The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Can you help me bring big brother back?"

reku-chan desu.

I'll be having a two day rest after Ep. 100, in preparation for WN Vol. 2.

Here's Episode 95, senpai!

Chapter 95 (v.1) - Saving Ren Mortel

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Submitted: March 05, 2018



"...Muuu, big brother's taking it too long..."

Aoi muttered to herself while sitting on a tree stump facing the town proper, waiting for her big brother to come.

"I thought you're hungry right now, so I made some snacks for you, Aoi. Here, have some."

Meanwhile, Lerish came and offered Aoi a tray of cookies.

"...Uuuu...thanks." Aoi thanked her as she grabbed a handful and packed it into her mouth.

"Ren just left for the town proper about three hours ago, so don't worry about him too much. He'll come back soon." Lerish spoke to her in a kind tone.

"...*crunch*Still, something's weird...*swallow*"

Aoi said in worry while still eating her cookies.

"Weird, you say..." Lerish said in wonder before hearing a faint voice from afar.

"...That voice..."

"Rin, Karen? Why are you running?"

From a distance, Lerish and Aoi saw Karen and Rin running towards them.

"Haaa, haaa...Ren..." Karen spoke in a faint voice while panting. After a few seconds, she fell on her knees from too much fatigue.

"Karen!" Lerish got surprised at her, and she hurriedly helped her stand up.

"...Where's big brother...?" Aoi asked Rin, who is also breathing roughly just like Karen.

"Ren..." Rin muttered in a fatigued voice.

"W-What happened? Did something bad happened?"

Lerish asked her in worry.

Rin looked at her with eyes filled with guilt and regret.

"R-Ren...Ren got kidnapped!" She shouted while gripping the hem of her blouse.

Aoi suddenly stopped from eating the cookies as the tray fell to the ground due to shock.


Aoi muttered in a faint voice as she looked at the cookies that got scattered on the ground.

"Let's go inside. We'll talk about this quick." Lerish said to them with a serious face.


"Where is the King?"

Rin asked Lerish as they entered the hall inside the inn.

"Father already left a while ago, saying that Mother would be very mad at him if he stays here for too long." Lerish said.

In front of everyone, the two reported the situation.

"Eh? Someone took away Ren?" Iza said in disbelief.

"I believe that Ren, with the current skill set that he has, cannot be easily kidnapped that way. There must be something the perpetrator has used to lower his guard." Mari said while analyzing the situation.

"But, they said that the suspect is a woman...or so they thought." James said.

'Ren just got kidnapped by a woman...then it can't be helped if he became defenseless...' The other classmates sighed as that thought crossed their minds.

"Now's not the time for that! We need to save him as soon as possible!" Karen shouted with tears on her eyes.

"Princess, can you use that magic to find him?" Rin asked Lerish.

"I tried many times already, but it seems that there's something in the place where they are that forbids detection from outside. Also, call me Lerish okay?" Lerish replied in dismay.

"...That woman who kidnapped big brother...have you recognized her body features?" Aoi asked them.

"Eh? Ah, um...if I remember it correctly...she has long purplish-black hair with the lower half colored red, and her eyes are red as well, just like freshly spilled blood." Karen said as she tries to remember the appearance of the woman.

Aoi became silent for a while, and she stood up from her chair. Suddenly, her black aura emanated from her, causing everyone to hold their breaths in fear.

"...That woman..."

She spoke in a serious tone with her eyes filled with so much killing intent.

"Aoi..." Lerish called out to her in worry as she places her hand on Aoi's shoulder.

"...Don't worry. I won't gain anything if I rampage here again, what's important is I know where big brother is, more or less."

At her words, Lerish, Karen and Rin looked at her with a spark of hope in their eyes.

"Eh? R-Really?!" Rin said.

"...Nn. I can go there as well, but I need everyone's help in order to do that."

Aoi looked at everyone with an expressionless face, and everyone got intimidated by her divine presence.

"...Can you help me bring big brother back?"

Aoi spoke to them with a serious tone.

"...I...I can't do it on my own power anymore...that woman...if I didn't act right now, big brother, big brother will..."

'...die.' Aoi, with that thought in mind suddenly bursted to tears. Everyone widened their eyes in shock when for the first time in their lives, they saw a goddess sobbing in front of them.

She already knew that if it's that woman that Ren is facing , then his [Partial Immortality] won't trigger, and revival will be a futile effort.

Lerish patted her shoulder, and spoke to her in a gentle tone.

"We're here for him and also for you, so don't worry about it."

With a radiant smile on her lips, she comforted her.

"Nn. He saved us many times already, now it's our chance to save him!" Karen said to her in high spirits.

Everyone at her words smiled at her to show their support.

"...Everyone..." Aoi muttered in surprise.

"It's just natural. We came here as a class so we'll go back as a class." Rin said to her as she patted her sword hanging on her waist.

"""Yeah!!!""" Everyone agreed to her.

"Most importantly, I want to punish that woman who dared to kiss him even though I haven't done it! That's just unfair!" Lerish said while feeling angry.

'I have done it with him, so I hope you're not also angry at me..." Karen just smiled wryly at her.

With everyone willing to help, Aoi finally smiled brightly again.

"...Thank you, everyone!" She expressed her sincerest gratitude to them.


Lerish, with the help of Kai drew a large magic circle on the floor.

"You're pretty good at this, Princess." Kai said to her in admiration.

"Even though I'm not good with actual magic when it comes to theory I'm quite confident enough with my current knowledge about magic." She said proudly.

"Ren sure is lucky, huh..." Kai muttered.

"Heeee. Are you jealous?" She asked him.

"Not really. I'm just wondering if I were in his position what would I do, being surrounded by beautiful girls."

When Lerish heard that, she chuckled.

"Fufufufu, don't worry. There are people who want to be always with you, see?"

Lerish pointed her finger towards Kai's back, and they saw Claire peeking at them while hiding behind Edna. Claire noticed that they saw her, and she fully hides herself from them.

"As long as you're friends with Ren, I'll support you in any means that I can, okay?"

She said while smiling.

"...Hurry up, if you won't mind." Aoi spoke to them in a serious tone.

"Ah, sorry." Kai apologized.

The two finished the magic formation, then Aoi stood at the center if it.

"...First of all, this spell requires lots of life force, so I need to extract some from everyone. Is that okay?" Aoi asked them.

Everyone nodded at her with conviction.

"...I'll only take away one hour from your lives, so it won't be a burden to you. Okay, here I go."

Aoi took a deep breath, and suddenly several black tentacles sprang from her shadow and latched onto the arms of everyone.

"It...tickles..." Rin muttered to herself.

The tentacles disappeared after a few seconds, and suddenly the magic formation glowed blue.

Since she's a goddess she can do it without chanting any incantation.

"...Those who want to come with me must go inside the circle."

At her words Lerish, Karen and Rin immediately stepped inside.

"Take Iza with you!" James suggested.

"Eh? Why me? Can't you see that they're all his beloved people?!" Iza retorted.

"Yeah, but it's better if they have more defensive power, right?"

"Well, that may be true but...fine, I'll go with you!"

Iza jumped towards the circle, and hugged Aoi.

"I'll protect this cute girl with all my life!" She said happily as she rubbed her cheeks at her.

"...L-Let go!" Aoi said in panic. Iza obeyed right away.

With the necessary procedures done, the girls readied themselves.

"...We're going to the Underworld."

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