The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"As I thought, she's a formidable one."

reku-chan desu.

Arc 8 will end soon, and the next arc will be a breather arc. I hope that you still read this novel up to the end!

Here's Episode 72, senpai!

Chapter 72 (v.1) - Reconciliation With The Maiden

Submitted: February 10, 2018

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Submitted: February 10, 2018



I decided to return back to the living world after playing games with the grown up Aoi and resting for a bit.

"..Aoi wants to go there with you big brother, but unfortunately Aoi cannot exist in that world."

She said to me in a regretful tone.

"Ah, I know it already. You're just the real Aoi's inner self, right?" I asked her.

"...Nn. Aoi knew all of your adventures together already, that's why Aoi isn't that sad, though Aoi thinks that Aoi wants to experience being together with big brother even for just once."

Somehow I understood what she's saying as much as I don't understand it. An inner self with a will of its own? It'll be creepy if I had one.

'...In reality, Aoi wants to keep big brother here in this place forever...fufufufu...'

"What are you mumbling?!"

"...N-Nothing at all, big brother! Hehehe..."

Aoi's really acting strange right now. I didn't heard her mumbling, but from the tone of her voice I sensed that what she's saying to herself would be bad for my health.

Aoi activated the portal going back to the living world. She looks a bit sad, but she still smiled at me while saying goodbyes.

"...Let's play again when you come back, big brother!"

"Uh, Nn." I nodded reluctantly at her.

Honestly, I don't want to go into this place anymore.



I gasped my breath as if I woke up again from a bad dream.

My head...feels fuzzy.


Lerish, Karen and Rin hurriedly approached me in great worry.

When I looked into my surroundings, I noticed that we're inside a partly destroyed house.

The four of us are the only people inside this room.

"I're going to die for sure. I'm so much worried about you, you know?"

"Thank healing worked..."

"Ren, you idiot! What do you think will happen if we can't revive you, huh?!"

Each of them had varied reactions when I woke up.

"What...happened?" I asked them.

"You didn't remembered what happened? Your body became powder suddenly after bringing that little girl here!"

Rin answered.

I...can't recall much of what happened earlier. Even so, it's a mystery how they got to completely reassemble my body.

"Little girl...where's Aoi?"

"Aoi? She already woke up, but it seems that she went to some place away from here."

Lerish replied.

"I must talk to her--"

"Y-You can't! Your body is still weak, so please have some rest for a while."

Karen stopped me when I tried to get up from the bed.

"B-But...she needs me..."

"Like I said, you have to rest first. It's bad if you pushed your limits in that condition."

She said in a serious tone.

"Ren, you can talk to her later when you've got enough rest. Stop being stubborn already..." Rin said to me while sitting at the corner of the room.

", okay." I said in resignation.

"Ah, maybe I need to look for Aoi. She might get lost here in this town. Excuse me for a while..."

Lerish said as she goes out of the room.

"Nn." Rin nodded at her.


Rin also went outside the room after she finally got tired from all the things that happened. She asked Karen if she would like to look after me for a while, and she accepted.

"Good grief, it feels like I'm taking care of a kid. Fufufu..." She said jokingly to me.

Karen placed her hand on my forehead to check my temperature. Her kind gaze made me a bit flustered while she's doing that.

"I-I'm sorry..." I said while averting my gaze from her.

"It's okay. It's my role to take care of my friends, right?"

"N-No...I mean, I'm sorry for everything."


"I'm very sorry for hiding myself away and not keeping in touch with you guys...I'm sorry if because of that, you thought that I'm finally dead."

Karen's expression became somewhat sad.

"I didn't considered your feelings, I only thought that it would be better if I isolated myself away from you. Really, it was a stupid thing that I've done."

She just listened to me.

"I thought, I would only become a burden if I am together with my classmates...what a pathetic reason, if I say so myself."

Karen, upon hearing my words, stood up from her chair and sat on the bed beside me.

" really is hard for us that you went missing without any indication that you're alive or not. It really is painful when they said that you died back there in Arteim."

Her kind gaze made me realize the guilt of doing something so selfish against them.

"They already gave up on finding you, but I didn't. Rin also, she believed that you're still alive. She's a strong-willed girl, after all."

Rin. I hurt her feelings also.

