The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"We'll settle this once and for all, Death Goddess!!!!!"

reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 69, senpai!

Chapter 69 (v.1) - Embodiment of Destruction

Submitted: February 07, 2018

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Submitted: February 07, 2018




I gasped my breath as if I woke up from a bad dream. I looked at my surroundings in panic, and I saw Lerish, Karen, And Rin looking at me who is lying on the ground in great worry.

I hurriedly stood up from the ground.

"'re alive. Thank goodness..."

Lerish said in a worried tone.

"I-I want to hug you right now, but we're in a tight situation, so..."

She said while looking away from me while blushing. Eh?

"Ren, are you really okay now?"

Rin asked me while also looking away from me. Her cheeks are also blushing.

"Uh, um, yeah. I think." I said to her.

"Nn. I'm glad."

Um, guys? What's going on?

" there something wrong with me?" I asked them while feeling confused.

Karen, replied while also looking away from me with her cheeks blushing just like the two of them.

"Ah,' do I p-put this, anoo...y-you don't wear anything right now, t-that's why..."


I looked below me, and I realized that I'm really naked right now.

"W-We didn't saw anything, that's why d-don't worry. He he."

Lerish's cheeks became redder than before. Rin and Karen frantically nodded at her words.

"I-I-I'm sorry!!!!!"

I hurriedly grabbed my clothes in panic while hiding behind a tree.

What the hell are you doing, Ren?

"Why am I naked?!" I shouted at them.

"D-Don't get the wrong idea! Your injuries are so severe that I can't heal you if you still have your clothes on!" Karen replied while being flustered.

"Karen's right! I didn't saw that thing, not even a single bit of it!" Rin shouted.


"Everyone, now's not the time for that."

All of us got surprised, and saw Mari walking towards us while assisting Kai. The other classmates followed after them, unable to fight anymore as they are being carried on stretchers by the other soldiers.


When I finally got dressed up, Mari spoke to me.

"I know."


I, as well as Lerish, Karen, Rin and Mari ran to a high place away from where the battle took place, and the sight in front of me really shocked me.

"N-No way..."

In front of me was, Aoi being surrounded by her thick dark aura that measures about a hundred meters in diameter. Countless black tentacles darted as they formed around her aura, which drained the life of any living being that touches it.

Inside, is Aoi who looked at the injured Se'ith in great rage while gritting her teeth and her hands formed like a claw. She lets out a massive amount of killing intent that could end worlds with just her gaze.

"@ d / # I x % + ¢ a t # q!!!!!!"

Aoi raised an ear-shattering scream as she spoke in an undecipherable language, then tens of thousands of black tentacles having a length of about one kilometer began to lash everything around her.


"When you died, that little girl's mind went haywire and suddenly, the powers within her became unstable, causing it to burst out from her."

Mari said her assumptions while looking at the rampaging Aoi.

"I don't know the relationship between the two of you, but it seems that you're the trigger of everything. Ren, save that girl for us to survive."

Mari said in a commanding tone.

"I understand."

I nodded at her, and as I'm about to run towards Aoi, Rin grabbed my hand to stop me.

"Ren! What are you thinking?! That girl, she's dangerous!"

I flicked her hand away from me.

"Don't call my little sister as a dangerous person!!!"

Rin got surprised when I shouted at her in an angry tone.


"That my little sister! I won't allow anyone to call her dangerous, not even you!!!"

Rin took a step back while her mouth opened in shock.

" the one who saved me from breaking down while inside the desert! Up until now, thanks to her, I'm not giving up in my life!"


Lerish called out to me in worry. Karen only looked at the ground.

"T-That's her brother I have to save her! I want to save the Death Goddess who gave me a reason to live!!!"

I began to run to where Aoi is at the fastest pace that I could do. Rin tried to stop me but it's too late.

"Mari! Why didn't you stopped him?!" Rin said angrily to Mari.

" doing so we can avert the doom that will befall upon us."

Mari replied calmly while looking at Aoi from a distance.


