The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"But we only did that when we're just kids!"

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Here's Episode 82, senpai!

Chapter 82 (v.1) - Let's Have A Duel, Shall We?

Submitted: February 20, 2018

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Submitted: February 20, 2018



A...A-A duel?

Rin, who looked at me with a straight face, suddenly requested a duel with me.

"W-W-Wait, what are you saying all of a sudden?!"

I asked her, feeling confused with the sudden turn of events.

Is she still angry at me all this time? I don't really know.

The King, who stood beside me and Lerish raised his eyebrow while looking at Rin.

"I just want to settle things between us, once and for all." Rin said.

No good. With the tone of her voice I did something to make her really angry again.

"Uh, can you tell me what's going on here?" The King asked everyone.

"F-Father, it all happened like this..." Lerish said before whispering something to him.

The King listened to Lerish as they whisper to each other. Sometimes the King nods while grinning at me. What the hell.

"Oh, right. Ren, haven't you heard about 'The Day of Disputes'?"

The King asked me after listening to whatever Lerish said to him.

"N-No..." I replied.

"It is a yearly event in which, all disputes between the citizens are settled through duels, fighting and rioting around. Actually, it s celebrated today here in Narashel." He explained.

W-Why would they celebrate such a thing? I thought all of them are nice people, but deep inside they're all crazy.

"All disputes, no matter how big or small it is, must be resolved in some way or another. It may sound crazy to people like you, but we do this every year so that, everyone could live together again in peace without any hard feelings towards each other." The King said.

"You heard him, Ren? Let's celebrate with this."

Rin presented to me her katana as she lets out a cramped smile. "Y-Your Majesty?! Do something about this?!"

I said to the King in panic.

"Hmmm...from what I heard earlier from Lerish, you did something really bad to her." He said while thinking of something.

Eh? Lerish what did you just said to the King?!

"You can settle things outside. I won't interfere." He said.

It's just a hunch, but it seems that the King is enjoying the situation.

"Let's go then, we have to settle this as quick as possible!"

Rin pulled my clothes as she drag me outside.

I, too wants to settle whatever dispute we have between us.


Just outside the inn, in the middle of a partly destroyed ghost town, Rin and I stood while facing each other. Everyone, including the King, watched us at a distance. I would appreciate it if you guys help stop Rin for doing something so unreasonable again.

"What's the matter, you got your tail tucked between your legs?" Rin said jokingly to me.

"Rin, can we settle this in a peaceful way?" I asked her while feeling tensed.

"We always settle things between us in this way, right?" She said.

"But we only did that when we're just kids!" I shouted.

When we're just kids, we often watched action movies together, and got hooked with the cool fighting scenes. Because of that, our playtime became a sparring session. We are always scolded by our parents each time we go home with wounds, scratches and bruises on our arms and hands.

"Ever since we're kids you haven't won a single fight with me. That's why..."

She slowly unsheathed her sword.

"I have Ivan remove the edge of my katana. Don't worry, it won't cut the flesh, but it's enough to break your bones." Rin spoke in a serious tone.

"S-Spare me from that. My body became dust just recently, you know?" I retorted.

"Eehhhh...then this will be quicker than expected."

Rin...she's really fired up.

"We'll just settle things, right? Then I'll concede. I don't want to fight you."

I said as I turned my back to her.

"You can't!" Rin drew her blade, and pointed at my nape.

"Don't be a coward! Is that what you want to show to Lerish and Karen, huh?" She said in anger.

I looked at them, and I saw their faces filled with worry, but chose to not interfere with our duel.

"How can you protect them with that attitude? Especially that little girl, do you think she would be happy seeing her big brother running away like a coward?"

Aoi...she tried to run towards me but she was stopped by Lerish. Aoi became reluctant at first, but she consented while looking at me with teary eyes.

I turned myself towards Rin, and looked at her with a serious face.

"I'm sorry for being like this."

I apologized to Rin.

"I'm sorry for being a friend that doesn't meet your expectations." I said while bowing my head to her

"W-W-What are you saying?!" Rin got startled at my actions.

"Rin, I may not be as brave and bold as you are, but I won't let you make fun of my resolve."

There are better ways to settle whatever is between us, it's just that she prefers to use her hands instead of her head.

"Then come at me. You think I will be scared because you got some kind of unknown magic?" Rin taunted.

'Haaaaaahhh...' I sighed because my childhood friend don't listen to me.

"Then I have no choice but to do this just like when we're just little children."

"Oh, memories. It's been a while since the last time I made you cry." Rin said jokingly while smiling.

I also smiled at her, and I summoned Nadir in my hands. The black sword burned with a black and blue blaze, different from its usual pitch black color. I then pointed the blade at her neck while grinning.

"Then, shall we begin?"

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