The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Here's Episode 71, senpai!

Chapter 71 (v.1) - [End Line] Again?

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018




I am sitting on a floor inside a white place.

"I'm in [End Line] again, huh..."

I muttered while standing up.

"Now, where's that door? Hmmm..."

As I walk, I look around to search for a door hidden on the walls. I tried to look for it using [The Tower], but it seems that I can't use the powers of the Arcanas here.

"The door...the door...ah, I found it!"

I found a doorknob sticking out on the wall, and opened the door.

"E-Excuse me...W-Wha--? What happened to you?!"

When I entered the secret room, I found the grown up Aoi sitting on the floor while her eyes swell with tears.

"Aoi?! Is there something wrong?" I asked her as I kneeled on the floor.



I said in confusion.

Aoi (teen) looked at me with those blue eyes of hers, then suddenly leapt to my face as her crying became louder.

"...B-Big brother! Uwaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!"

"A-Aoi? W-Why?!"

"...Big brother! Big brother! Waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!"

"A-Aoi...those things...they're suffo...cating me...!!!"

Why is she crying? It's really different from the Aoi that I met here in [End Line] who is emotionless, and speaks in a cold manner. Also, she called me 'big brother' instead of calling me by my name. I don't really understand what's going on.

Then, right now I'm being suffocated by those hills of hers. I-If by chance Aoi grows up, will she have a size bigger than Rin's?!

"C-Calm down for a bit!!! I don't want to be double dead, you know?!"

I said in panic as I pushed her away from me.

I'm supposed to be dead now, but it feels like she'll really kill me again for sure.


After a few minutes of struggling to escape, she finally let go of me. While still sitting on the floor, I reached my hand to her.

"Here. I'll help you."

She grabbed my hand and I pulled her body for her to stand up. Her cheeks blushed as she looked away from me in embarrassment.

"...Thank you...big brother." She said in a soft voice.

Ah, I'm conflicted whether I'll treat her as a child or not.

"Why are you crying on the floor? Did something bad happened?"

She shook her head as a reply.

"T-Then why?" I asked her again.

"...Aoi's just so happy, big that Aoi's piled up resentment in this past two thousand years has been gone. Thank you very much, big brother!"

She said in a sweet voice while smiling radiantly at me.

"Ahhhh...I'm relieved, I finally made you happy!"

I raised my arms in a V pose while letting out a sigh of relief.

"But, unfortunately I can't return anymore to where the little sister Aoi is." I said in a somewhat sad tone.

My body crumbled into dust after I handed over Aoi to Karen and the others.

Aoi held my left hand while keeping her bright smile as she looked at me.

"...Don't worry, your body is just in the process of being reborn, big brother."

"R-Rebirth?" I asked her.

"...Nn. Divine power changes the composition of one's body in order to be a suitable vessel for it. In your case, your old body began to break down from taking too much divinity. As a consequence, your accumulated divine power changed the composition of your body cells and assembled them at the same time."

She explained while raising one finger up.

"I-In other words..."

"...In other words, big brother...your body is now made up of divine matter."


"D-Divine matter, you say?" I'm still confused, so I asked her again.

"...You still don't get it, big brother? What Aoi is saying is that, your body is much more like a god now!"

She said in a somewhat angry manner.

E-Eh?! Aoi, you must be joking, right?!?

"I-It's impossible! Me? Having a body of a god?!" I said to her in panic while waving my arms.

"...Even though your body composition has changed, you are still not a god, big brother."

"Is that so..."

"...That's why don't worry, big brother. With that being the case, you can still return to Aoi back there!"

She said happily.

"Ah. I'm glad." I sighed again in relief.

"...You want to return now, big brother?" She asked.

"Eh? Why did you ask?"

" in [End Line], Aoi is just alone, unlike Aoi, who always gets to play with you."

Her facial expression became sad as she held my hand with her two hands.

"This place is where the souls go before going to the [God Realm] or the underworld, right? Why are you saying that you're alone?"

"...Most of the souls have been already decided their last destination, that's why they doesn't need to pass through here anymore."

This beautiful woman in front of me, my little still feeling isolated even though I took all of her resentment away.

"...Big brother, will you...stay a little longer with Aoi here?"

Aoi, that's cheating! Don't look at me like a cute animal begging to be petted!

"I-I get it! I get it, okay? I'll play with you now, so please...stop begging at me with those eyes!"

Aoi, upon hearing my words, hopped and hopped around the room in triumph. Her melons bounced as she hopped, that's why I looked away from her in panic.

And so, we played games until both of us became tired. It's really strange that Aoi still acts like a child while having an appearance of a sixteen to eighteen year-old girl.

Well, even though honestly I prefer Aoi in her little girl appearance, it's not bad if she reverts back to this form of hers eventually.

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