The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"It's my form of thanks to everything that you've done, so I hoped you liked it."

reku-chan desu.

Arc 9 title is a mistake, so it will be "The Great Battle called Love". The Queen of Wands will be on the tenth arc.

Here's Episode 79, senpai!

Chapter 79 (v.1) - A Maiden's Heart, and Head-on Full Attack

Submitted: February 17, 2018

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Submitted: February 17, 2018



"Ren! I love you!"

As the sun rises on the horizon, Karen suddenly confessed her feelings to me.

"All this time, I waited for this moment to say it to you! Ren, I've always loved you up until now!"

Her voice sounded like she wanted to scream, but she can't.

"U-Uh, um, uhhh..."

I'm at loss for words to say in this situation I'm facing.

"I tried my best for you to notice my feelings, but you're so dense that I almost gave up. You know how much it hurts for me that the one that I love doesn't feel the same way as I am?"

Her face became redder that it looked like steam is coming out of her cheeks.


I almost dropped the sandwich I'm holding in my hand due to shock.

" T-There's so much better men than me out there, of all people...why me?" I asked her in confusion.

The morning sun's rays on its first few minutes above the horizon shone on Karen's beautiful face that shows gentleness and kindness, making her beauty to outshine even the sun. The sight of a maiden in front of felt like I am not deserving to be sitting right beside a girl like Karen.

Karen bit her lips as she looked down.

"R-Remember what happened the day before the first day of class when we're in first year?" She asked me in a soft voice.

"N-No, sorry. I forgot about it already..."

I replied while apologizing to her. "On that day, you saved me." She spoke while letting out a faint smile.


I-I...don't remember saving Karen back then.

"Nn. At that time, I decided to end my life."

The sandwich that I'm holding fell from my hands as I looked at her in shock and surprise.

"K-Karen, wait..."

"That day, negative thoughts swirled on my mind, from all the problems that I have then."

She closed her eyes as she tried to recall the events that happened about three years ago.

"Back then the company of my family began to lose income due to the reasons I can't understand at that time. Because of that, my parents quarrelled and quarrelled to each other every day as they argue who is to blame for what happened. Their fighting continued until they decided to separate from each other."

Karen fought her urge to cry as she told me her story.

"At that time, I just graduated from elementary school as the top student in our batch. I thought, that special day would be the most memorable one for me, but it all changed to sadness when neither of them walked with me on the stage." matter how pure-hearted a person can be, there's still things one can't resolve on his or her own.

"Their sudden change really affected me. Mother, who is always calm and composed, became anxious and irritated easily, each time I did a small mistake she would always punish me greatly. Even Father, since they planned to separate, didn't come home always from work. Afterwards, they fought and fought whoever will take custody of me, who is their only daughter."

My hands gripped on my pants while listening to her story.

"'Maybe, I'm the reason why they decided to split ways', is what my mind told me."

You're only a child back then, that's why your reasoning isn't yet that reasonable.

"In the past, I read an article about a teenager that committed suicide due to personal problems. I guess it influenced me to do the same thing."

Karen smiled wryly at her story.

"One afternoon, on the day before the first day of class, three years ago...I planned to end my life. I was walking somewhere when I saw an overpass on the street, without any people at that time. I thought, 'if I jumped here, maybe my problems would jump with me', and I climbed on the handrail of the overpass."

On that day...what did I do to save her?

"When I was about to jump from the overpass, a boy suddenly appeared and said, 'Hey, what are you doing there?'."

That boy...was me?

"I got startled at your appearance that I lost balance and almost fell from the high overpass. You said to me back then, 'Hold on, don't give up!' as you pulled my hand to save me from falling."

Karen looked at me with eyes sparkling with happiness as tears stream down her eyes.

"I would never forget how you scolded me after I got off from the edge of the overpass and you brought me to a safer place. You got angry that the eggs that you bought dropped on the ground and said to me, 'What the he'll are you doing? Do you want to kill yourself?!', or something like that."

Karen laughed lightly at me.

"I said, 'Isn't it obvious? It is the only way to get rid of all my problems.'."

"I-If I'm not mistaken...I gave you a headchop. Am I right?" I said to her.

"Y-Yeah! You said to me that if I want to end my life just think of all the people who is in deep trouble more than I am. In that way, you said, you'll lose motivation to do that silly idea."

She said while smiling.

"You know what hit me hard the most? You said to me, 'If you have any problems, talk to other people, maybe your parents, your teachers, your friends or in the slightest possibility, even to me.'"

E-Ehhh...I said that to her?

"I won't forget how you smiled at me afterwards while patting my head."

Karen drew her body closer to mine as I sat beside her on the bench.

"Thank you, for saving me back then! Without you, maybe I haven't done anything to resolve everything in our family! Without you, maybe...I fell from that very high overpass, and crashed down to the road..."

Our faces becomes closer and closer every second. My heartbeat went faster as I looked at her, and then I averted my gaze.

"That's why, Ren...look at me for a sec."

I reluctantly turn my face at her, and she suddenly did a small peck on my lips.

Her soft lips touched mine for a second, but it's enough to show how much is her feelings for me.

"It's my form of thanks to everything that you've done, so I hoped you liked it." She spoke while blushing and squirming her body in embarrassment.

I slowly covered my mouth with my hand in surprise. S-Sh...S-She...k-k-kissed me...on the lips?!?!!!

"A-Ah, uhhhh..."

"D-Don't say anything for now! It's so embarrassing!!!"

Due to so much embarrassment Karen covered her face.

"K-Karen, I, um...Lerish and I..." After a few seconds, I spoke to her.

"I know. You're already engaged to each other, is what you're trying to say? It really hurts, but I understand the reason why you can't accept my love for you."

Karen said as she showed her face again and smiled brightly at me.

"Fufufu, my first confession became a failure." She chuckled.

Karen, in our school is what you call a "campus sweetheart". Everyday, she receives countless love letters from many boys, but she confronts them one by one and kindly refused their feelings for her in a way that their feelings won't be hurt.

She said it's her first time to confess to a man, and I dumped her.

"I-I'm sorry..." I apologized to her.

"It's okay. I finally said my feelings for you, so it's fine."

She stood up from the bench, and looked at behind me.

"You heard all of it, Princess?" She said while smiling.

"Eh? Princess?!" I looked over my shoulder, and I saw Lerish smiling brightly at us while standing at the door.

"Not only did I heard it, I saw that one too." Her face gives off a radiant aura, but the tone of her voice sounded like she's angry.

She walked slowly towards us.

"E-Eh, uh, ummm...Lerish, l-let me explain..."

I stood up in panic as my body trembled in fear.

"As I thought, I can't be careless when there are beautiful girls all around Ren." Lerish spoke in high spirits while crossing her arms.

N-No good...if this goes on, I will be sent again to the [End Line]!

"Karen, how much do you love Ren?" She asked her with a serious face.

"I...want to be with him as always, that I worked so hard in improving myself. I am willing to give anything to him, even my life, just to be right beside him."

Karen replied in a serious tone.

"Too bad. I want to do the same thing." Lerish said while smiling.

I took a step back when the two girls confronted each other. W-What's going on? I could see lightning forming between them!

"Ren, I have a good idea!" Lerish said to me.

"W-What is it?" I asked her. My body's feeling tensed.

Lerish turned her face at me, and spoke to me as she kept on letting out a radiant aura.

"Ren, would you also take Karen as your wife?"

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