"You see, earlier when a man suddenly appeared from somewhere, wearing a hooded cloak and a mask, I instantly thought that it was you. I don't know why, but I felt this strange feeling in me...the same when we did our small tea party back then."

I hid my surprise under that mask back then, when she suddenly called my name.

"It's true after all, that you're still alive. I'm really glad."

She placed her hand on her chest, as if she's relieved seeing me in front of her.

"I apologize...for everything that I've done." I said as I bowed my head to her.

"You don't need to apologize. I somehow understand what your reason is, that's why I'm not that mad."

She said while smiling lightly.

"I'm more angry when you said that you're just a burden to us."


"Ren, no one thinks that you're just a burden, you know. In fact, we're so amazed when you worked yourself really hard on training with the other soldier trainees."

"But, I have no abilities unlike--"

"We all began without any of them, right? We're just ordinary high school students until we're sent into this world."

"I-I guess you're right."

"But, we're really surprised when you used magic to protect us from that person's attack! How did you do that?"

She looked at me with eyes sparkling with curiosity and amazement.

"H-How do I say this...Aoi just taught me some magic, that's it."

"Hmmm...Aoi, you mean that little girl?"

"Yeah. Due to some reason she became my little sister, that's why she's with me."

Karen just looked at me with an "ooohh!" expression.

"The other girl named Lerish told us that she's what you call a death goddess in this world. Is that true?"

"Ah, um, yeah. She's a god."

"For you to be a goddess' older must be a great honor for you, isn't it?" She asked me in high spirits.

"Yeah. Even though she's like that, she still acts like an ordinary little girl."

"Fuuu...I'm envious of you, you instantly got a cute little sister." Karen pouted her lips.

"Hahaha. At first she's too pesky, but I already loved her as a sister."

"You're making me more jealous. Hahahaha!"

The two of us laughed.

"Then, what about Lerish?"

"What about Lerish?" I asked her.

"How did the two of you met each other?"

"Ah, due to some circumstances it happened like this."

I told her how I met Lerish.

"Really? She is the princess of Narashel?"

She asked me while being surprised.

"Y-Yeah." I replied.

"No wonder why she's so beautiful and her aura feels so refined."

R-Refined? I don't know, but lately she began to act more like an ordinary person. Though, she reverts back to her usual princess mode when we're at the royal palace.

"A death goddess and a princess. Ren, you're being surrounded by girls lately, huh?"


"N-Nothing. Forget what I said."

She said while glaring at me. When I asked her why, she looked away from me.

"Then, what is the relationship between the two of you?"

Karen asked me.

"W-Why did you ask me that?"

"I'm just curious. That's why."

She said while smiling, even though it looked like she's being forced to smile.

"W-We...We're just friends."

I said while scratching my cheek.

From the look of her face, she's not convinced at my answer.

"You know, Rin told me about the things that you often do when you're hiding something."


"For example, you sweat a lot, though the weather's a bit cold today."

When she said that, I touched my forehead, and it was wet with sweat.

"Then, you tend to look away from the person you're talking to."

I-It's because you're asking questions too much that I felt too troubled to answer all of it.

"Lastly, you scratched your cheek just now."

E-Eh?! It's just a reflex! It doesn't have any meaning behind it!

"Ren, do want to tell me the truth between the two of you?"

She said while smiling brightly as she pinched my cheek.

"I-I got it! I got it! I'll tell it to you, that's why stop pinching me!"

I said while rubbing my cheek that got a bit painful. I took a deep breath, and spoke to her again.

"L-Lerish and I...we're engaged to each other."

Upon hearing that, Karen suddenly stood up and turned herself away from me.


"Is she...a wonderful girl?"

She said while looking at me over her shoulder.

"Y-Yeah. She's kind, friendly and generous. She's also reliable in times of need. Her intelligence's above average, and most of all, she's really beautiful."


Karen walked towards the door.

"As I thought, she's a formidable one."


"Ren, just sleep for now, okay? O-kaaaaayyyy?"

"Karen? D-Did I said something wrong?"

"N-Nothing?! Anyways, just sleep! Ren you idiot!!!"

She walked outside the room, and forcefully closed the door.


Is she mad at me? Did I really said something wrong?!

I decided to sleep while thinking about the words that I said to her.

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