The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"K-Kai! Get at hold of yourself! I don't want to fight you!"

reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 76, senpai!

Chapter 76 (v.1) - Sudden Encounter With The Hero

Submitted: February 14, 2018

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Submitted: February 14, 2018



In the midst of the duel, two swords clashed against each other, creating sparks each time they hit. Kai, the [Hero] ruthlessly showered Ren with sword strikes using his holy sword as he aimed at his weak spots. Ren, however, desperately blocked every attack with his Nadir.

"K-Kai! Get at hold of yourself! I don't want to fight you!"

Ren shouted to Kai as he plead for him to stop.

"I-I can't! I can't control my body!" Kai replied while being confused, his sword attacks became more stronger and faster.

Kai's sword glowed intensely as he tried to cut Ren from the side. Ren, managed to block again with Nadir.

'How did it end up like this?' Ren muttered to himself.

Well, it all happened like this:


As I walked towards to my room, I let out a deep sigh.

"Good thing I escaped that hell of an awkward situation..."

All of them are cute and beautiful girls, that's why it feels like I'm trespassing their sacred territory if I eat together with them. Maaa, even though I said that, I'm quite used to eating together with Aoi and Lerish, and much more with Rin...the problem is Karen.

We've been classmates for three or four years now, I think. All this time, I haven't had the opportunity to eat with her during lunch breaks. It's not that I don't want to, but if I do that my classmates will look at me in contempt.

While thinking of such things, I heard footsteps from behind that sounded like the person is running towards me.

"...Big brooootheeeeeerrrrr!!!"

I looked behind to see Aoi running towards me, panting as she ran.

"...Big brother!!!" She suddenly leapt to me.

"Eh? Aoi, why?"

I asked her as I opened my arms to catch her.


The momentum caused me to almost lose my balance when she leapt to my chest to embrace me.

"M-My body...still hurts, Aoi..." I said to her while suppressing the pain that I felt.

"...I-I'm sorry!!!"

She hurriedly separated herself from me as soon as she apologized. Aren't you quite tensed, Aoi?

"...Big brother...don't leave me behind together with them." Aoi said as she sulked.

"E-Eh, it's too much for me to bear that situation."

"...Don't leave me again, okay?" Aoi said to me while looking with upturned eyes.

I don't know, but it seems like she's become more attached to me since she regained control of herself.

"M-My bad. I shouldn't have left you there. I'm sorry."

I embraced her while slowly patting her head. Aoi just giggled as she rubbed her cheeks to my abdomen.

"Do you want to walk outside for a while?" I asked her.

"...Nn!" She nodded.


We walked outside the inn that got partly destroyed by Se'ith's light spear shower.

"...Big brother, where are the people living in here?" Aoi asked me as we looked at the destroyed houses and business establishments.

"Rin told me that the residents are currently evacuated in the arsenal at the border between Arandel and Narashel, about three towns away from here in Sadari."

It's quite a mystery how they got to convince the people to evacuate that easily.

"...Because of me...this place is destroyed."

Aoi spoke in a sad tone while walking towards a collapsed wall.

"Don't blame yourself for what happened. Somehow we can still fix this."

I walked towards the collapsed wall, and used [The Magician] on it.

"I experimented further on my Arcanas, and I got surprised when I successfully did this trick."

The wall that got broken into pieces started to assemble like a jigsaw puzzle. A few seconds later, a single standing wall is formed in front of us.

"...Big brother, you're amazing!" Aoi said while her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at me with admiration.

"E-Eh, I'm not amazing, [The Magician] is." I said while scratching my head.

Since there are materials all around, I can fix all the damaged houses and buildings here, but it would take long and I don't know if the strength of the structures will be just like the original.

"I'm sure Lerish will take care of this place. She's the princessof Narashel, after all."

"...Nn. You're right, big brother."

The two of us continued to walk, and we saw Kai wandering around in front of us.

"Kai? Is that you?"

I called him, and he turned himself at us when he heard his name.

"R-Ren? You're alive?" With widened eyes he asked me.

"Y-Yeah. More or less." I replied.

"...Big brother, who is he?" Aoi also asked me, her head tilted in wonder.

"His name's Kai. He's my classmate." I told her.


Aoi seems to not know the word 'classmate'.

"We've been friends for a long time."

When I said that, she muttered an "uwaaaa" expression.

"I'm happy that you're alive." Kai said.

"Uh, I'm sorry for hiding myself from everyone." I apologized to him.

"You just acted based on the situation. It can't be helped."

Kai sighed.

"Why are you here?" I asked him.

"Just having a night stroll to loosen my muscles. Why are you also here, and who is that girl?"

"Ah, she's my little sister Aoi. We're also having a night stroll here."

"...I-I'm A-Aoi...nice to meet you."

Aoi hid behind me, feeling wary of Kai.

"Little sister, huh? Some things happened between the two of you, I guess." Kai laughed lightly as he spoke.

"Um, Kai...I guess we'll go back. Wanna go back with us?"

I said to him as Aoi and I started to go back to the inn.

"It's okay. You can go ahead."

Kai waved his hand, and we decided to go back as we left him behind.

"I wonder if he's oka--"

Suddenly, a crescent-shaped light passed through between Aoi and I as we walked together.


The two of us looked back to see what happened, and we saw Kai with a sword in his hand.

"K-Kai? What's going on?!"

"S-Something...something's happening to me..."

I called out to Kai, as he looked at us in panic and breathing roughly.

"A voice...telling me that...I have to kill you."

As soon as he said that, his sword glowed brightly and is covered with several magic circles.

"Kai! What are you doing?!"

Kai didn't answer, his hands trembled as if he lost control of his body.

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