The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"You can't drink liquor as long as I'm your brother."

reku-chan desu.

It's just 10 in the morning and I'm already tired. Hahaha.

Here's Episode 88, senpai!

Chapter 88 (v.1) - Cheers!

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



I woke up the next morning. As I open my eyes, I saw Aoi looking at me as she smiled brightly.

"...Good morning, big brother!" She said happily.

It's unusual that she woke up before me. There must be a reason why.

"Uhhhh...good morning Aoi..." I also greeted her, but I'm still feeling sleepy right now.

"Give me some more minutes of sleep, okay?" I said to her lazily as I turn my body face down on the bed.

"...Muuu, big brother it's already late! Breakfast is already served!"

She spoke to me in a scolding manner as she shakes my body. I turn my body again while facing her, and yawned.

"Sorry, sorry. I'll get up now."

While apologizing to her, I stood up from the bed. I stretched my muscles for a bit, and I noticed a strange sensation in my body.

"...What's the matter, big brother?" Aoi asked me when she noticed that I abruptly stopped my movements for a while.

" body feels so light." I said in wonder as I looked at my hands in front of me.

The body pain that I'm feeling since yesterday is totally relieved now like it never happened.

"...Then you're getting well, big brother. I'm relieved." Aoi said in a gentle tone.

"Let's leave that matter for now. Saa, let's go!"

As we go outside the room, the strange sensation I'm feeling right now keeps on bugging me.


Aoi and I entered the hall, and we saw my classmates sitting around a very large table, and plenty of food on it. Everyone looked at us with a faint smile on their lips.

Wait, how did they prepared such amount of dishes in a short period of time?

"Everyone's waiting for you, Ren. Hurry up before the food gets cold."

Lerish said as she invited me to the table.

"Ah, sorry if I made you guys wait." I said.

Aoi and I sat on the vacant seats in a hurry.

Sitting beside me on both sides, were Aoi and Lerish. Rin and Karen had to sit beside Aoi due to some reasons.

"Now that everyone's here let's start the celebration."

The King, who is sitting at the head of the table, stood up and raised a glass.

We also stood up and raised our glasses.

"To make things simple I would like to thank everyone for doing their best to save Sadari and in preventing the advance of demonkin forces. Without your help, the damage in Sadari would be more than this, and Duke Gorez' death would still be unsolved." He said while smiling at us.

About the matter with Duke Gorez, Lerish reported everything we found to the King. At first he didn't believed it, but because of Aoi he finally believed us. In the end he believed us out of fear of her.

"Also, this is celebrate the engagement of my daughter and First Princess, Princess Lerish Relia Narashel, and that lucky bastard over there. Cheers!"

He said as he grinned at me. What the heck, as usual he doesn't act like a king. Also, can he stop calling me a 'lucky bastard'?!

At his signal, we let each of our glasses touch with a clink, and everyone drank the wine on our glasses.

In this world you're officially an adult if you reached the age of fifteen, so it is okay for us here to drink wine, I think. Aoi however, I made her drink juice instead.

"...But big brother, I'm older than all of you combined!" She grumbled.

"You can't drink liquor as long as I'm your brother."

I said to her in a strong tone.

When she heard that, she just nodded reluctantly and just sipped the juice in silence.

I can't explain the taste of the wine, because it's my first time to drink liquor in my whole life. One thing is for sure, I have low tolerance for alcohol.

"What are you waiting for, dig in!" The King beckoned us to eat in a very informal manner. I looked at Lerish, and she just shrugged her shoulders, implying that if it's the King then we can't do anything about it.

And so we began to eat. There are different kinds of meat as well as many salads, cakes and other sumptuous delicacies native here in Narashel. There are also candied apples placed at the center of the table, maybe it's Lerish has something to do with it.

"Ah, Ren...sorry for what I said last night." James apologized to me as we eat.

"Nn. I'm sorry too as well." I also apologized.

"Hey, don't make the atmosphere feel bad! Let's enjoy!!!" Iza spoke to us Iin high spirits as her small body sway to and fro. Hey, did you drank more wine?!

"Ren, say 'Aaaaaaahhhh'..."

Lerish puts her spoon near my mouth.

"No way I'll do that in front of everyone!" I flatly refused.

When I said that, the King glared at me while raising his eyebrows, saying that he'll give me a punishment if I didn't let Lerish feed me using her spoon. Do I have any choice but to do it?

"Ahhhhhhh..." I slowly opened my mouth as I let fate take its course.

It really is embarrassing to do such a lovey-dovey thing in public! Well, It's not that I hate it though.

Karen, upon seeing that also placed her spoon near my mouth.

"Can it too?" She asked while being shy.

I looked at the King, and he waved his hand saying that it's fine. The King has left me behind in the fray.

I also put her spoon into my mouth. Somehow it felt like she's feeding me like a mother would do to her child.

"Ah, Ren, try this as well..." Rin, upon seeing the two feeding g me using their spoons, poked a piece of cake and with her fork and held it in front of me.

"Rin, that's..."

"We always do this, right? There's no way I would waste such an opportunity!" She said in high spirits.

It's true that we share food often, but in a way like this...

Well, it's too late now to say it. I took a small bite into the cake that she's holding.

"'Food tastes better when shared', is what you said, right?" Rin said as she ate the remainder of the slice.

I glanced at my classmates, and they released cold gazes at me. Even Aoi, her eyes looked angry as she pouted her lips.

"Aoi, you want to do it also?" I asked her.

She's holding a spoon in a way that she wants to spoon feed me also.

"...Nn." She nodded.

I let her do it.

Each of them looked so happy afterwards that even after eating they still held onto their spoons and fork.

If being spoonfed by four girls is the price of wanting to protect their smiles, then I have no choice but to endure the embarrassment, is what I told to myself.

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