The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

"The duel will begin in five...four...three..."

reku-chan desu.

2000+ total reads! Thank you very much, everyone! I hope you continue to support my novel up to the end!

Here's Episode 83, senpai!

Chapter 83 (v.1) - Like Children Fighting Each Other

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



"Then, shall we begin?"

With a wide grin, I said those words to Rin.

"By the way, you can't use that sword."

Rin said in a serious tone.

"Eh? Why not?" I asked her.

"Are you an idiot? Just take a look at the sword that you're holding!"

W-Well, I think she's right. No matter where you look, using Nadir in a duel like this would make the duel look one-sided in favor of me.

"I already asked Ivan to make a special sword for you. Ivan, please."

Ivan walked while handing to me an ordinary-looking sword.

"If you made my Rin cry I'll rain down swords and spears at you, remember that!" Ivan threatened me before returning to where my classmates are. What the hell are you saying?

I take a closer look at the sword. It's really just an ordinary sword, with the edge removed for it to not cut the opponent's flesh. I swing it a few times to check its weight, and I found out that it's a bit lighter than Nadir.

If it's Rin that I'm fighting with, I need to prioritize speed over damage output.

"With this, I'm ready." I said to her.

"Can we add some conditions before we start?" Rin asked me.

"I-It's fine with me, I suppose."

I agreed to her suggestion.

"If I win, I'll have you wear men's clothes for a week."

I glanced at Lerish from a distance, and I saw her whistling while averting her gaze to me. Earlier, she told me that the reason she is wearing a man's clothes on that day that we first met each other is that, she's planning to go to another country in disguise.

"I still won't forget the humiliation that I had in grade six when I got dressed up as a girl. That's why, I'll win this time!" I said with burning determination and resolve.

Once, I lost to her when we did a punching challenge and as a punishment I had to crossdress as a girl and join a pageant in our school as the representative of our section.

" were so cute back then, you know? I still have a picture of you in that pink dress!" Rin said to me jokingly.

"S-Shut up!" I shouted in embarrassment.

" got flustered so easily...okay, fine. I accept your condition, but if I win you have to do whatever I will say to you. Is that okay?"


I simply nodded at her.

"Then we're set." Rin said while letting out a faint smile.


The King became the referee for this duel. While standing proudly between Rin and I, he tells the rules and regulations for us to follow.

"The objective of this duel is to knock down your opponent or have any one of you touch the outside of the boundary circle. Magic is allowed, as long as it is not offensive type. In case there is an injury, this girl over here will take care of you. Understood?" The King explained to us while looking at Karen.

""Hah!"" Rin and I replied in affirmation.

"Then, good luck to both of you. I hope that after this, the two of you will still be in good terms with each other." The King spoke in a gentle tone.

Rin and I looked into each other's eyes. When she met my gaze, her cheeks blushed. Still, her facial expression shows that she is eager to win, and prepares for a quick attack as she makes a quick draw stance with her body.

"The duel will begin in five...four...three..."

I also held the handle of the sword hanging on my waist, wbd did the same stance as her.

" Go!"

At the King's signal, Rin and I dashed towards each other with our swords pointed at our opponent's eyes. Our swords cross, and sparks flew from the impact.

"Oh, you got better reflexes, huh?" Rin praised me as she presses down my sword.

"Is that so? Thanks. You too became better."

I quickly took a step back before she could use the gravity to push my sword down.

"I'll end this quickly, so here I come! [Four Killing Wasps]!"

Rin followed me, and with her sword she did four thrusts of her blade to me, aiming at my vital points.

"Tch." I muttered as I created an earth wall using [The Magician] to block her spear-like thrusts.

"Heyyyy! That's cheating!!!" Rin shouted as she glared at me.

"As long as it's not offensive type magic, I'm still adhering to the rules of this duel!" I replied to her.

"Ren, you..." She gritted her teeth in anger.

"I won't let you run away!"

Using her dull sword, she cut the wall into two as if it was made of tofu.

"W-Whaaa--?!" I said in surprise at her.

"Do you think that I won't cut it with this sword of mine? I'm being underestimated, I guess?"

She prepared for another quick draw, and looked at me with eyes filled with killing intent.

"My turn!"

Rin used [Blink] and suddenly teleported behind me.


I quickly turn myself to parry her downward slash. Rin got surprised, and she attempts to attack me from the side in a rapid succession.

"Don't underestimate me also!" I said as I continue to block her attacks.

At the instant that she made an opening, I will instantly press for an attack. With her fast-paced attacks, it is difficult to look for an opening.


Inside my mind, I made a map of the place with the current location of Rin included. With her movement that is fastest among my classmates, it's important for me to at least know her location and anticipate her sudden attacks.

I won't lose this time, for I have Arcanas with me!

Everyone watched us while feeling tensed, each of them is bewildered at our display of skill and technique.

"Amazing, you can keep up with my attacks!" Rin said to me.

"Then move faster until I can't keep up!" I replied to her.

Rin grinned, and her attacks became faster just like what I said.

"You wished for it, Ren. I can go faster than your expectations."

"Then I have no choice but to use this!"

Using [The Magician], I created air currents to block her sword and aid in my movement. Each time she makes an attack it collides with the barrier of wind, causing her attacks to become slower.

Her sword's aerodynamics can cut through the wind pressure, but I made it so that it gives her the feeling of hitting a solid wall each time she attacks.

"Hhrrrgghhh...this wind, if only I can use [Flash Butterfly] this battle will end in a blink of an eye!"

Now, with the power of the wind I rain down attacks at her. Rin takes a step back each time our swords cross.

"I won't let you have your way!"

She used [Blink] again, and this time she went to my right.

"I already can see through you!" I made an upward slanting slash at her as she prepares for a side slash aimed at my back.

I wonder, when did my reflexes became this good?

"Nhaaaa--?!" With my attack she broke her stance, and she fell to the ground.

While she's still sitting on the ground, I pointed my sword at her forehead.

"What are you waiting for? End my life now." She said in a serious tone, her face looks at me with rage in her eyes.

"Rin...why? Why are you being so reckless? What drives you to go to such lengths?" I asked her in worry.

Even though in this duel she's my opponent, she's still my best friend that is always by my side since we're children.

"I...I love you too, you know?" Rin spoke in a soft voice as she looks down at the ground.


My eyes widened in shock due to the sudden turn of events. Everyone too, they gasped their breaths in surprise.

"Fuuu, that's why...I won't let myself lose to you!"

With a grin she quickly stood up, and launches a straight punch at me with her right fist.

My reflexes got impaired at her words, and her fist hits my face.

Due to the force of her blow, I flew a few meters away from her and fell to the ground head first.

Before I lose my consciousness, I remembered having Lerish do the same thing to me.

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