The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"H-How...did you..."

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Here's Episode 66, senpai!

Chapter 66 (v.1) - To Reunite and Die at the Same Time

Submitted: February 04, 2018

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Submitted: February 04, 2018



Black flames blazed from the sword while being pointed at the fake Ren. The masked person holding it just stood there, hiding his facial expressions with a mask and trying to hide his identity yo the three girls in front of him.

"...How long does it take until you stop playing around, Se'ith?"

Aoi said to the man who is in the same appearance as her big brother.

"Oh, Death Goddess! Are you feeling well now? The last time we met you're feeling weak and sickly..."

Se'ith said while grinning.

Aoi only looked at him with an expressionless face.

"We [Gods] can do whatever we want to! There's no one that could stop me, not even the other gods themselves!"

Se'ith said in a proud manner while raising his arms.

"Humans and Seraphim (demons) are just my tools for my entertainment! Let them fight to their end until I'm satisfied!"

He added.

"And thus, those who step in my way will die!"

Se'ith, while still having Ren's appearance, flew and raised one finger to the sky and suddenly a huge magic circle formed above, covering a wide area.


The magic circle glowed intensely, rivaling the sun in its brightness, and from it countless spears of light rained down.

"...Big brother!"

Aoi called at the masked man beside her.

"Saa, young man! How can you save everyone in here?"

While floating in the air, Se'ith spoke to the masked man below him.

The three girls, Rin, Karen and Mari, who looked at the sky in shock and fear, could only huddle themselves together for they don't have any capacity anymore to fight.

The other classmates who got taken down, while most of them are dying, just waited for the spears to rain down upon them.

The masked man (Ren) didn't flinched even for a bit, and he created a huge rock dome that covered all of his classmates using [The Magician].

Light spears battered the dome that he created, trying to pierce right through it. After a few seconds, the rain of light subsided, and the dome crumbled.

The girls especially Karen, upon seeing him create the dome opened their mouths in shock.

"Oooooohhhhhh!!! You're good! As expected of Death Goddess' big brother!"

Se'ith, while hiding his disappointment, clapped his hands.

"Now, entertain me, puny mortal!"

He drew his white sword, and soared down to where Aoi and Lerish are. Aoi desperately covered her face with her two arms crossed, while Lerish aimed at him with her arrow.

"Tch." Ren created a black pillar of flames in front of Se'ith in order to stop his advance. Flames touched Se'ith's clothes, and it spread all over his body.


Se'ith crashed to the ground as he fell when he jolted out of surprise. The black flames could also kill a god like him, that's why he frantically put out the fire in his body.

" dare you hurt a god!"

He glared at Ren with eyes of fury. Ren still haven't said a word at him.

Se'ith stood up, and instantly dashed towards the girls.

"Let's see how you feel after I chop them to bits!!!"

He raised his sword at them and landed a slash with a huge swing.

The girls covered their eyes while Rin tries to block the attack using her katana.


...At that instant, everyone got surprised.

ARen used his body to block Se'ith's sword. He also used his katana to pierce him on his chest.

"H-How...did you..."

Se'ith widened his eyes in shock when he suddenly saw Ren in front of him.

Though Ren took the full blow of his attack, black flames covered his wounds, allowing it to heal.


With a stab on his chest, Se'ith collapsed to the ground while kneeling and crouching down.

Ren only looked at him under his mark with an expressionless face. He then looked over his shoulder, and saw the girls trembling in fear and looking at him with a troubled face.

"...Big brother, are you okay?"

Aoi and Lerish, the two girls who wears black robes, ran towards Ren to check his condition.

Ren, while trying not to speak, only nodded in response.

"...I was scared that your [Partial Immortality] won't work, but I'm relieved..." Aoi spoke to him with teary eyes.

Ren, in order to comfort her, patted her head. Aoi then hugged Ren while rubbing her cheeks.

Then suddenly, Lerish also hugged Ren from his back.

"I'm glad you're safe." Lerish said to him, also trying not to say his name in front of the girls.

Mari, upon seeing the two hugging the masked man in front of them, blushed. Karen and Rin only glared at him.

Then, Karen stood up and walked past through him.

Karen walked towards her fallen classmates and used [Heaven's Blessing] to fully prevent them from dying.

The masked Ren looked at her in wonder and confusion after she healed their classmates.

"Rin..." Karen called her in a faint voice.

"W-What?" Rin replied with a confused tone.

"He thought that he won't be recognized by us. How did you feel about it?"

While not looking at them, Karen spoke in a cold manner.

"E-Eh?" Rin got stupefied at her words.

"He thought that, by not saying any word, his identity would be concealed. Little did he knew that his actions are just like our classmate who went missing."

Rin looked at the man in front of her, and finally understood what Karen is saying.

"You're right. He's still stupid as ever." Rin said while helping Mari stand up.

Aoi and Lerish didn't understood what they are saying.

"Rin...let's do this." Karen called out to her again.

A"Ah. Nn." Rin nodded.

The two girls, who stood from both sides of Ren, ran towards him and hugged him from both sides.

Aoi in the front, Lerish on the back, Rin and Karen on both sides. Four beautiful girls are hugging him from all sides.

Mari, due to so much awkwardness looked away from them.

"How dare you to hide yourself from us, Ren?" Karen spoke in a somewhat angry tone while still hugging his right arm.

"Right. You didn't realized how we would feel about it!" Rin scolded him while clinging on his left.

Ren tried to suppress the words coming out of his mouth as he was being cornered by four girls.

"...Big brother? Who are they? Why are they hugging you?!"

"I'm feeling bad about this..."

Aoi and Lerish, glared at him while hugging his front and back. It is a weird situation where the girls are hugging him while being angry.


The four separated themselves from him while not looking with each other and crossing each other's arms.

Ren only scratched his head while smiling wryly, though his smile is still hidden by the mask.

"I-I'm sorry...for making you worried." He said while removing his mask and the hood on his head.

When the girls finally saw his face, their cheeks blushed as they finally found the man whom they searched for so long.

"Glad you're alive, Ren--"

Mari, while greeting him at a distance, saw Se'ith standing up.


Everyone got surprised whn Mari suddenly shouted, and they saw Se'ith dashing towards Aoi with his sword.


Ren shoved Aoi aside to protect her, causing him to be stabbed right on his chest by Se'ith.

"...Big brother!!!"

Aoi, while sitting on the ground, screamed when she saw Ren with a sword on his chest. Se'ith pulled the sword, and Ren fell to the ground, lifeless.

Ren's [Partial Immortality] didn't worked.

"'re the only one...who has a sure-kill weapon?" Se'ith said while panting.

All of the girls looked at the dead Ren in front of them, each of them fell into great shock and remorse.

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