The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"W-W-What...what are you doing?!"

reku-chan desu.

Thanks for reading WN Vol. 1, and expect more in Vol. 2 (Eps. 101-200)!

Here's Episode 93, senpai!

Chapter 93 (v.1) - !!!

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Submitted: March 03, 2018



Inside the shop, Karen and Rin looked around for different types of dresses suitable for their body and age. Karen's expression looked like she's eager about it, but for some reason Rin looked around the place while being nervous.

"E-Even though it's not my first time to go to these kind of I thought it really feels uncomfortable here..." Rin muttered.

"Eh? Why are you feeling uncomfortable right now?" Karen noticed that Rin is being gloomy, and asked her the reason why.

"I just don't think that any of these clothes would suit me at all. Like, how the hell can I go outside with this skirt?!" Rin said angrily as she showed Karen a frilly pink and white skirt that reaches just above the knees.

Rin isn't always being seen wearing a skirt, but when she does it always reaches down below her knees. For her, she would choose to die instead of wearing a very short skirt.

"But it suits you, Rin. You have such beautiful legs, you know?" Karen said to cheer her up.

"W-W-What are you saying?! Can't you see that my legs are too muscular for a girl my age? It doesn't look cute at all!"

Rin's shout reverberated around the shop, making all other customers look at them in surprise and irritation. Upon realizing that they she made quite a scene inside the shop, she hid her face with the skirt she's holding.

"But it just shows that you're more active in sports, right? I guess even Ren wouldn't mind having you wear those..." Karen said in a gentle tone.

"I wonder what he would feel, seeing me wear this thing..."

Rin slowly walked around, and she saw something that caught her attention.

"Also, this blouse...this doesn't look good on me at all..."

After that she then showed a sleeveless white blouse with a very cute butterfly-shaped brooch to Karen.

"That's not true, it really suits you as well." Karen said.

'Even though she have such a wonderful body...Rin's just being too modest.' Karen only smiled wryly as she looked at her. She looked at her own body in the mirror, and she realized their difference in body proportions, especially on that part.

Karen's size is enough, but when compared to Rin, they looked smaller in comparison.

It took them about an hour before finally choosing their choice of clothes. Karen bought a blue-colored long sleeved blouse and matching skirt, and Rin bought the blouse she had shown to Karen while feeling embarrassed about her decision. Also, there is a mysterious object covered in paper that she bought as well.

"Eh? Where's Ren? He said he'll wait for us, right?" Karen spoke as the two of them walked past the magic items shop.

"I don't know. It's impossible for him to get lost anymore, because of his strange abilities..." Rin said while feeling angry.

"Did he already went back to the inn ahead of us?" Karen asked her in worry.

"If he really did that I'll punch him again." Rin replied angrily at her.

As they turn left in a street barren with people, the saw something they shouldn't.


Even though I don't want it anymore, I still kept on looking at her blood-red eyes.

With her face just two or three inches away from mine, her eyes that sparkled as she looked at me with enthusiasm.

"What's got your tongue nano?" She said jokingly to me.

"A-Ah...uh, er, uhhh..."

"C-Could it be, you already fell for me nano?" She asked me in a surprised tone.

'Like hell I would fall for you that easily?!', I want to shout at her, but I can't even speak right now.

Still, who...who is she really...?

"Fufufufu...don't be so reserved's just the two of us here, so you can do whatever you want, or rather, maybe you want me to take the initiative nano?"

Leb spoke to me in a sweet voice, her finger placed on my lips as if to silence me.

Unable to move while she straddled over me on the bench, if someone sees us I'll be doomed.

"W-W-What...what are you doing?!"

Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice from behind Leb.

Leb's face became angry when she looked over her shoulder, and she saw Rin and Karen looking at us in surprise and disgust.

"R-R-Ren...w-what's...going on here? Why is there a girl straddling on you?!" Karen said as she looked at us with widened eyes. The clothes she bought fell from her hands due to shock.

"K-Karen...t-this...misun...ding..." I struggled to speak to her.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Of all people why the two of them?!

"You, who are you and what are you doing to Ren?" Rin asked Leb in a strong tone.

Leb looked again at me, and smiled.


She winked at me, and did something unthinkable.



In front of the two girls, Leb kissed me in the lips. My eyes widened in shock as she seized my lips like she's a hungry animal. W-What is this, why is her tongue wriggling inside my mouth?!

My body didn't struggled to let go from her. I'm done. My life is now complete.

Rin and Karen, became petrified at her sudden actions.

"Y-You...k-k-kissed him...on the lips?!" Rin frantically spoke to her, her cheeks became as red as Leb's eyes.

"Awawawawawawa..." Karen covered her face with her hands while her cheeks also became red.

Leb separated her lips from mine, forming a string of saliva connecting us in between.

"Delicious, nano..."

Leb said to me as she licked her lips.

"You two...burn in hellllllll!!!!"

Rin's rage surged, and she unsheathed her katana, aiming to cut Leb.

"Rin, don't!" Karen shouted at her, wanting her to stop.

Leb only let out a smile and suddenly, a barrier formed around us.

"W-What the--" Rin muttered in shock when her blade hit the barrier, creating sparks in the process.

"I won't let you interfere nano. He's already mine."

Leb then created a dark magic circle on her hands.

"Kh...I won't let you do those things to Ren!!!" Rin spoke angrily as she tries to slash the barrier surrounding us.

After a few seconds, a red magic circle formed under us, and I slowly sank to it along with Leb.

"Ren!!!" Karen screamed as she desperately hit the barrier with her hands.


I also desperately reached my hands to them, before my consciousness git swallowed by the darkness.

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