The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"You...haven't seen a naked woman before?"

reku-chan desu.

Arc 10, staaaaart!!!

Here's Episode 92, senpai!

Chapter 92 (v.1) - Bewitching Crimson

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Submitted: March 02, 2018




The mysterious girl begged to me in a faint voice.

"H-Help? W-What do you mean...?" I asked while being flustered because of the situation.

She looked down to the ground, and after a few seconds I heard a faint 'grrrr~' from somewhere.

"J-Just now, was that..."

The girl nodded timidly while feeling embarrassed.

"You need help're hungry?"

She nodded again.

My eye twitched as I stared at her in confusion.


I decided to treat her to some grilled meat from a nearby food stall. Good thing I remembered to bring my wallet with me today. We sat on a bench on a street still barren with people, and while she's eating, I decided to ask her some questions about herself.

"Uh,, can I ask your name?"

We're strangers to each other, that's why the awkwardness I'm feeling right now bothers me a lot.

The girl stopped eating for a while at my question, and spoke while looking at me.

"L-Leb...I am called Leb." She spoke in a faint tone.

She looks a bit older than me, but she's acting like she's almost the same age as Aoi.

" lost when I accidentally separated from my companions because of those mysterious black objects that destroyed the forest on the mountains..."

Even though I didn't asked her about it, she told me also how did she got here in this town. I just listened at her as she speak, not wanting to interrupt her in any way.

Black objects that destroyed the forest...that must be Aoi's miasma.

"One of those huge black objects crashed into our encampment...two of my companions got crushed by it..." She spoke to me while fighting back her urge to cry.

I haven't heard about it, but the damage because of Aoi's rampage reached up to the city of Imatale on the eastern side. Maybe they're at that place when the incident happened.

"The rest of us ran down the mountains to escape those tentacles, and while we're walking down a deep ravine my hands slipped from the rope, and I fell down to the foot of the mountain..."

She said as she showed me her left arm that is covered by her cloak. Her arm, is covered with partly-healed wounds and bruises. It's fortunate that she survived that tragedy.

"For two days I wandered search for food and to ask for help...until I found this town."

Because of her story, I automatically remembered the things that I have experienced when I escaped from Arteim.

"I haven't eaten and slept since two days ago...that's why I couldn't think well and move my feet properly. That's the reason why I stumbled into you. I'm sorry..."

She apologized to me while feeling nervous. The hand that is holding her skewered meat trembled a little as she speak.

"It's okay. I'm glad that I could help a person in need, so please don't apologize."

She continued to eat her skewered meat silently afterwards.

After a few minutes she finished eating, and her crimson eyes glanced at me with a sparkle.

"T-Thank you very much! H-How can I repay you?" Leb spoke frantically to me.

Her energy seems to have returned a bit after she ate.

"You don't need to. It's my way of helping you, that's all." I said to her while scratching my head and letting out a wry smile.

"Ah, Leb is it? You need to meet my friend Karen, she can heal your wounds..."

"N-No, thanks. I don't want to abuse your kindness, that's why I can't accept your offer!"

She said while waving her arms in panic.

"I-Is that so..."

I muttered.

"But are you sure you don't need help?"

"Y-Yes...your help was enough." She said as she lets out a faint smile.

Eh? Strange. Even though her smile seems a bit forced, it still looks bewitching to me.

"Ah, anoo...Mister..."

"Ah, I'm sorry. My name's Ren Mortel."

'Ren...Ren Mortel...' she's muttering my name like she's trying to remember it.

" there already a woman in your life?"

"E-Eh?! W-Why did you ask...?"

My shoulders twitched at her sudden question.

"I-I'm sorry! It's just, um...I'm just wondering if you already have a lover, since you're so kind even to strangers..."

She explained while being flustered.

How will I answer her question? It's true that I'm already engaged to Lerish, and through very, very informal means, to Karen and Rin. At this point, it's still not clear what are my feelings for them, so I can't think yet of our relationships as lovers.

"A person doesn't need to have a lover to help a person in need, right? Well, even though I said that, I'm already engaged."

Her expression became depressed when she heard my response.

"Ah. I'm sorry for asking such a personal question..." She apologized in a depressed tone.

"I-It's's okay."

I said while trying to avert my gaze from her blood-red eyes.

My body...feels hot when I look into her eyes. I placed my hand on my chest, and I felt the beat of my heart becoming faster. My breaths became rough as well, as if I competed in a Marathon.

"R-Ren...are you okay?" Leb looked at me with worried eyes.

E...Even though she possesses such beauty of a matured woman, she also has this cute personality of hers that makes one fall with the contrast she made.

"Ren, your red..."

Leb pulled herself closer to me as she placed her hand on my cheek. My eyes widened as I noticed that the button on her cloak is undone, revealing her body hidden under it.

My eyes widened in shock when I saw a sight I couldn't even imagine at all.

"L-Leb...w-why...why aren't you...wearing anything underneath?" I asked her in a ragged voice.

Leb looked at me with a 'Hm?' expression. She doesn't noticed it yet, but I could see her twin hills that defied the pull of gravity being hidden under her cloak.

She lets out a seductive smile.

"You...haven't seen a naked woman before?"

She pulled her body closer, and our faces are just inches apart from each other. I could feel her hot breaths hitting on my cheek.

Her blood-red eyes kept on looking at me like a predator staring at its prey.

"W-Who...are you really...?"

I struggled to speak while being stared down by her.

My body...can't move. With us the only people in this street, I can't get any help from anyone.

She didn't answer my question, instead she pressed her bare chest onto me.

"This will be fun, nano!"

She said to me with a bright smile.

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