The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

"Forgive me, for I have some grudges against you."

reku-chan desu.

I made a special chapter as thanks for reading my novel! I hope you read and like it!

Here's Episode 77, senpai!

Chapter 77 (v.1) - Losing One's Control

Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018




I shouted at him to ask what's going on.


He spoke in a shaky voice.

"F-Forgive me..."

Small magic circles appeared under his feet, and suddenly he dashed towards me with his sword pointed at me as if those magic circles acted as springs.


"...Big brother!!!"

Aoi and I moved aside away from the direction Kai is facing.

"W-Why are you attacking us?!"

"I-I don't know! My body moves on its own!" He replied while being confused.

"What?!" I shouted in surprise.

"Ren, away!"

"I-I can't!"

"Ren, please listen to me..."

"W-We need to get you out of that situation!"

"Go away before I--!!!"

His holy sword glowed again, and several magic circles appeared under our feet.


At that instant, several pillars of light bursted from the ground from the magic circles that Kai created unconsciously. Each pillar has a diameter of about one meter, that's why it's difficult for us to dodge them.

"...S-Sacre Realis?!" Aoi muttered in shock.

"Aoi? You know it?!"

"...Nn. But before that, big brother!!!"

Aoi screamed, and Kai suddenly appeared from my side to cut me with his sword.

"Tch. Nadir!"

I summoned Nadir and blocked his attack using Nadir's sheath.

"Aoi, move away from here!" I said to Aoi.

"...But, big bro--"

"Aoi! It's an order!" I shouted at her.

Dumbfounded, her shoulders flinched when I shouted at her. Then she nodded her head with tears on her eyes and she ran back to the inn.

I looked at Kai, who shows a fatigued expression while breathing roughly as we cross swords.


He said in a faint voice.

"Forgive me, for I have some grudges against you."


With a twist of his wrist, he flicked away my sword and charged towards me.

"K-Kai! What do you mean by that?!" Confused, I asked him.

"It's all about Karen."


While exchanging sword attacks with each other, Kai spoke to me. "Karen...Karen is my first love..."

He created a magic circle in his free hand and a light spear appeared from it.

"Ah, [Absorb]!"

Using [Fool's Wish], I absorbed the light spear into my left hand. The asterisk mark at the back of my hand glowed blue.

" did you--?"

"Kai, now's not the time for that! Get a hold of yourself!" I shouted.

Kai flinched for a while, then looked at the ground.

"Ah, now I understand why." He said.

"W-What do you mean..."

"Now I know the reason why...Karen loved you."

At his words, I fell in great shock. K-Karen...loved me?

"That's why...please, save yourself! Run away for her sake!!!"

A golden aura formed around him as he looked at me with eyes showing guilt and regret.



His eyes widened when his body suddenly casted an advanced level skill.


Aoi ran towards the place where the students are currently resting.

"...Help, please! My big brother is in trouble!!!" Aoi shouted at them.

The students, became surprised at a little girl's sudden appearance.

"Big mean Ren?!" Mari said to her.

When Mari mentioned his name, everyone gasped their breaths and looked at each other in shock.

"R-Ren's...alive?" James asked Aoi.


Aoi nodded while sobbing.

"...Big brother...big brother is being attacked by a man wielding a holy sword!"

At her words, everyone muttered "Kai!!!" at the same time.

"W-We need to do something!" Iza said to her classmates.

"B-But we can't..I still can't get up from this bed..." James replied.

Everyone nodded their heads in affirmation.

"W-What should we do? If this goes on...Kai...Kai might kill Ren!!!"

Iza said in worry.

The students also became worried about the two, and they talked to each other on what should they do about the situation.

Mari, stood up and run towards the kitchen.

"Mari? Where are you going?" Iza asked her.

"I'm going to ask others for help!" Mari replied to her.


In the midst of the duel, two swords clashed against each other, creating sparks each time they hit. Kai, the [Hero] ruthlessly showered Ren with sword strikes using his holy sword as he aimed at his weak spots. Ren, however, desperately blocked every attack with his Nadir.

"K-Kai! Get at hold of yourself! I don't want to fight you!"

Ren shouted to Kai as he plead for him to stop.

"I-I can't! I can't control my body!" Kai replied while being confused, his sword attacks became more stronger and faster.

Kai's sword glowed intensely as he tried to cut Ren from the side. Ren, managed to block again with Nadir.

'How did it end up like this?' Ren muttered to himself.

With Kai on his [Zero Limit], it won't take long until he gets hit by his sword.

"Kai forgive me, but I have to do this!"

Ren created a black magic circle under Kai.

"[Sacred Curse: Binding Despair]!!!"

