The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Beautiful...beautiful! Oh, how long I've waited for this!"

reku-chan desu.

We can't end it that way, I guess. Hahaha.

Here's Episode 67, senpai!

Chapter 67 (v.1) - The Line Between Life and Death

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018




Aoi crawled towards Ren, who is lying on the ground. Her hands trembled as she reached out to him, touching his face. Her eyes looked into his eyes still opened, looking at the sky while being lifeless.

"...Big brother...please..."

She placed his head on her lap while desperately trying to wake Ren up.


Tears streamed down her eyes as she slowly closed his eyes with her hand.


In great despair, she looked up at the sky and screamed with all the pain she had.

Karen, Lerish, Rin and Mari fell on their knees upon seeing their dead classmate in front of them. Just like Aoi, tears flowed from Karen's eyes while gritting her teeth and slamming her fists to the ground. Rin tried to endure the pain and sorrow while her grip on her blade tightened. Lerish embraced Karen to calm her down, but she too can't accept that he's gone. Mari, however, offered a silent prayer for Ren as she closed her eyes.

Se'ith, while still being wounded, grinned upon seeing the girls falling down into despair.

"Haa, haa...incredible!!! The Death Goddess! The Death Goddess is despairing! Hahahahahaha!!!"

He laughed like crazy while vomiting red-colored ichor.

"For the unshakable Death Goddess to scream at the death of her brother, I...I am elated!"

Se'ith rejoiced with madness showing in his eyes.


His rejoicing stopped when he saw Aoi looking down while tears still flowing down from her eyes.

"...You...killed...the person...who believed in me...with all his heart."


He looked at her in wonder.

"...You...killed...the person...who proved to me that...humans can be trusted..."

While still looking down, Aoi muttered those words.

"...You...killed...the person...who showed to beautiful this world is."

Aoi raised her head and looked at him with a face full of sorrow and grief.

"...You killed my big killed the first person that I loved and trusted...YOU KILLED MY EVERYTHING!!!!!"

Aoi screamed at him, louder than before. At that instant, divine energy bursted forth from her like a massive tsunami, covering the area with her dark and malicious aura filled with pain, sorrow and revenge. The aura is so strong that her blue hair styled into twin tails as well has her pure white dress fluttered in the air as if being blown by a strong wind.


Lerish, as well as the other girls, held tightly onto the ground trying to resist being blown away by her immense power fueled by her negative emotions.

Se'ith, looked at her in shock with widened eyes, and his body became stiff upon the presence of her divine aura that became unstable.


His eyes formed tears while being overwhelmed by Aoi's presence.

"Beautiful...beautiful! Oh, how long I've waited for this!"

Aoi, on the other hand, only looked at her fallen big brother with a face full of suffering.


It...was dark.

I can't feel my body, but it seems that I'm sinking slowly under a very deep ocean.

Am I...dead?

I remembered pushing Aoi aside to protect her from his strange-looking sword, but I got stabbed on my chest in exchange.

Beforehand, I noticed something on that sword of his, and found out that it worked just like [The Death] when I searched for it using [The High Priestess].

With that being said, even Aoi who is the Death Goddess won't survive if she got stabbed by that sword.

That explains why my [Partial Immortality] didn't worked for the second time.

I guess, my death wasn't in vain if she's safe, though we promised that we will be together forever.

While I'm thinking of such things, the surroundings became pure white as my back touched a flat surface.

Ah. I'm in the bottom of this 'sea'. I stood up, and looked into my surroundings. This place reminds me of the temple in Arandel. I wonder if Charia is here?

As I walked around, I saw a door. I can't really see the door, but there is a knob sticking out of the wall.


When I turned the knob, the door opened with a clink. I peeked inside, and I saw a figure of a woman.

"...Don't be shy. Come in."

Ah, she saw me.

"I-I'm coming in..."

I entered the room, and I looked into the features of the woman in front of me.

The woman's physical appearance looked like she's about the same age as mine. Her figure are much more like Rin or any other supermodel, but her face exceeded the definition of beauty. She sported an expressionless face as she looked at me, that's why I can't gauge her personality.

Then, I noticed some features that made me really surprised.

Long blue hair that falls straight down to her thighs, frozen blue eyes and pure white dress that reached down below her knees. Most of all, I noticed it just now, but she looked and spoke exactly like Aoi.

D-Don't tell me...

"...Welcome to the [End Line], Ren Mortel."

The woman who looked like Aoi welcomed me in a cold manner.

"Who are you, and what kind of place is this [End Line]?"

I asked her.

"...Who I am? I guess you know it already, Ren Mortel."

Eh? Is she really Aoi?! Still, if she's Aoi, she would call me 'big brother' instead of my full name.

"...Being the sealed other half of the 'Aoi' that you knew, this is 'our' real form."

The childish Aoi that I a fine woman in reality?

She spoke to me in a cold tone, far from the Aoi that I knew who is always bright and cheerful.

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