The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...You're right. I can't leave big brother behind."

reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 74, senpai!

Chapter 74 (v.1) - On This Table, Everyone Should Act Normal

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Submitted: February 12, 2018



I tried to get up from the bed and stand up after Rin left the room.


My body still hurts, as if every joint in my body creaks with every move I make.

"Ouch. It really is painful to have your body turn to dust, huh?"

I muttered to myself.

After I managed to stand up, I then tried to make a footstep. It's still painful, but I can finally walk a few steps now.

I turned the doorknob, and opened the door. When I peeked outside, I noticed that this house is quite a big one, probably one-third the size of the castle of Duke Gorez. The owner must be a merchant or something.

No one lives here at this moment, because they have been evacuated by the soldiers of Arandel and my classmates.

There are no one on the corridor right now, so I walked outside the room.

"Where are they? There are so many rooms here..."

The rooms here have numbers, so I realized that this place isn't an ordinary house, but an inn. By the way, the room where they put me is room 007. With the way I sneaked out of that room, it felt like I'm in some secret agent movie.


My stomach grumbled. Ah, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

"Maybe I should look first for Rin, she might be inside the kitchen."

I said to myself as I walked towards the kitchen.

"E-Eh? Ren? Why are you here?"

To my surprise, the one inside the kitchen wasn't Rin, but Lerish. She's currently cooking the dinner for us.

"You should've not force yourself too much, your body's still weak, right?"

She said to me in a worried tone, while holding a spoon with her hand.

I sat on a chair while watching Lerish cook.

"But, I can't stand being alone in that room too much." I replied to her.

"Don't tell me, you're afraid?"

She said jokingly.

"What? I'm not! It's just's too quiet if I'm just alone there inside that room."

Lerish, smiled a little at my words.

"Is that so? It's really a bad idea to leave you alone in a room, huh?" She said.


"Earlier, I saw a beautiful girl with her hair tied up into a ponytail ran outside while blushing and saying 'awawawawawawa' as if she's flustering. What happened?" She asked.

"Ah, um, she embraced me, because we haven't seen each other for a long time. I missed her as well, that's why it can't be helped if she's like that."

I said.

"Oh. I see."

She just gently smiled at me.

"Is...there something wrong?" I asked her.

"Honestly, I understood the feeling of your friends, that's why I won't be angry just because a girl embraced you."

Uh, should I say, "as expected from a princess"?

"You know, I'm not the only one who cares for you, remember? There's Aoi, then your friends, Saku and Saki, everyone would feel the same way if you haven't seen them for a long time..."

Even I...missed them so much.

"They might be still angry at you, that's why you must talk to them."

While stirring the soup inside the pot, she spoke to me.

"Food is almost ready, if you're hungry feel free to have some--..."

"L-Lerish, did that box moved just now?"


I pointed my finger at a closed box placed on the corner of the kitchen.

"E-Eh, I-I guess it's just because of the w-wind. Hehehe..."

"Lerish..." I glared at her.

Lerish's cheeks became red and she looked away from me.

I stood up from the chair, and walked towards the box. While preparing myself to see what's inside the box, I quickly opened it.

"A-Aoi? Why are you there?!" Inside the box, is Aoi lying down in a fetus position, eavesdropping on our talk.

"...Big brother..." She said in a soft voice while trembling as she looked at me with teary eyes.

"Good grief, what are you doing inside the box?"

I scratched my head while being confused.

"...I'm...hiding myself away from big brother..."


"...B-Because, you died twice because of me..."

She spoke in a tone filled with guilt and regret.


"...I thought, maybe it's better if I stay away from big brother, so that he won't be hurt anymore."

"Is that, what you wanted?" I asked Aoi.

"...Although it's painful for me to leave you, big brother, if it's for the sake of your safety and happiness, I have no choice but to do it."

I only sighed as I held her arm and pulled her out of the box.

"Idiot. If you really wanted to leave me, you should've ran away, right?"

I said to her.

"...You're right. I can't leave big brother behind."

"Me neither. I can't leave you behind."

Aoi stood up from the box. Her body's small, that's why she fit perfectly inside that small box.

"I'm not blaming you for anything, that's why don't be upset anymore. Okay?"

I patted her head as she looked down.

Meanwhile, Lerish placed the pot on the table.

"Ren, Aoi, the food is ready. Let's eat?"


The three of us are eating on the circular table. Lerish made a lot of soup for everyone, so they wouldn't mind if we eat first.

"Lerish, this vegetable soup tastes really good."

"Ah, is that so? T-Thanks."

Her cheeks became red when I praised her cooking.

"Aoi, eat your vegetables."

Aoi seems like she's still feeling down about what happened, that she's eating silently without showing any interest, very different from her usual overeating behavior.

"...Big brother." She spoke again in a soft voice.

"What is it?"

"...Thank you...for saving me." She showed a faint smile while looking at the soup bowl in front of her.

"It's alright. It's my duty, no, I want to protect you. That's all."

I said as I encouraged her to eat. Her smile gradually widened, and she began to eat just like normal.

Meanwhile, Lerish looked at us with a warm gaze.

"Hey, I said it before, right? That we looked like a family..."

Aoi and I looked at her in wonder.

"Eh? I'm sorry. My thoughts slipped from my mind. He he"

Lerish said in a shy manner while smiling wryly.

"I-I-I guess you're right."

I also felt shy because of what she said.

"Ah, the future...if we have our own family, will we eat together like this?"

Her cheeks blushed even more at her question.

"Ah, uhhhh..."

While thinking of what should I say to her, I heard a faint rustle outside the door.

"...Big brother...those two girls are staring at us since earlier." Aoi said as she continued to eat.

I turned my vision behind me, and I saw Rin and Karen peeking at both sides of the door.

Aoi, why didn't you informed me beforehand?

"Rin, Karen, what are you doing there?"

When I looked at them, they averted their gaze from me in guilt and panic.

"Rin and Karen, right? The table's still have more space. Want to eat with us?"

Lerish invited them to the table while letting out a radiant smile. She's in her princess mode again.

The two girls, reluctantly walked towards us as they accepted her offer.

"I thought that your injured friends can't still eat normally, that's why I made soup. I hope that you'll like it."

Lerish handed two bowls to them.

In this circular table, our seating arrangement went like this: me, Aoi, Lerish, Rin and Karen seated accordingly in a clockwise direction.

"I'm sorry for not properly introducing myself. My name is Lerish Relia Narashel, the first princess of the kingdom of Narashel. Pleased to meet you."

Lerish introduced herself while letting out an aura fit of being a royal.

"M-My name's Rin Ricafort, p-pleased to meet you too, P-Princess..."

"A-Ah, I am Karen Dancel. It's my honor to be acquainted with the Princess."

Rin introduced herself while shaking, while Karen tried to keep her composure in front of Lerish. They're both sitting like logs beside her.

"It's fine if you just call me Lerish. You're Ren's friends, right? Let's be friends too from now on."

The two reluctantly nodded at her.

"...My name's Aoi, and I am big brother's little sister. Pleased to meet the two of you."

Aoi also introduced herself to them.

"Eh, uh, likewise."


They smiled at her.

"Ren, isn't it great? You have such nice friends with you, eating with us!"

Lerish said to me in high spirits. Rin and Karen, blushed at her words.

"Y-Yeah. They've been nice to me as always." I replied to her while feeling somewhat uneasy.

I just noticed, I'm being surrounded by girls on the table.

I hurried eating in panic in order to escape this awkward situation.

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