The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

"Aoi! Please...come back! Come back to me!!!"

reku-chan desu.

It's a long chapter, I guess. Hahaha.

Here's Episode 70, senpai!

Chapter 70 (v.1) - The Fool's Wish

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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Submitted: February 08, 2018



Two colors of death rained upon the battlefield, and even the immediate areas.

The white of Se'ith's god-class magic, battering the earth with billions of light spears, disintegrating everything that got pierced by them. Then, the black of Aoi's rampage that materialized into countless black tentacles that crushed and drained the lives of those unfortunate enough to be caught in their wake.

Countless craters formed on the mountainside, causing rocks to topple and landslides to happen. Fortunately, Lerish and the others seems to have escaped and evacuated to a place outside the radius of the two gods' magic.

But even so, I decided to remain inside area.

I can't bear to see Aoi writhing and screaming in pain inside her black aura as she gets hit by Se'ith's rain of light. Each time a spear of light hits her a tentacle, it will disintegrate and will not regenerate for awhile. A few seconds later, about one-third of her black tentacles got destroyed.

Meanwhile, Se'ith desperately parried the storm of lashes Aoi's tentacles make. Each worked like a whip as they sweep around the battlefield and toppling all the trees in the forest within their reach. Some of them also acted like spears, trying to pierce Se'ith as he blocked the lashes.

As for I, I'm in really deep trouble as I evade the light rain and the tentacles in panic.

Almost a minute has passed since they unleashed their spells and I can see the damage that they created everywhere I look.


I repeatedly called out to her, hoping that she could hear me.

While calling out to her, a tentacle rushed from behind as it tries to impale me.


Using my newly-acquired spell, I absorbed the tentacle as I raised my hand in front of me while waiting for it to pierce me.

The whole thing that measures about two kilometers long got sucked into my left hand without leaving any trace.

"W-What is this? It's so amazing..."

I muttered in amazement as I looked at the asterisk-shaped mark on the back of my left hand that glowed blue when I absorbed the tentacle.

"Aoi...don't worry, it don't be long!"

I shouted to her again while absorbing every tentacle that tries to crush or pierce me.

[The High Priestess] said that the things the got absorbed by my spell will be converted into health and mana, that's why I felt a strange sense if refreshment each time I absorbed those wriggling objects.

I also tried to absorb Se'ith's light spears and it worked as well.


With Nadir in my right hand, I charged towards Se'ith while using the opportunity that he's busy dealing with Aoi.

"The two of you are too troublesome for me...HIIIIIYAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!"

After slashing down one of Aoi's tentacles, Se'ith also charged towards me.

"You think that I will give you an easy death?"

He said angrily while crossing swords with me.

"If it's death, my little sister will take care of it!"

I deflected his sword as I separated myself from him, and created a black fireball in my left hand.

"[Sacred Curse: Soul Burning Phoenix]!"

I threw the fireball at him. After a few seconds the fireball bursted, anda black-colored Phoenix emerged from it, soaring towards Se'ith at high speeds.

Using [The Death] and [The Magician], I made a variant of one of Aoi's Sacred Curses, [Soul Burn].

"You can't damage me with that kind of magic!"

Se'ith said as he slashed the black Phoenix into two with confidence using his white sword.

"And thus, the Phoenix will emerge again from the ashes!"

When I said those words, the Phoenix materializes again in front of Se'ith.

"W-What the--"

Se'ith's reaction time got impaired due to his surprise, allowing the flame bird to directly hit him, and creating an explosive burst of black flames that began to devour him.

"Put it out! Put it out!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

Because I absorbed too much divine energy from Aoi and him, the damage output from the Phoenix exponentially increased.

Se'ith's body burned as he tried to use magic to extinguish the flame. His body that has the appearance of mine gradually melted, exposing his real form.

At that instant, the rain of light began to stop.

"Rash mortal! You'll pay for this--!"

While shouting at me, a tentacle suddenly tangled around him.

"D-Death Goddess?! Let me go!!!"

Se'ith tried to use his divine powers to release himself from the restraint but unfortunately, none came out . "W-What's going on?! Heyyyyy!!!"

While feeling panicked, he screamed.

Well, it all happened like this: while crossing swords with Se'ith, I used [Fool's Wish] to drain all of his divine power. The only limitation for my new spell is it's very short cast range, that's why I charged towards him.

"You bastard, give me back my divinityyyy!!!!!"

He screamed at me while begging for me to return his powers back to him. What the hell, is he really a god?

Se'ith glanced at Aoi, and he saw her looking at him with an insane amount of killing intent.

"You can't kill me, Death Goddess! I'm a god too!!! I'm a god--"

His words got interrupted when dozens of tentacles began to surround him and enclosing him inside a pitch black ball made from the tentacles that got tangled themselves. Then, hundreds of tentacles pierced the enclosure from all directions, as if Se'ith is sentenced to die using an Iron Maiden.

Fear reached down to my spine as I hear Se'ith's death cries while he's inside the black ball.

With him losing all of his divine powers, he was more or less a mortal now.

Aoi, after giving divine retribution to Se'ith looked at me just like the way she looked at Se'ith before killing him.

"Aoi it's me, your big brother Ren!"

I called out her name, but she manipulated the tentacles in response.

"Aoi! Hear me please!"

To evade those annoying things again, I created upward wind currents that lifted me off from the ground using [The Magician].

"Get a hold of yourself! Aoi, come back!!!"

