The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"I want your heart nano..."

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Chapter 94 (v.1) - The Queen's Lair

Submitted: March 04, 2018

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Submitted: March 04, 2018



I regained consciousness after sinking into the darkness.

I am inside a dimly-lit room, surrounded by faintly glowing red stones embedded on the wall.

My eyes sluggishly looked around, and I realized that I'm currently lying down on a large bed.

' this place...'

I tried to get up but my arms and feet are chained to each foot of the bed. There is also a strange-looking collar worn around my neck.

How long did I remain unconscious after that incident? "Tch. Why am I being restrained like this?!" I muttered angrily to myself in a faint voice.

My arms and feet are stretched out, thus my body formed an X. It was like, I'm about to be dissected or something.

While thinking of a way to escape, a woman wearing white butler clothes came from the door.

"W-Who are you? Where am I?!" I asked the woman.

The woman has a boyish atmosphere, coming from her short white hair and tall height. Her face shows a dignified, stoic expression as well. Lastly, hanging on her waist, is a rapier.

The woman didn't answered my question, instead she silently released me from the chains. As I stand up from the bed, she spoke to me.

"The Queen asked you to come. Go." She said without showing any emotion.


As I walk into this dark corridor I noticed that the surroundings looked like much of a cave. I could see stalactites and stalagmites everywhere being faintly lighted by red stones, and there are bat-like creatures with three horns hanging on the ceiling.

Right now, I'm walking along with the butler woman while being shackled and pulled by her.

We reached a huge double door after a few minutes. I don't know what this place is, but it sure is huge.

The woman in butler clothes opened the door, and signaled me to come inside. I hesitantly obeyed her, and slowly walked towards the door.

The inside, is really dark. A few seconds later, the place in front of me was lighted up by the stones on the ceiling.

"Welcome to my world, nano."

Sitting on a throne made of bones in front of me, was Leb who is looking at me with a tempting gaze.

The Leb in front of me is different from the one I met earlier. For some reason she's wearing clothes that reveals too much skin, like she's some SM character (Rin told me about it, I don't know what it means). Her chest rivals that of Rin, or maybe more. I don't want to stare at it too much.

Also, in the left side of her head grows a horn about eight inches in length.

"Surprised? This is my real appearance nano." She said.

Her eyes having the color of blood reflected the light coming from the surroundings, making it look like it's glowing.

"So that means to say that your name wasn't Leb at all also." I said to her in a serious tone.

It's stupid if I asked her who she was at this point, so I just assumed that's the case.

"Fufufu. As expected, you never fail to amaze me nano." She said while chuckling.

She placed her hand on her bulging chest before she started to speak again.

"Indeed, you're right nano. My name wasn't Leb, for I am called Belzeebub nano, but it's troublesome so you can just call me Bell, nano."

Leb, Bell. Bell, Leb...Lleb.

Being in a situation like this, I can't decide if I'll retort or not. Though, if I retorted right now, the butler will pierce my throat with her rapier that is currently pointed at me.

"What? Are you thinking that it's stupid nano?!" She said angrily to me.

"No, instead I think you've got some good sense of humor in you." I said while averting my gaze from her.

"Ehhhh...I'm being praised, I'm so glad nano!"

Leb, er, Bell squirmed in delight as she sat on her throne.

"Leaving that aside, I'm sure you're confused as to why I brought you here. Well then, I'll tell you as thanks for praising me nano." Bell said while letting out a bright smile.

Even though she brought me here by force, I could feel a sense of hospitality coming from her, though it is better if her servant doesn't point her rapier at my throat.

"Ren Mortel, welcome to the Underworld!!!"

When she said that, the surroundings lighted up suddenly, revealing everything.

"W...W-What in the..."

Surrounding us, are countless cages filled with a wide variety of demons and monsters, each of them raised their hellish cries and growls, while trying to escape from being imprisoned.

Bell stood up from her throne, and slowly walked towards me.

"As you can see, I am called the Queen. If you want to, you can be my King nano..."

She tried to place her hand on my cheek, but I turned my face to the side.

"You don't want nano? Fine, then I'll kill you instead."

She snapped her finger, and suddenly, the collar on my neck glowed with a purple haze, and released a excruciating shock to my body.


I fell on my knees due to so much pain.

"That collar prevents you from using any of your abilities. Also, each time you disobey me it will release a shock that grows more intense each time it triggers. You won't wish to die in a situation like that nano."

Being in so much pain, I glared at her with rage burning up in my heart.

"W-Why are you looking at me in that way nano? makes me sad nano."

Then, the collar glowed again, and released a shock far stronger than the first one.


I screamed as I writhed on the floor in agony.

"Kuhahahahaha! You looked so funny as you scream, nano!" Bell said while laughing and looking down on me.

"Ivlis, raise him up. I have no intention to trample such an interesting being like him nano."

"Yes, Milady."

At her words, the woman in butler clothes named Ivlis pulled my arm so that I could stand up again. She then held my arms that are shackled from behind.

"Haaa, haaa..." As I tried to catch my breath, sweat drips all over my body.

"Don't hate me for that, nano? You gave me no choice but to do it..."

"Haaaa, you really want...from me?" I asked her in a faint voice.

"Hmm...there is one thing in you that I wanted so badly, you know what that is, nano?"

I slowly shook my head in response. Bell only smiled, and she slowly traced an X on the left side of my chest. Then, she pulled herself closer to my ears.

"I want your heart nano..." She whispered to me.

She separated herself from me, and smiled again with a 'te-hee~'.

"W-Why..." I asked her, confused.

"'re not the only one in this world who wants to obtain all of those Arcanas, nano? I also want to have them all for myself nano." did she...

"It's been about 2000 years since I started searching for them, but unfortunately I only found one."

2000 years...does that means she's...a [False God]?

"What you're thinking is right, nano. I am a god, just like that idiot Se'ith the Death Goddess has killed."

From the way she refers to Se'ith, I could say that she's much more stronger than him.

"And, regarding the Arcanas...even though I searched far and wide, I only have [The Devil] currently in my possession nano." She said in a depressed tone while pointing at her horn.

"T-That that a Relic?" I asked her.

"Hm? What are you saying nano? Can't you see, I am the Relic itself!" She said proudly.

A living is that even possible?

"Being a [False God], I don't have any affinity for any Arcanas made by the [Old Gods] nano. That's why, I forcefully integrated [The Devil] into my body, and this is the result nano. I became its Relic."

She explained with a triumphant tone.

"That's why I also want to be the vessel of your Arcanas. I want your heart, for it is where the Arcanas are stored nano."

I see. That's the reason why she brought me here.

"If I got to hold all of the Arcanas nano, I can rule everything in this world, and nothing can stop me from doing it, even the other gods themselves!"

Bell raised her hands, and all of the demons inside the cages roared at a ear-shattering volume.

"So that's how it is, nano. Will you help me achieve my dream?" She asked me with upturned eyes.

"What'll happen if I refuse?" I asked her.

"There's no such thing as refusal, nano." She answered.

Ah. She's one of those 'I won't accept no for an answer' type of people.

"Then, how about we settle this in another way?" I suggested to her.

"Nano?" She looked at me in wonder.

"Let's settle this in a game, how about it? If you win, I'll let you have my heart and my Arcanas."

"Ehhh...interesting nano. What happens if you win?"

"If I win, you remove my collar, and I will take your head along with me." I said while grinning.

When she heard that, she also lets out an evil smile.

"Fine with me, nano. It's more interesting that way!" She said happily.

I can't win if I fight her in my current condition, that's why I have no choice but to improvise my strategies.

Will she take my heart out, or will I take her head away? Place your bets.

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