The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Geez, Ren you pervert. Fufufu."

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Chapter 80 (v.1) - Determination And Resolve Are The Key To Win A Man's Heart

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At her words, Karen and I got stupefied.

""Eh-EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!?!?!"" Both of us screamed at the same time.

"L-L-Lerish? W-What are you saying so suddenly?!"


Karen became fidgety as her imagination became overreactive.

"Ren, you see...polygamy is a norm to the nobles of this world, so it's okay for you to marry more than one woman! Isn't that a great idea?" Lerish explained while smiling.

"N-Nobles? But I'm a commoner, you know??" I said to her.

"But we're engaged, so technically you became an unofficial member of the nobility! Don't worry about it!"

Being engaged to Lerish...I became a nobleman?! No, no, no! I should be worried about it more!!!

"Still, I'm not planning to marry more than one woman! I...I-I don't know, but it's unimaginable for me to have too many women as wives!"

The laws we had in our country back there in Earth states that bigamy is punishable by law. I wanted to have a clean record, that's why it's totally out of the question for me to marry more than one woman.

"Ren, do you hate her?" Lerish asked me.

"N-No. Not even once. There's no reason to hate a girl like her."

Karen...she's been genuinely kind to everyone even before we became classmates. Maybe I'm attracted to cute girls like her, but I'm amazed on how she treats other people as if they are members of her family, no matter what are their motives for her. I'm afraid, that they might abuse her kindness, and use her for personal gain.

If by chance I would marry her, I don't know if I have the ability to protect her from such people.

"Then there isn't a reason to refuse, right?" Lerish said to me.

Lerish...did you got those words from your father?

I looked at Karen, who became silent due to embarrassment. The wind blowing softly through her hair made it look like she's an enchantress or something.

"We are both saved by you at one point in our lives, that's why I thought...maybe we can get along well with each other."

Lerish walked slowly towards me, and she clung onto my left arm.


"Besides, I love the competition."


"I wanted to be friends with Karen, at the same time, I don't want to lose to her. Just like her, I'm doing my best to improve myself."

In these past few days that we're together...I always saw her learning new things with great effort. Every day, she kept on improving and improving herself that I sometimes caught myself smiling unconsciously when I look at her.

"You noticed it right now? I can now cling myself to you without being embarrassed. Hehe." She said as she rubbed her cheek at my shoulder.

Yeah, I noticed that you became shameless lately, so sometimes I'm getting scared at you.

", those things...I could feel them..."

Inside my mind, I'm crying right now. I don't know what to do, my arm being pressed against her chest as she clings to me.

"Geez, Ren you pervert. Fufufu."

She said jokingly as she continued to treat my arm like a stuffed toy.

Karen became shocked at Lerish's strange actions. She didn't expected that a princess like Lerish could be so daring, and the two of us looked like we're flirting in front of her.

"Lerish, my arm hurts now, so..."

"Ah, hehe. Sorry." Lerish slowly separated herself from me when I requested her to stop clinging on my arm.

Meanwhile, Karen looked at us with a serious expression. Her hand trembled as she reached out to me.

"So, what do you think? Are you willing to marry her?" Lerish asked me.

"I-I'm not ready yet for those things, so I don't know what to answer right now."

I spoke timidly at her.

"But, the only thing that I know right now is that, I want to protect Karen. I want to make her happy not as a classmate, but as a friend and as a man."

Then, with determination and resolve I spoke out my feelings.

"K-Karen...I know it's too unexpected, but please take care of me from now on..." I said to Karen as I looked away from her.

Karen, at that instant suddenly leapt towards me, and hugged my right arm just like what Lerish did.

"Nn! I'll take care of you as always!" She happily hugged my arm as tears flow from her eyes.

I always wonder to myself, am I always being so easy when it comes to girls? If I can't resolve this problem, it would cause great trouble in the future for me.

"Congratulations! From now on, we're comrades, so let's do our best to make Ren happy!" Lerish said to her in high spirits.

"N-Nn!" Karen wiped the tears from her eyes, and she nodded happily while smiling at Lerish.


Because of Lerish's instigation, Karen suddenly became my 'girlfriend'. It's different from Lerish who is my 'friend', because Lerish is the official one.

Friend>Girlfriend? I'm really confused right now.

Well, what's important is the three of us gets along well with each other.

"Come to think of it, even though it became like this, it's still not official." Lerish said as we walked back inside the inn.

"Y-Yeah. Somehow it makes me feel relieved." I said to her.

Karen, who's still hugging my arm, glared at me with a "Fuuu...".

"That's why it's a really perfect timing that Father suddenly came here all the way from the palace!"

At Lerish's words, my feet stopped walking. T-The here?

"Karen, don't worry...Father can make your engagement become official!"

Karen then looked at me with sparkling eyes.

If this is a dream...I don't know if I should sleep forever or wake up.

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