The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...In the end, you'll abandon Aoi anyway, right?"

reku-chan desu.

Grown-up Aoi here refers to herself as also Aoi, just like for example, "Aoi loves Aoi".

Here's Episode 68, senpai!

Chapter 68 (v.1) - A Sister's [End Line]

Submitted: February 06, 2018

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Submitted: February 06, 2018



"I...don't understand what you're saying..."

I said to Aoi-nee (big sister) while feeling confused.

"...You don't need to. You won't understand it anyway."

Aoi-nee spoke again in a cold manner as if depreciating me.

"I'll understand."

I said with conviction.

"If it's my little sister then I have to know everything about her, no matter how it is for me to understand it."

She thought of something for a moment, then spoke to me.

"...Very well. Aoi will tell you things about Aoi."

She cleared her throat.

"...Aoi is just a figment of Aoi's inner thoughts. Though it appears that the other 'me', or Aoi, have already accepted you, Aoi won't ever trust other beings, especially humans."

Eh? She's Aoi's inner self?

"...In the end, you'll abandon Aoi anyway, right?" She said.

Her gaze at me became sharp.

"T-There's no way that would happen!" I replied immediately.

"...For a dangerous being to be at your side, you are just dragged into a situation where you will only face suffering and danger, without having anything for you to gain."


"...Aoi merely used you as a tool in order for her to regain everything she lost since the events that happened more than 2000 years ago. Love? Trust? You're making Aoi laugh."

I am just...a tool for her?

"...Aoi merely acted that she likes you, but in reality your existence is just less than a flea for Aoi."

Aoi, are you really thinking of me that way?

"...If you didn't have the Zeroth Arcana in your body, you will most likely be killed already by Aoi inside that cave at that time."

I tried to refute what she's saying, but I can't.

"...You are just a worthless person who believed and trusted everything Aoi had said. Even having Arcanas in your body, you are still powerless on your own. Aoi tried to keep up with your ignorance, but it was futile right from the start. In other words, you are just a bother to Aoi."

She spoke in a cold, sharp tone.

Is this...really what is inside your mind?

"...And now you're dead. There's no more hindrance for her to end this world, right?"

I gripped tightly on the hem of my shirt while fighting back my tears.

Aoi...the Aoi that I a kind, cheerful and lovely girl. Eating, sleeping, playing, or even taking a bath together, Aoi is always smiling when we do things together.

About a month has passed since I met her, it felt like I already knew everything around her. It felt like we're together for a hundred years.

In the's just nothing for her?

"That's...not true..."

I said to her while looking at the ground, feeling pained.

"There's no way she would think of me that way!"

I then looked at her with an angry expression. Aoi, looked at me while raising one of her eyebrows.

"Aoi...has always been with me since we met in the desert. She told me her hardships, the pain of being alone...then until the day she was betrayed...she told me all of it! I know that she's still wary of others, but the trust she gave to me isn't second to none!"

I shouted my feelings.

"You're saying that I an just dragged into this hellish situation, with nothing to gain except pain and suffering? That's just freaking damn wrong! I have Aoi! I have Aoi on my side!"

Areee, when I touched my cheek, it was wet. What is this, I'm crying...

"If you're saying also that I'm just a tool for her, then I will do my best in order to be the best tool that she can use! I won't allow myself to be a burden to her, you hear that?"

I pointed my finger at her, while tears stream down my cheek.

"Haha. Hahahaha. It can't be helped if I'm just a worthless being, never mind being powerless. I'm just human, after all. But, this human tried his best to become the best brother for her! I risked everything for her sake, even my life!"

I laughed at myself while saying those words to her.

Mustering my courage, I walked towards the Aoi in front of me with heavy steps. When got in front of her, I grabbed her shoulders with my hands.


"I don't care if you're a god! All I care about is you, my little sister!"

She can't lie to me. I know that deep inside she is still the Aoi that I knew.

Aoi widened her eyes in surprise when I held her by the shoulder. Her mouth flapped like a fish, as if she wants to say something.

"Even though I'm dead...I kept my promise with you. I'm with you in this place!"

At that words, she gasped. Then, Aoi placed her hand on my hand that rested on her shoulders, while looking at me in the eye.

Those blue eyes filled with sadness, I want to make them sparkle with happiness.

"...For you to say those things to a death goddess...aren't you afraid of what will happen to you?"

She asked me.

"Why should I? I'm already dead."

Aoi once told me that the greatest fear in this world isn't the fear of death, but the fear of living alone in this world. A lonesome god like her, if I'm with her back then, she wouldn't have experienced such things.

"...I see. Forgive Aoi for underestimating your resolve."

She said as she separated herself from me.

"...Ren Mortel. You're pretty handful for a human being, aren't you?"

She said jokingly, though the expression on her face is still serious.

"Haha. Is that so? I guess it's all because of Aoi why I'm like this." I replied while letting out a wry laugh.

I wiped my cheeks still wet with tears, and smiled at her.

"...Ren Mortel, can Aoi ask you something?"

"Nn. If it's you, it's okay."

"...Ren Mortel...which do you prefer, the childish Aoi or the Aoi in front of you?"

Her face became slightly red when she asked me that.

"...Aoi, once she regained her powers, can revert back to this form. Do you want it to be that way, or you prefer childish ones more?"

Eh? Do I have to choose? W-Well, the two of them are exceptional beauties. The childish one is cute and lively, while her grown-up appearance exuded an aura of being mature and seductive.

"T-There's no need to choose I think. I loved my sister, and it won't change even if she turned herself into a grown-up." I replied to her.

She only stared at me as a reaction.

"...I see. Aoi has no choice but to have you return back there."

She said as she formed a magic circle under my feet.

"...Ren Mortel. Will you take responsibility for Aoi, and make her happy?"

"Ah. I already said that a long time ago."

"...Protect her as always, just like the last time."

"I don't know if I still have my [Partial Immortality], but I'll keep her safe as long as I'm at her side."

Is it still applicable even if I'm here?

"...That's enough for Aoi to hear. Leave this place, and return to where Aoi is, for Aoi needs you."

At that instant, the circle under my feet glowed, and I began to float from the ground.

"...This place, the [End Line] is where the souls of the dead are bring sent before going to the [God Realm], the underworld or back to life. You can return now, for you have been resurrected by one of your friends.

Ah. I can still return. I'm relieved.

"When will I see you again?" I asked her.

"...We're the same Aoi after all, that's why you're just asking Aoi a stupid question."

This could you say those words with a straight face?

"I'll save you, don't worry."


She nodded, and I was instantly sucked by the magic circle.


Aoi just looked at Ren before being transported back to life.

"...Thanks for everything...big brother."

She muttered to herself while letting out a faint smile.

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