The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Just how many abilities did you got since you separated from us, huh?"

reku-chan desu.

I already have the draft for Episodes 144-150, that's why I can still post everyday at this rate.

Here's Episode 89, senpai!

Chapter 89 (v.1) - Restore and Change

Submitted: February 27, 2018

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Submitted: February 27, 2018



"Oh. Seems that they'll arrive anytime today."

The King muttered after everyone finished eating.

"Everyone come outside, let's fix things up!" He said in a happy tone.


All of the residents living near the forest here in Sadari were evacuated to the nearby town of Zabem by the combined forces of Arandel and Narashel. Today is the expected day of their return so while we are waiting for them I decided to fix some structures that needs minimal to moderate amount of repair using Creation Magic.

"Seal this hole over there and okay, we're done with this house." I muttered to myself while brushing the dust off my hands.

There are so many pieces of broken structures scattered around the area, so I find it somewhat easy to do the task. Depending on the damage, it would take me about five to ten minutes to fix a house. However, I don't know what to do about the houses that got completely destroyed by Aoi and Se'ith's rampage. I can build them from scratch, but I have no idea what those structures looked like before they were destroyed, and it will be time-consuming.

"Wooooow, it's so amazing Ren! It looks like it's brand new!"

Lerish said in astonishment as she looked at a house that I just finished fixing with sparkling eyes.

"I-Is that so? Well, you guided me in reproducing the design of the houses here in Narashel, so I guess it went well. Thanks for the help!"

I said to her while smiling wryly. Lerish, blushed lightly when I expressed my thanks to her.

"Just how many abilities did you got since you separated from us, huh?" Rin asked while being somewhat angry as she cuts the lumber into desired dimensions using her katana.

I used [The High Priestess] to determine the dimensions of each building g that we're fixing, then Rin volunteered to cut the destroyed trees from the forest into lumber.

"Hey James, stop lazing around! Help us carry these lumber!" Rin said as she scolded James, who is currently lying down on the grass.

"Fine, fine. I'm not being paid by you, though." He said as he lazily stood up and carried the lumber to where the next house we will repair next.

With everyone helping in the reconstruction of the town, right now we're done with more than half of the total houses that were destroyed.

"...Fuuu, heavy..."

Meanwhile, Aoi is struggling as she tried to pull a bag of cement that she got from the village stockhouse that fortunately didn't got any damage from the incident.

"Aoi, you don't need to carry it. Let me do this instead." I said to her in a gentle tone.

"...But, I'm the one who destroyed everything, so I want to compensate for the things that I've done..." She said while being regretful.

"It's okay. Didn't I said that to you before? No one's blaming you for everything that happened, so there's no need to be depressed."

I patted her head to cheer her up.

"If you want to help, then you can help Iza and the others in cleaning the surroundings. Are you okay with that?"

"...Nn. I'll do my best, big brother!" Her mood brightened up as her eyes glistened with determination.

"Do your best!" I reminded her as she ran with light steps towards Iza and the other girls, who are cleaning the alleyways filled with debris.

It was already late afternoon when we finished. Everyone looked at the buildings in front of us with a proud expression on our faces.

"Haaaah...we're done at last..." I muttered in a tired manner as I stretched my arms that are raised.

"Thank you for the hard work, Ren."

Karen said as she gave me a cup of tea.

"Eh? Uh, thanks as well. Hehe." I reluctantly accepted the cup of tea from her.

"Good work, Ren. You made it looked like nothing happened at all." The King said in high spirits as he patted my shoulder.

"T-Thank you very much, Your Majesty..." I nervously said to him.

It's amazing that he even helped us in fixing a severely destroyed business establishment. Well, except for his personality, His Majesty is a rightful king in every aspect.

"Thanks for the hard work, everyone!" Lerish spoke as she lets out a radiant smile.

'Aaaaaaahhhh...' The boys of the class became bewitched at her smile, as if everyone's fatigue disappeared.

"Especially you, Ren. Without you, we wouldn't finish the task in a day!" She said as she winked at me in a cute way.

I looked away from her in embarrassment, and I noticed that Drake and the others are sending piercing gazes at me.

Calm yourself, Ren. Just sip your tea silently as if nothing's happened.

"Oh, there they are!" The King exclaimed.

Everyone looked to the direction the King is looking, and we saw groups of horse-drawn carriages approaching towards us.

"I'm glad that everyone made it back safe." He said as he looked at the people coming out of the carriages with a warm gaze.

Except those people who fell in battle, everyone made it up to this point. Not bad, to be honest.

The townspeople got surprised at the appearance of the King and the Princess. The two of them greeted the people warmly, and promised to provide sufficient assistance to them.

Meanwhile, I let Aoi play with my classmates, so that they won't fear her anymore. Why would you be afraid of such a cute girl, I wonder?

As for I, I only looked at everyone from a distance. Lerish noticed that I'm just being alone, and slowly walked towards me.

"Hey, what are you doing, standing right there?" She asked.

"Nothing. It's fun seeing you act like a princess again after a long time." I replied to her jokingly.

Sometimes, I just forget that she's a real princess because of her actions.

"What do you mean by that? Am I not acting like a princess all this time?" She said while being surprised.

"I-I don't know. Lately you're getting accustomed to anything that is ordinary."

It's far from her usual environment, so it may have some effects on her behavior.

When she heard that, she budged me lightly with her elbow.

"Hey Ren, which do you like more...the sheltered type or the easygoing one?" She asked me with a serious expression.

What is this all about? I'm pretty confused.

"Eh, why did you ask?"

"Just answer my question." She said.

Which...Which do I like more, huh...

"Both of them is fine. It's the same Lerish, after all." I answered.

She then looked at me with an 'Eh?'

"Being a princess or not, Lerish will be always Lerish, and I liked it when your two qualities intertwine with each other."

It's still far from being a romantic partner, but I've come to like her as a friend and comrade.

"That's why, anoo...I wish that you stay the way that you are right now."

I said as I scratched my hed in embarrassment .

Lerish then held my two hands.

"If that's what you want then it's fine, but it's impossible to stay as it is as always."

She said.

"I can't stay like this forever, because I want to improve myself in order to be a more suitable woman for you."

She's right. No matter how hard one tries to resist change, he will still undergo change. If I'm not mistaken, it's called entropy.

"Then I'll improve myself as well, for the same purpose."

It's not her the only person in the world that wants to improve oneself.

When she heard that, she cling herself onto my arm.

"Then let's start right now, being able to stand confidently in front of many people." She said in high spirits.

"Eh? How can we do that?" I asked her.

"I've already told the townspeople that I'm already engaged, so I want to introduce you to them. Saa, let's go!"

"Wha--wait!!!" I said in panic while being pulled by her towards the crowd.

I want to improve, but not in a way like this.

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