

Ren caught the blade of Kai's sword, and crushed it into pieces.

"I-Impossible..." Kai only muttered in shock and disbelief as he fell on his knees.

"Holy swords doesn't mean much to a being like me--"

While Ren is talking a stone flew and hit his head.

"Who threw that?"

He glanced at his side, and saw Karen looking at him in rage while healing Rin's wounds. Mari, on the other hand, just looked at him with an expressionless face.

"You girls...want to die before him?"

Ren walked slowly towards them, but suddenly an arrow flew straight to him.

"Hmm? An unexpected guest?"

Ren, Kai and the girls looked to where the arrow came from, and saw three cloaked figures, with one of them wearing a white mask.

"It took you so long to get here?!" Ren said in disappointment to the three cloaked people.

The masked person didn't responded, but instead looked at the girls, who became surprised at their sudden appearance.

Karen, upon meeting the person's gaze, suddenly felt a strange sense of warmth from her body.

"R-Ren...?" Karen called out to the person in a faint voice filled with uneasiness and uncertainty.

Rin, when she heard that, looked at the masked person in disbelief.

"No he..."

The masked person, without saying any word, drew a black katana from his sheath and black flames came out from it. He then pointed it towards Ren, who took a step back when he saw the black flames on his sword.

"...The man with a black sword. He came at last."

Mari looked at the man holding a black sword with a faint smile on her lips.

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