The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Preparing Oneself To Be Left Behind

Submitted: December 02, 2017

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Submitted: December 02, 2017



I woke up with a refreshed feeling. Is it because of the tea, or because of our conversation last night?

As I recall in my mind the highlights of last night's encounter I begin my preparations for the battle two days from now. I take a look at the two boxes that are placed on the corner of my room. When I opened the first box, it contains an ordinary-looking brown shirt, black pants, and crude-looking brown boots. I opened next the second box. When I looked at the contents inside I saw a set of upper body armor made of leather. Somehow I looked like a novice adventurer with my outfit.

Well, since the king had exerted effort for this I guess it can't be helped.

I immediately went to the training grounds to join the sortie. I saw my classmates wearing the clothes and armor the king provided.

"Yo! Good morning"

I am greeted by Rin while waving her hand at me as I walk closer to them. She wears a black shirt, matched with a white sleeveless jacket. Combined with black pants and her signature ponytail, she looked like the ones starring on action films.

Somehow the shirt exposes her cleavage.

"Where are you staring at, pervert?" She said while glaring at me as if I'm scum.

"'s just that, your outfit suits you, I think." I feigned ignorance and averted my gaze.

"E-eh? T-Thanks." She said as she looked away from me.

She's feeling embarrassed when I looked at her.

"Good morning Ren. Did you slept well?" The next person to greet me is Karen.

"U-un. Somehow." I tried my best to show my best smile at her while saying that.

She also smiled at me.

By the way, is it bad to let others know about our conversation last night? I think it feels like it was a secret between the two of us that no one should know.

Karen for today wears a white blouse and skirt with blue and yellow embroidered designs that looked like crosses and ornaments like ribbons. She also carried a staff that has blue and yellow stones inside. All in all she looked like a cosplay priestess.

"H-How do I look today, Ren?" Karen asked me with upturned eyes.

Oh no, she asked me a difficult question. W-What words should I use for her? Think, think...

"Eh? Ahhh...Cute, un, you're cute."

What the heck was that answer, stupid me?

"I-Is that so...thank you Ren." She said while blushing.

"Good work, Ren!" My conscience is telling me right now.

The other classmates have outfits based on their roles. I think that mine is too simple compared to them, but let's not mind the small details.

Everyone's ready for this.

While having a small chit-chat with my classmates the red-uniformed general or something stood in front of us suddenly spoke.

"Good morning, everyone. Well then, since everyone's here I'll begin the orientation. First of all I'm Trajan Longfaust, the commander of the Arandel Knight Order, and I am the one in charge in commanding the forces that will fight at the kingdom boundary in Sarca."

The general named Trajan spoke to us with a commanding tone.

"As we have informed you earlier, enemy forces had been spotted near the town of Franesk in the neighboring Kingdom of Rashaim. It would take them three days to reach the town of Sarca, and it would take us also one and a half days to reach it so we should still have enough time in order to prepare. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Noran will aid us should the battle turned to the demonkin's side, but it would also take two and a half days for them to arrive at Sarca."

I see, so we're having reinforcements. But the inconveniences of the mode of transportation in this world would only make the aid useless.

"That being said, we of the kingdom shall deploy 200 units for the battle that will unfold, including the [Promised Ones]."

There seem to be a commotion when he said that the number of soldiers will be only 200, including us who came from the other world.

Kai raised his hand.

"A-Ano...Why only 200 since it is said that the number of demonkin in Franesk is 5000? Isn't it disadvantageous to us?" He asked Trajan.

Trajan cleared his throat before calmly answering the question.

"About that...we of the kingdom believe that our strength and resolve are second to anyone in the world. Hence, even if we're outnumbered we will fight up to the last man in order to achieve victory. It is our pride as a soldier and as a man!" Trajan proudly said.

"""Oooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!""" The soldiers shouted in unison.

Apparently the Kingdom of Arandel is famous for having the most trained and disciplined soldiers on this world.

He then looked at us coldly.

"Also, having the [Promised Ones] on our side means that victory for us is certain and inevitable. Everyone of us relies on each one of you, so we hope that you do your best even if you die."

Everyone of us felt the pressure and responsibility given by the general. If, by the time we mess up, everything will come to an end, so extreme caution must be done.

"Then, the other information will be disclosed on the way. The [Promised Ones] shall ride carriages provided by the kingdom, and is positioned at the center. Half of elite soldiers will go first, followed by the officers, the regular soldier units, and the other half of the elite soldiers at the back of the formation. There are also troops positioned at both sides, so as to surround the carriages carrying the [Promised Ones]. Everyone is ordered to march now!" Trajan commanded all the people present.

The formation would look like a cross based on what he said.

As we get on board the carriages, Trajan approached me.

"Hey brat, you will not join them."

He said in his usual commanding tone while looking down on me.

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