The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"And for being so stupid as always."

reku-chan desu.

Netsu. Not that severe, maybe I'll take some meds and sleep (but I can still write any chapters in my current condition, don't worry) hahaha.

Here's Episode 73, senpai!

Chapter 73 (v.1) - A Childhood Friend's All You Need

Submitted: February 11, 2018

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Submitted: February 11, 2018



"Oh? You're awake."

It was already late afternoon when I woke up.

On the side of the bed, the one who greeted me when I opened my eyes is Rin, who is wearing a light green dress. She is currently reading a book on basic housework.

"What did you said to Karen? She looked angry when I met her on the way here earlier..."

She asked me while raising one of her eyebrows, her eyes still fixed on the book she's reading.

"A-Anoo, Rin, where's she?"

"Karen? If I'm not mistaken, she's taking care of our other classmates. You're not the only one who's needing special attention here, you know?"

"Is that so...I guess I'll talk to her later just to clear things up." I muttered.

"So, what did you said to her?"

Rin said while closing the book and placing it on the table. She then looked at me with serious eyes.

"I...just said that Lerish and I were engaged, and she's a wonderful woman. That's all."

"Ah. Now I know why."

She said while crossing her arms.

"Know what?" I asked her.

"Ren, do you know how much Karen grieved for your disappearance?"

She asked me while still crossing her arms and glaring at me.

"I have no idea." I said while looking down.

"She really got affected by that incident, that she locked herself up in my room for three days, without eating anything."

I don't know the reason why of all my classmates, she's the one who's the most affected at my sudden disappearance. Maybe it has something to do with the promise we made that night. Still, I really felt guilty about what happened to her.

"After that incident, she worked hard to learn not just healing magic, but also offensive magic. When we asked her, she said that she's doing it because, she doesn't want another person in our class to disappear just like you."

I only looked down while listening to Rin's story.

"Not only that, but currently she's also training in melee combat, along with the soldiers."

"Eh? Melee combat?!"

"Nn. We tried to stop her, but she won't listen to us. We have no choice but to support her in what she wanted to do."

To exert such effort...she's really an amazing person.

"Then, you suddenly appeared again after a long time, and saying things like being engaged to a girl, and a princess at that? I would also get really mad at you if I was her!"

She said in an angry tone as she stood up from the chair beside my bed..

"Rin...are you also angry because of that?" I asked her.

"No? Not really." She said while pouting her lips and looking away from me..

"Rin. Please, if you're angry at me just say it."

Being childhood friends for ten years, we already knew what the other person feels just by the look of each other's faces.

When I said that, she suddenly pointed her finger at me.

"Who would not be angry if your friend hides himself away from everyone, huh?!"

As I thought, she's really mad at me.

"You see, I'm not angry about the two of you bring engaged, but what angers me the most is that, you didn't even attempted to tell us your whereabouts!"

When she said that, she hit my shoulder with her fist.

"O-Ouch! Rin, why did you--"

When I looked at her as I asked why she did that, she looked at me with a really, really angry expression. Her right hand gripped tightly on her dress.

" for making everyone worry about your survival."

She hit me again on the shoulder.

" for hiding yourself and the fact that you're engaged with Lerish, away from us."

She raised her fist as she was about to hit me for the third time.

"And for being so stupid as always."

I prepared myself to receive her third blow, but she suddenly leapt to me who is still sitting on the bed, and embraced me.

"Don't...ever do that again. Okay?" She spoke in a sweet voice.

"R-Rin...?" I said while being confused with her sudden change of action.

"Ren...thank God becush, y-you're safe...Am...*hic* so mad at miself, dat, dat...I'm nat wi you *hic* b-back sorry...ghk, uwaaaaaaa!!!"

She sobbed and cried so loud while embracing me. In panic, I hesitantly wrapped my arms around her to calm her down. This is the first time that I saw her cry like this after a long time. Somehow, I would do the same if I was her.

"Since the day *hic* you're sad...*hic* so sad..."

If someone sees us, it would cause a major misunderstanding.

"Rin, I'm sorry for hurting you as well as everyone's feelings. I hope that you guys forgive me."

I apologized to her while the two of us are embracing each other.

"I'll forgive you...on one condition."

Deja vu. I think I heard that line before.

After a while, she calmed down herself. Her cheeks are red and still wet with tears when she separated herself away from me.

"I'll do my best, as long as it's reasonable."

"Promise me that you'll stay by my side always."

"E-Eh? We already did that promise since we're kids, right?" I said to her.

"It's different! What I'm saying is, even though you already have a woman with you, I want it that the two of us will still be together as always."

Aside from a promise with her that I already forgot what it's all about, that certain promise we made when we're in grade school is a thing that neither one of us should forget.

"Okay. Lock in."

"Lock in."

The two of us raised our hands as if swearing by an oath.

Feeling relieved, I placed my hand on my chest.

"Can you stand up now? If not I'll just bring your food here."

She said as she stood up and walked away towards the door while wiping her cheeks.

"Be sure that you'll patch things up with Karen, okay?"

"Nn. I will."

She smiled lightly at me before going out of the room and closing the door.


I only let out a deep sigh after she got out of the room.

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