The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"That's why I'm here for you, right? Because you're hopeless."

reku-chan desu.

Thanks everyone! I will do my best to not betray your expectations!

Here's Episode 84, senpai!

Chapter 84 (v.1) - You Lose!

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018




I woke up, and I realized that I am inside my room again.

"I...lost, huh?"

I stood up as I looked at the window. It's already late afternoon.

"Maybe, I became conceited too much because of my Arcanas."

I muttered as I let out a deep sigh.

Rin was right. I underestimated her. No wonder she calls me an idiot.

"Now that I lost to Rin, I have to do whatever she says. Man, this is troublesome."

If it's Rin, she will give me an unreasonable consequence again just like always. Hhhhhrrgghh, why can't I win to her?!

As I wracked my brain to think of what she would give to me, someone knocked the door.

"C-Come in." I nervously said to the person behind the door.

"P-Pardon my intrusion..."

The door opened, and I saw Rin acting fidgety as she enters the room.

"E-Etto...are you okay? Does your body hurt somewhere?" She said to me in worry.

"A-Ah...Nn." I nodded.

It's funny that you're asking me if I'm okay when you're the one who punched me in the face.

"I-I'm sorry for punching you in the face..." Rin spoke in a tone filled with guilt and regret.

"Don't mind it. I'm used to getting beaten up by you since we're kids."

When I said that, her cheeks became red. She averted her gaze from me, and her arms became more fidgety.

"D-Do you hate it? Getting defeated always by me?" She asked.


I timidly nodded at her.

"I hate it. I hate it so much that I don't know anymore if I can ever win against you." I replied.

Sports, academics, social life. There was never an opportunity for me to rise above her in those aspects. It seems that, at some point in life it became a goal for me to defeat her even for just once.

Rin clenched her fists when she heard that.

"You...already defeated me long ago." She spoke in a soft voice.


"Didn't I told you earlier? I loved you all this time.." She said with her cheeks blushing.

"E-EEEEHHH?! R-Rin...are you serious?!"

I took a step back from her.

"Why did you think that I'm joking?!" She shouted in an angry tone.

"B-Because if it's you, you're just teasing me, right?"

When I said that, her teeth gritted in anger and her hand raised like she's about to punch me again.

A-Aree? Am I really wrong?

"R-Rin..." Dumbfounded, I called her name.

Her face shows an angry expression, but her eyes looked like she's embarrassed.

"Ever since we're've been nice to me, even if I always take you for granted."

She said while looking down.

"You always get mad at me for making fun of you, but you never get tired of being with me always."

"It's because of that promise that I can't leave you behind." I said.

That promise...I broke it when I escaped from Arteim.

"Yeah. As expected, you always keep your promises." She lets out a faint smile.

"Er, leaving that aside...about the punishment..."

I spoke as I try to change the subject.

"A-Ah, um, wait a moment." She said as she searches something in her pocket.

After a while, in her a piece of paper.

"Please sign this."

"Hm?" I snatched the paper from her and read the contents.

"{...I, Ren Mortel, promise that in ten years I will marry my bestest friend, Rin Ricafort, and...}"

I stopped reading what's on the paper.


I checked whether she just made it up, but I noticed that the handwriting is too familiar to me. T-This...this is my handwriting!

"Y-You don't remember? You gave it on my eighth birthday. I was so touched at that time that I kept it with me always since then."

She said in a shy manner.

"D-Did I really wrote this?" I asked her out of confusion.

"A-As you can see, your handwriting hasn't changed at all."

No good. I always thought that my handwriting could cause me trouble in the future, but I never imagined it this way.

I fell on my knees. I'm done. I'm really done for.

"Still, you lost, that's why you have to sign it!" She said while crossing her arms.

I looked at the paper in my hands. What have you done, eight years old me?

"But...if you don't want to sign it, it's okay."

She said in a sad tone.

"You already have Lerish and Karen, right? I thought...I'm being left behind by them, that's why even though it's reckless, I pushed my luck in confessing my feelings to you."

"Thus, the duel."

She nodded.

'What to do?' I muttered to myself. Even though she's like that, Rin is a nice and caring girl in reality.

"T-Truth be told, I had this small crush on you. Maybe that's the reason why I wrote this."

Crap. It's a secret, but it doesn't matter now.

"Thanks for being with me as always." I expressed my gratitude to her.

When I said that, she became flustered.

"I'm a hopeless person so if you're fine with that, then..."

"That's why I'm here for you, right? Because you're hopeless."



We both laughed like crazy.

I created a small black flame in my finger, and formed a ':)', using the flame as ink when it touched the paper.

"With this, we're settled?" I asked her as I return the paper to her.

"Yeah. We still have three more years, so I'm looking forward to it." She happily accepted the paper from me.

I only let out a cramped smile at her.

"I wonder how would they feel about this situation."

"I asked them beforehand, and they said it's fine with them."

With the three of them...I don't know what to say anymore.

"But, it seems that your sister is upset." She said in a worried tone.

"Ah, I forgot to talk to Aoi about this!!!"

I said as I put my hands on my head.

"She's still playing outside. Go!" Rin said while looking at the window.

"Ah. Thanks!" I said as I ran towards the door.

If it's Aoi, anger equals death, that's why I need to explain things to her as soon as possible!

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