The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Note: Ren's POV.

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Here's Episode 9.

Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Otherworlders' First Skirmish, Part 1: Invasion

Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017



It's a quiet night here at Arteim, the capital of Arandel.

Even though they only left a few hours ago, I felt sad without them here.

I am not aware if I left any bad impression in my classmates, but I always try my best to socialize with them as much as possible. That's why, I have this feeling from earlier.

While I was eating my dinner, I felt a strange chill. It's strange because this part of the continent is on a dry season, and it's impossible to have an aircon in a world that has no concept yet of electricity.

This chill, is this an omen, or someone's just talking about me? If I am Mari, I would know right away since she's a [Diviner], but I'm just a classmate of hers without any abilities so I'm not sure.

If this is an omen I wish, that they would all return in good health.

I rested on my room for tonight. Tomorrow early in the morning, we will continue our training. By the way, all novice soldiers didn't participate in the campaign. It is a waste to deploy warriors who are still wet on the ears to the battlefield.

As always, I will do my best so that on the next battles to come I could fight side by side with them.

While thinking of such thoughts, I closed eyes and began to sleep.

I woke up just as the sun rises on the horizon due to strange noises coming from outside.

"Demonkin! Demonkin attack!"

"AN ATTACK! We're being attacked!"

"Faster! Gather all the men in the castle!"

"Mages, archers, move to position!"

"Wyverns! Look out!!!"

When I take a look at the mirror, an unthinkable scenario is happening right now.

Demonkin army is in Arteim.

I could see from my window many types of demons that attacked the area.

If I were to do an estimate, their numbers could be more than 5000.

Without my classmates, we will have to defend the castle by ourselves.

I immediately went to the open area to where most of the remaining soldiers including Cannon Fodder are gathered. I asked Vice Commander Lieman who is the next in-charge what the hell's going on right now.

"Vice Commander, what's happening?"

"Oh, it's just you brat. The demonkin invaded the castle without the [Promised Ones]!" He looked at me with tension showing on his face.

He himself didn't expect for such thing to happen.

"A-Anyway, we'll defend the castle at all costs. That's an order!" He said to everyone.

The fight has been starting for a few minutes now, and their numbers hasn't dwindled even a little bit.

Wyverns attack the castle from the sky while different kinds of demons attack on the ground. I could hear screams from all directions as I assist the vice commander in fighting against the three-horned demons.

"V-Vice! Where's General Trajan?" I asked after I dodged a sword slash from a demon.

"I-I don't know! He immediately left while saying he evacuated the royal family to some place!" He furiously said as he cut the demon that attacked me.

"Focus your mind on the battlefield! Don't let other thoughts hinder your movement!" He reminded me.

The smell of blood began to linger on our nostrils. Everywhere I look, I could see corpses of soldiers and demons on the ground.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!" "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!" "AAAAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!"

The screams of pain from all directions still haunted my ears.


I saw a large demon split open a soldier's body in two using his large sword.

The gruesome scene is engraved on my mind. I felt my body became stiff.

While waiting for that opportunity, a two-horned demon began to attack me from behind with his sword while I'm looking at the larger demon.

When I sensed the killing intent coming from behind, I saw the sword coming at me as I turn. I could only say "Shit!" while I close my eyes and desperately try to dodge. I didn't saw what happened next, but I heard a loud scream coming from the demon. I opened my eyes, and saw Allen cut the head of the demon.

"Allen!" I said while having a scared expression.

"Ren, don't falter! Remember our training!" He scolded me. "This way, I'll cover you as we go to the Vice Commander."

"Nn. Thanks." I said as I gathered my senses.

The wyverns still rampage on the skies, but I could see the castle's mages using fire magic to repel them. Also, rain of arrows began to fall down on the demonkin's ranks, causing their number to be reduced. Their numbers are still half from earlier.

We continued to push through the battlefield. Allen takes the brunt of the attack while I land the killing blow. It is unsightly for a soldier to attack enemies from behind, but I have no choice.

To be honest it's my first time to kill a person, and it felt horrible.

The attacks from both sides seem to be decreased. Fatigue begin to also attack our bodies, causing some soldiers to retreat. The mages' mana also begins to be depleted. Our numbers are also decreasing at a alarming rate, so we wouldn't know if we could hold them back.

In the middle of the battlefield, Vice Commander Lieman raised his sword.

"Oh great sword, cut all those who are unjust, slice everything in your path, Ten Thousand Light Blades [Slicing Maelstrom]!"

With a swing of his sword, whirling lights began to emanate from his position, causing all demonkin in a large radius to be cut into shreds without giving them the time to scream in pain for the last time.

So cool. But it's not the time to be amazed.

As we go towards the vice commander, a man suddenly came from nowhere. He wears a red-colored military uniform and his face showed an evil smile.

"T-Trajan!" Vice Commander Lieman is startled by the general's sudden appearance.

General Trajan didn't reply, but still kept on sporting his evil smile.

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