While slashing the tentacles that block my way, Aoi's aura became thicker again, and the surroundings began to slowly lose color as their lives are slowly drained by the tentacles that latched to the ground like tree roots.

No good. All living things will die if this goes on.


When I got near her, I used [Fool's Wish] to slowly absorb her aura in order for me to pass through it.


I gritted my teeth while enduring the pain from absorbing her dark aura, and the damage that I take cancels out the regeneration that I received from the absorption process.

"$ h @ / × f ? € e ^ c $ % l h * & k # a ¢ €!!!!!"

Aoi screamed as she covered her ears with her hands and curling herself in a fetus position while inside her black aura.

"Aoi, I'm here--WOOOOOAAAAHHH!!!!!"

At that instant, a intense surge of energy pulsed out from her, causing me to get blown away before I had the opportunity to go inside her aura. I flew in a great distance before I used the air currents to keep me afloat while going towards her.

I succeeded when I tried to enter her aura again, then I embraced the writhing Aoi from behind.

"Aoi! I'm here now, don't worry anymore."

I tried so hard to speak to her in a calm tone when being faced with this situation.

"Aoi, I'm really sorry for doing something so reckless...but I had to do it for your sake!"

Mari said that my death really affected her, that's why I need to show to her that I'm fine.

Aoi still doesn't stop screaming. Her black aura pulsed and pulsed, as if to push me away from her.

"Aoi! Please...come back! Come back to me!!!"

I embraced her tighter.

"Please...don't let the pain take control of you! Remember the good things that happened between us!"

Our journey up until just a speck compared to all those years that she suffered.

"All your pain, all your suffering in this last two thousand years...give them all to me!!!"

I decided. I'll take them all away from her, even if I have to use force!

The mark on the back of my left hand glowed intensely as I tried to absorb all of her negative emotions that she accumulated in these past two millennia. At the same time, the pulses of her aura became much more stronger also, trying really hard to push me away.

"I-Iiiigghkk...!" heart is being squeezed, and my internal organs are being turn away. Even so...I won't stop!

"Aoi...try to remember me...your big brother! Try to remember everything that we've done together! Remember the promise that we had in the desert!!!"

Blood starts to drip from my nose as I continue to absorb her negative aura.

"All of this pain...I will change it to happiness...that's why...please...remember me..."

The internal damage that I'm receiving becomes worse every second. Can I really absorb all of it?


I started to vomit blood. My body starts to break down at an alarming rate.

I have less than five minutes now before I die again due to multiple organ failure. If that happens, I can't be revived anymore by Karen.

"Even if I have to die again, if it means that you will return to normal, I'll do it!"

I increased the rate of my absorption. Her black aura began to become smaller and smaller, and tentacles began to dissolve one by one.


The two of us screamed at the same time from the pain. The pulses of her aura became stronger again and more frequent, causing an earthquake in the area.

" body..."

I looked at my left arm, and I saw small cracks forming on it. Countless cracks also began to form all over my body, showing that her negative aura exceeded my capacity. I increased again the rate of absorption, and more cracks formed in my body.

"Aoi...I tried my best...but it wasn't enough."

I can't absorb all of it. The more I try, the more damage I receive.

"I a a a fiancé...and, a brother..."

Lerish and the others too. I failed to protect them.

"This weak me...can't keep his promises at all."

Negative emotions began to erode my mind. Two minutes.

"That's this last two minutes of my life...I will give it my all! I will return you back to normal!!!"

This two minutes will decide the fate of this world!!!


Absorption rate...increased two times...three...FIVE TIMES.

My right hand already crumbled to dust and the damage is slowly eating my right arm. My left foot shattered as well, making it hard for me to balance. Small cracks form larger cracks, and create much larger cracks if they intersect each other. With the absorption rate became six times faster, the regeneration caused by the process is also increased by twice the amount, offsetting the damage I receive and slowly restoring my body. Aoi's black aura has a diameter of about ten meters now. Her undecipherable screams had stopped, and she began to cry out loud. Her mental state became stable now, I guess.

"'s okay. I won't ever leave you again."

I said as I patted her head with my right hand that got fully restored.

"...Big brother...ighk, I'm sorry..." She finally spoke again.

"It's fine, it's my fault after all."

She turned herself to me and embraced me with her small arms.


Her aura finally dissipated, and I created air currents beneath us to cushion our fall.

"...Big brother! I'm sorry for letting *hic* my emotion *hic* take over me! I'm sorry if *hic* I destroyed everything! I'm sorryyyy!!!"

With her hiccups, she apologized to me.

"Maaa, it's natural you know, since you're still a little girl. But next time you need to learn to control yourself, okay?" I said to her.

"...Nn." She nodded.


She fainted after her mental state got stabilized. I decided to let her sit on my lap as we ride the air currents. Aoi needs to be checked by Karen, that's why I need to bring her there fast. When we arrived, we saw Lerish, Mari and Rin assisting Karen in healing our classmates.

"Ren! Are you alright?" Rin asked me in deep worry, tears running down her eyes.

"Nn. But treat her first. She took the most damage after all."


"It's okay. You don't have to worry abo--"

Cracks formed again all over my body.


Lerish shouted when she saw the cracks became larger and larger.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Karen also screamed when my body shattered.

My like a cheap vase. Not that valuable, and easy to break at the same time.

© Copyright 2020 れっくる. All rights reserved.


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