The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Do you want to make them happy?"

reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 85, senpai!

Chapter 85 (v.1) - Asking Guidance From A Death Goddess

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Submitted: February 23, 2018



Aoi is upset, Rin said to me earlier.

As I ran outside, three knives flew towards me.

"W-What the--?"

I evaded the trajectory of the knives, and they hit a nearby wall beside me.

"W-Who is there?!" I shouted.

What's the reason for doing such a thing? Let's find out.

At my words, a girl with her hair styled into a braid appeared from behind a tree.

"C-Claire?! Why did you do that?"

Being the shy and docile one in our class, I can't think of a reason for her to throw knives at me.

"Ren Mortel! You will explain things to us!"

Then suddenly, most of my female classmates appeared one by one around me. They all looked at me as if I'm a criminal. "Explain how did you became a three-timing harem bastard!"

Iza said as she glared at me with her hands in front of her. In her hands, a small magic circle appeared, and condensed to form a box.

Wait, did she just called me a three-timing harem bastard?!

"If you won't tell us, I'll trap you inside my [Treasurebox], you hear that?"

This little girl in front of me threatened me as if she's some big shot in a Mafia group.

"How would I know? I-I didn't even imagined it to happen in the first place!"

I said as I shook my arms in panic while walking backwards away from them..

"We would acknowledge it if it's only Rin, but my Karen, oh my Karen..."

Iza's movements became that of an opera actress as she speak, her hand placed on her forehead as she twisted her body.

"Not only that, he got even the Princess of Narashel!" Edna added.

The girls nodded at her words.

"Ren, tell us, is the reason why you said you don't have any abilities is that, to hide the fact that you got a seduction ability?"

Leah asked me as she crossed her arms.

"Hell no! Why did you think that I have that kind of ability?!"

Each one of them keeps their distances away from me.

"W-Why are you staying away from me?!" I asked them.

"We're just making sure that you won't use your seduction abilities at us!"

"Y-Yeah, Ren p-pervert!"

Iza and Eina, as well as the other girls scowled at me.

I'm tired of these false accusations.

"I'm sorry, but I have to talk to my little sister. Please excuse me."

I said as I walked back away from them.

"You can't! You need to explain everything to us!!!"

They tried to stop me, but I ran before they could catch me.

As I ran away from them, I saw Aoi walking alone towards the destroyed forest.


When I called her name, she looked over her shoulder, and became surprised when she saw me running towards her.

"...Big brother?"

"Come here, quick!"

I grabbed her hand and we ran inside the forest. Aoi's face looks dumbfounded due to my actions.

We ran and ran until I couldn't sense signs of any of my classmates nearby.

We're in the middle of a forest filled with lush vegetation and detritus.

" seems that they gave up on chasing me..."

I sighed as I looked at the magic circle radar in the palm of my hand.

"...Haa, haa...big brother, why are we running?" While panting, she asked me.

"I'm sorry, Aoi." I apologized to her.

I then gave her a brief summary of what happened up until now.

"...That's why they chased after you, big brother?" She asked me while tilting her head.


I said while letting out a wry smile.

Aoi pouted her lips as she looked at me.

"...Muuu, big brother you haven't talked to me about that..."

"I know. That's the reason why I want to talk to you about my situation with the girls..."

She looked all around while thinking of something, then she looked again at me.

"...It's fine for me even if big brother has his hands full of beautiful women, but can you make them all happy?" Aoi asked me.

"I...I don't know." I answered.

I'm still not mature as a man, so I'm not sure on what to do next.

"...Do you want to make them happy?" Aoi asked again.

"Y-Yeah. Even up to my last breath I'll do my best to make them all happy." I said to her.

It's not that I want them all for myself. If by chance there's a better man for them then maybe I'll give way.

Especially Aoi, I want her to feel and experience happiness the most.

"...Big brother, don't pressure yourself too much."

She said in a gentle tone.

"...Even I, just only want you to be at my side always. For me that's enough."

Aoi held my hand as she speak.

"...Those two girls missed you so much. It's fine if you talk to them more for now."

He kind gaze makes me want to hug her right now.

"...But you must not forget about me, okay?"

"Okay, okay. I won't."

I said while patting and stroking her head.

"You talk like an older sister right now." I said to her jokingly.

"...Of course, I'm so much older than you big brother, remember?" She said while smiling.


We decided to return afterwards. Aoi kept on holding my hand as we walked.

"...Come to think of it big brother, what's your answer to them?" Aoi asked me again after a while.

"Hmm? Answer to what?"

Confused, I asked her.

"...Big brother...I'm asking whether you've answered their feelings for you."

"Ah, um, I haven't up until now." I replied.

In the first place they haven't asked me at all about my feelings.

"I'm still not sure about this matter, so let's just leave it for now."

I said as to dodge the subject.

"...Uh, okay."

Aoi simply nodded.

"Let's hurry before it gets dark."


As we continue to walk, we noticed some weird presences around us.


"...I know, big brother."

I asked Aoi if she noticed it too, and she did as well. The two of us became vigilant as we looked all around.

"Is Iza and the others spying on us?"

I said as I activate the holographic map in front of me.

"T-Too many..." I muttered.

If it's the girls, the number of people surrounding us should be seven. Right now, we're being surrounded by 50 people.

"Are they...demonkin?" I asked Aoi.

"...No. I couldn't sense any murky life forces in them." She said in a serious tone.

"If they're not demons, then who are they?"

When I said that, men in white robes appear one by one, until they firmed a circle around us.

"C-Could it be, they're..."

"...Nn. They are."

Then, a man with a sturdy build suddenly appeared in front of us. He's wearing a mask that looked like a boar's face.

"Greetings, Death Goddess. I've come to deliver to you a warning."

The mysterious man said in a lighthearted tone.

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