The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Don't tell me, you're..."

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Here's Episode 81,senpai...zzzzz

Chapter 81 (v.1) - Meeting the King, and the State of Affairs

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Submitted: February 19, 2018



"Shall we go there faster? Father is waiting for us."

Lerish, who is walking beside us tells us to hurry up. Well, how can I walk faster if there's someone clinging on my arm?

"W-Why did the King came all the way here?" I asked her.

"Saa. Who knows?" She replied as she slowly opened the door of the room where my classmates are.

As soon as Lerish opened the door, I saw again the faces of my classmates after a long time. Each of them looked at me as if they're still not sure whether I'm real or not.

"Y-Yo..." I timidly greeted them as I slowly raised my hand.

I don't know what will be their reaction are, but I hope they weren't mad at me.

"It's been a while, Ren." James said in a serious tone.

"Ah. It is." I replied while smiling wryly.

"Hey Ren, don't freak us out! We almost gave you a memorial, you know?" Iza said to me in an angry manner.

"M-My bad. I'm sorry."

Each of them then voiced out their complaints at me.

"Okay, okay, I got it! I'm really sorry for hiding away from you guys, so please forgive me now...okay?"

I apologized to them while bowing my head.

"Welcome back, Ren." Mari spoke to me.

"Nn. Thanks, Mari."

Mari smiled a little at my words.

"Ren, I'm glad that you're safe."

At the corner of the room, I saw His Majesty the King of Narashel standing while facing me as he smiled. Beside him, is Lerish's personal guard Granz, who is currently glaring at me with angry eyes.

If you're angry because we suddenly went to Sadari, blame your master.

"W-What brings you here, Your Majesty?"

I asked him while trying my best not to sound rude in front of the King.

"Hmmm...I got a report from Granz that the three of you suddenly disappeared without informing the knights beforehand. I was so worried, for I also got a report that a calamity happened here in Sadari, that's why I came here."

The King explained.

"Good thing, the so-called [Promised Ones] came, and defeated the demonkin forces. Now that I finally met you in person, I'm so glad. Hahahahaha!" He said while laughing.

My classmates just looked away from him, feeling guilty that they got knocked out by Se'ith.

"As gratitude, reward will be given to everyone for the successful campaign against the forces of evil and darkness." When he said the word 'reward', everyone's mood got brightened up.

"Also, to the adventurer trio [Spectre], each one of you will be promoted by two ranks, and you will receive 10 orichalcum as a reward."

Everyone's eyes looked at Lerish and I, who became shocked as well. They began to whisper words like, "Adventurer...trio?" and "Unfair! Why do they have to get 10 orichalcum for themselves?!"

"...Reward?" Aoi suddenly came from somewhere and hurried running towards our side.

"Ah, Death Goddess. It's been an honor to meet you again." The King bowed his head to Aoi when he saw her.

'D-Death...Goddess?' Everyone's became at loss for words again.

They didn't knew that the little girl snuggling right beside me is a being g much, much more powerful than the King.

"...Big brother! I heard that we will be promoted in the guild! Is that true?" Aoi asked me.

"Uh, yeah. We'll be promoted by two ranks, so we can take high-risk missions in the future." I replied to her.

Aoi hopped and hopped happily towards the King while saying "Yeeeeeeyyyy!!!".

My classmates, who began to fear Aoi looked at her in a confused state. What, you haven't seen a little girl hopping around in joy before?

" she...a real goddess?" James asked me.

"Yeah. Even I didn't believed it at first, but she almost killed me so I instantly believed her afterwards." I said while smiling wryly.

Then, they began to spout things like "What kind of experiences did he accumulated since he disappeared?" and "Curse you for having a cute goddess as a sister! Explode already!"

It feels uncomfortable to stay here even longer.

"Lerish, I believe that you have some important things to say to me."

"Y-Yes, Your Majesty. I will provide a report about the situation in Sadari immediately." Lerish said in a serious tone.

"Hmm...very well." The King nodded slowly.

The King walked slowly towards us who is standing on the door and patted my shoulder as he looked at me with a happy expression.

"What's with the girl behind you?" He asked me.

"Huh?" I looked behind, and I saw Karen pulling the hem of my shirt.

"Don't tell me, you're..."

"T-That's not it, Your Majesty! Even though it became like that suddenly, I, um, uhhh..."

I began to stutter my words in front of the King.

Lerish walked towards the King and whispered something to him. After a few seconds, he looked at me with sparkling eyes.

"There's no problem with you marrying two girls at the same time! Ren, I support your engagement with that beautiful girl!"


Karen and I looked at him in shock when he began to grab my hands and started shaking them.

Everyone became petrified in shock as they continuously receive attacks of surprise from me and the King.

" already engaged?!" Iza shouted in surprise and wonder.

Karen just nodded slightly at her words. Iza then covered her mouth in shock, and after a while she began to scream "Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

The girls of the class began to "Kyaaaaaa" as well, and the room became too noisy suddenly.

The boys, er, they began to stare at me with dagger looks. As I thought, they're really angry at me.

"You bastard Ren! Not only you have a cute goddess as a little sister, you also have a princess and Karen as your fiancees! Go explode already!" Mark suddenly shouted at me while raising his fist.

"Yeah, I'm so envious that I want to drown you with my water magic!" Ike added while resisting the urge to punch me.

I haven't done anything wrong to them, but being surrounded by beautiful girls they looked at me as if I'm a criminal.


I glanced at Rin, who hasn't said any word since earlier. She stood up from her chair, and looked at me with serious eyes.

"Ren. Can I have a request from you?" She said in a soft voice.

"Ah, eh?"

I got startled at her.

She aimed her vision towards Aoi, then Lerish, then Karen and lastly, me.

"Ren...let's have a duel."

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