While running nearer towards her, my exposure to her deadly aura became greater and greater to the point that my chest that got fully healed began to ache.

"I need to...get fast as I can..."

Each step that I make became heavier and heavier as if the gravity began to exert greater force in this world.

Then, suddenly hundreds of tentacles began to lash towards me.


I frantically made an huge earth wall using [The Magician] to block those tentacles. Each of them could weigh hundreds of tons, that's why I'll be crushed if one of them could hit me.

The tentacles began to pierce through the wall as they reached out to me.


While dodging, I created numerous stone pillars for me to step on while escaping.

"Aoi! Stop it already! Your big brother is here!!!"

When I shouted at her, a black tentacle swung horizontally in a wide angle to topple the pillars that I created.


My timing went off as I tried to leap towards another earth pillar that I made. The pillar where I'm standing got crushed by the enormous tentacle, and I got blown away by the impact.

Before I crash to the ground, I created a huge ice cliff using the water vapor in the air to resist my fall and so that I could skate my way towards Aoi.

With some physics (or not), I can create ice by removing heat from the water vapor present in the air and clumping them together in any shape that I desire.

"[Harq Ayrel]!"

Using Nadir, I created a scorching wave of black flames that cut through the tentacles that is chasing me as I slide down the ice.

"No good! [Ice Pillar]!"

At that instant, pillars of ice bursted from the ground as they blocked the tentacles' advance.


While evading the other tentacles that acted like spears, I saw Se'ith while fighting against Aoi, who rained down black flame spears at him.

I formed a ninety-degree turn ice cliff in front of me and slid closer to them.

"You bastard?! How are you still alive?!!"

Se'ith shouted at me in rage and surprise.

"& h * @ \ s ^ * a # + @ u ¢ % & @ u!!!!!!"

Aoi spoke again in a strange language as her aura became more thicker and more intense.

"Death Goddess! Is that your all? Come at me with everything you've got!!!"

Se'ith shouted at her while raising his hand. Suddenly, a huge magic circle formed above the sky, much larger compared to what we saw earlier.

"We'll settle this once and for all, Death Goddess!!!!!"

The magic circle above us became larger and larger, that it almost covered the entire mountain. If this goes on, not even Sadari, but even Kizun and the other cities will be destroyed!

Meanwhile, Aoi's black tentacles made from her aura multiplied and multiplied until it reached about a million of them, each of them measures about two kilometers long.


I only stared at the two gods in front of me in fear and shock as Se'ith began to laugh like a madman. Aoi, in the other hand, screamed as her desire to end the world began to overcome her.

"Stop...please, Aoi..."

I desperately called out to her, while being restrained by the fear slowly eating up my heart.

"Aoi...I'm here, your big brother is here!"

No matter how hard I shout her name, she can't hear everything that I said.

"Die just like your elders, Death Goddess!!!!!"

"^ w k & @ € c # @ & n + & # s * - m #!!!!!"

Billions of light spears began to rain down from the sky. At the same time, black tentacles also began to lash and lash everything around Aoi, gouging the mountains as they hit on the ground.

I just stood while being petrified by the sight of destruction in front of me.


The Aoi in front of me, is in unimaginable pain right now but is hidden underneath the rage that she had for this world. I promised to her that I will protect her, but I can't. I can't.

If only...if only I could be a better brother for her, she wouldn't have experienced these things. If only...if only I have the ability to save her from breaking down...

I take all of it. The pain, the suffering. Everything.

Suddenly, the back of my left palm glowed blue, and left an asterisk-shaped mark on it.

"What happened..."

I used [Information] to know what happened, while evadingthe spears of light and the black tentacles.

"This..." I muttered in surprise.

[Fool's Wish]. The ability to absorb anything in this world. The last skill under [The Fool] Arcana.

I glanced at Aoi, who began to scream in great pain while holding her head with her two hands.

Absorbing everything, even pain.

"Aoi...this time I'll save you for sure!"

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