Black chains bursted from the ground and began to tangle around Kai.


"I have no choice but to restrain you until you regain your self-control." Ren spoke in a serious tone.

Kai, however, broke the chains easily as if the chains are just made up of thin ropes.

"W-What the?!" Ren muttered in surprise.

" need to kill me!" Kai shouted.


"Please...that is the only way!" He pleaded.

'Anything but that!' Ren muttered to himself.

He thought, there should be something that caused Kai to lose control of his body.

"[Search: Body Controlling Device]"

Using [The Tower], Ren tried to search for anything that could affect Kai's mind.

"T-There it is!"

West Northwest, 100 meters away...a weird artifact.

"Kai! No need to kill you!" Ren ran towards the artifact.

"Ren! Bewareeeee!!!!"

Kai unconsciously casted several [Cleaving Light] at him to prevent Ren from reaching the artifact. Each time his spell hits the ground, they formed small explosions that gouged the ground with craters.

"Stop casting spells, will you?!" Ren shouted at him, feeling angry.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I can't control my bodyyyy!!!"

Kai used [Air Walk] to close his distance with Ren, his body still preventing Ren's advance.

Their distance with the weird artifact is about fifty meters. At that distance, its effect on Kai is strengthened, making him start to lose control if his thoughts.

"Ren, kill me pleaaaseeeee! I can' mind's starting to break!!!"

Kai pleaded to him.

"I-I can't do that! There's no way that would be the only option!" Ren said in a strong tone.

Meanwhile, Aoi as well as Karen, Lerish, Mari and Rin rushed to the scene, and saw Kai raining down light spears on Ren.

"Kai! Stop it! Ren's not your enemy!!!" Mari shouted at them.

Kai didn't heard what she said, and he kept on using light type spells on Ren.

"Tch. Out of my way!"

Rin unsheathed her katana, and used [Blink] to teleport between Ren and Kai.


Ren muttered as he saw his childhood friend suddenly appearing in front of him and blocking Kai's sword.

"Ren! I'll deal with this idiot! Do what you have to do!"

Rin commanded him in a strong tone while looking over her shoulder.

"...Big brother!" Aoi ran towards them as she called her big brother.


Lerish used [The Tower] to find the reason why Kai is acting strange.

"Found you!"

Lerish brought her bow and quiver beforehand, and used the special arrow that Ren made for her.

"[Target: Lock]"

Concentrating her vision towards the direction of the target, she stretched the string of her bow.

"[Complex Arrow: Harq Ayrel]!"

As soon as Lerish fired the arrow, it burned with a blackish-blue blaze.

Her special-made arrow, [Complex Arrow], uses the power of [The Tower] to seek its target as long as she can see it. Also, with Ren adding the power of [The Death]'s black flames using Creation Magic, it resulted in a projectile that could deal fatal damage to its target.

The arrow of death successfully hit the artifact from a very far distance, destroying it into cinders.

When the artifact was finally destroyed, Kai stumbled on the ground as he suddenly regained control of his body.

"Kai! Ren! Are you two okay?"

Karen ran towards them as she shouted, her voice filled with worry and fear.

Ren lightly nodded his head.

"Stand up, Kai. Are you hurt?" Rin helped Kai to stand up.

"Ah, I guess...I can finally control my body." He said in a pained voice.

"Thank two didn't inflicted any injury to each other."

Karen sighed in relief as she placed her hands on her chest.

Mari walked towards the artifact and retrieved it.

"Guys, take a look."

Everyone looked at the object in Mari's hands. Its shape is like a box, with some weird symbols and gears operated by magic.

"L...L-Lumiari..." Lerish muttered in shock.

"E-Eh? No way...?"

Ren looked closer at the burned artifact, and saw a familiar sign on its charred surface.

"...Big brother..." Aoi looked at him in worry.

"Wait, there's a written letter inside."

Rin noticed a piece of paper protruding inside the box. She pulled it, and tried to read its contents.

"W-What is this? I can't understand any of it?!" Rin said in dismay.

"...Can I read it?" Aoi asked her.

"Eh? You can read it?" Rin said to her in disbelief.

"...What's written here is the dead language of the [Old Gods]. Big brother, did you already told them that I'm the Death Goddess?"

"Ah, not yet." Ren shook his head.

"...Nn. Let's see..."

Aoi began to read the letter in front of everyone.


"Huh?" Ren said in wonder.

"...The Queen of Wands...congratulates you for defeating Se'ith." Aoi told Ren in a serious tone.

"W-What does it mean?" Ren asked her, his face shows an anxious expression.

"...Even I...don't know." Aoi muttered in a sad tone.

Everyone looked at Aoi while being worried.

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