The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Y-Yes! I'll gladly h-help Narashel in t-times of need!"

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Here's Episode 75, senpai!

Chapter 75 (v.1) - Three-way Deadlock

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



"Thanks for the food!"

Ren hurriedly stood up from the table as he carried his bowl towards the kitchen sink.

"Eh? You don't want seconds?" Lerish asked him, feeling surprised.

"I-I'm full, sorry. Hehehe."

Ren apologized to her while smiling wryly.

"...Ah, big brother, wait for me!"

Aoi ran after him as he left the kitchen.

The ones left behind are three girls looking at each other in wonder.

"S-So...I guess it's time to prepare the dinner for your friends, don't you think?"

Lerish asked Rin and Karen.

"Nn. Y-You're right. Can I help you?"

"Me too. Can I help as well?"

The two girls raised their hands to Lerish.

"Okay, let's do this!"


Different from most of the inns in this country, this one has a function hall that served as the venue of important events happening in the town. This time, it serves as ward for the students and soldiers of the two countries, who are currently recovering from injury.

All of the beds in the inn, except the one being used by Ren, are moved into this place by the unharmed soldiers. Those who are unlucky are placed on mattresses, and some are lying on the floor.

The class president, Mari, is the one who manages the treatment of the soldiers and her classmates.

She's currently writing something into her journal when she saw Lerish, Karen and Rin pushing a cart that carried a huge pot of soup.


"Mari, we brought soup!"

Rin and Karen greeted her as they pushed the cart.

"Princess? Y-You don't have to cook meals for us..." Mari said as she saw Lerish along with her two classmates.

"It's okay. As a princess of this country I'm honored to have such amazing people here in Narashel. I made this soup to make you feel welcome in our country."

Lerish spoke while letting out a radiant smile.

Mari stared at her in amazement.

"Everyone's injuries have been already healed. It won't be a problem if they eat food other than porridge this time." Mari declared.

"Can I see them? I would like to express my thanks to everyone for being with Ren for many years." Lerish asked.

"T-This way, Princess..."

Mari led the way towards her classmates.

"Guys, dinner's ready!"

Rin shouted to them.

"Oh! Finally, I'm so fed up with porridge, I can now eat without reserve!"

Iza, who is currently playing rock-paper-scissors with Claire spoke in high spirits.

Claire, upon seeing the figure of Lerish, hid her face behind a pillow.

"Rin, who's that girl?"

James asked her.

Rin's cheeks cramped at his question.

"H-How do I put this? She's the Princess of Narashel. Hehehe."


Everyone got surprised at Karen's revelation.

"My name's Lerish Relia Narashel. As the princess of this country I would like to express my thanks to everyone, for fighting gallantly against the demonkin, and for being friends with Ren for so many years."

Lerish introduced herself while bowing her head.


Drake got stupefied as he stared at her. Lerish noticed that, and walked towards his bed.

"I heard that you're a brave dragon knight. Even us the people of Narashel depends on your great power from now on."

Lerish spoke with her radiant princess aura currently active.

"Y-Yes! I'll gladly h-help Narashel in t-times of need!"

Drake said while stuttering and his cheeks blushing.

The boys of the class looked at him, as if saying "You bastard, how lucky! Go to hell!".

Lerish glanced at them in wonder.

"Let's be friends from now on, okay?"

The boys' suddenly became red when she smiled at them.

The girls, however, glared with killing intent at them.


After dinner, the three girls helped each other in cleaning the dishes.

"Y-You don't have to help us here, Prin--, er, Lerish."

Karen spoke to Lerish as she rinsed the bowls with water.

"I don't mind doing it though." Lerish replied, while happily wiping the washed bowls with a piece of cloth.

"Lerish, you want to learn housework because of Ren?"

Rin asked as she placed the bowls on the rack.

"Nn. I wanted to be useful to him, that's why I want to learn new things as much as possible." Lerish answered while letting out a light smile.

'Being useful to Ren...' Karen muttered to herself as she listened to Lerish.

"I might not be the best woman in the world, but I'm doing my best in order to be the best woman for him."

Rin and Karen's hands stopped moving at her words.

"Both of you...also love him, right?"

'AAAAAAGGGHHKK!!!' The two girls' minds became shocked at her sudden question.

"P-P-Princess?! W-What are you s-shaying? L-Loving...him?!"

"I-I-It's impossible! W-Why would I love a jerk like him?!"

Their faces became deep red and smoke seems to come out of their ears while denying what Lerish said. Lerish saw their reactions, and chuckled lightly.

"Fufufufu, you two are so beautiful even when flustered..."

The two looked at her in wonder when she praised them.

"Forgive me for asking such things to both of you. I just thought that you two loved Ren with the way you care for him as he recovers from death."

Lerish apologized to them.

"I-It's okay. It's your privilege after all, as his betrothed."

Karen said while looking down.

"A-As his childhood friend, I can reach you the things that he likes or dislikes, as well as his personality and hidden secrets."

"R-Really?! Thank you very much!!!"

Lerish faced Rin while holding her hands. Rin could only smile wryly at her.

Karen kept on looking down for some time, until she looked directly at Lerish's eyes with a serious expression.

"Hm? What's wrong?"

Karen placed her hand on her chest as she thinks of what to say to her.

"L-Lerish, truth be told..."

When she was about to say her thoughts, Mari suddenly appeared from the opened door and shouted at them while breathing roughly.

"Everyone! Ren and Kai are having a duel! Please stop them!!!"

The three girls widened their eyes and opened their mouths in shock.

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