The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"""Let's have a good game, nano!!!"""

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Chapter 96 (v.1) - Game On!

Submitted: March 06, 2018

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Submitted: March 06, 2018



"...We're going to the Underworld."

Everyone gasped in surprise because of her.

"U-Underworld?! Are you serious?" Rin spoke to her in disbelief.

"...If it's that woman, then that's the place that I know where she is."

" she...a goddess, just like you?" Lerish asked her.

"...Nn. A very powerful goddess at that."

Aoi replied to her with a straight face.

The glow coming from the circle grew brighter.

"I...I'm scared..." Iza said as shuddered in fear.

Karen, in order to calm her down, held her hand tightly. Karen is also feeling scared, but in order to save the young man that she loved, she needed not to show a single hint of fear on her face.

"K-Karen..." Iza spoke in a nervous tone.

Aoi poured life force into the circle, and the color of the magic formation changed from blue to deep red.


Suddenly, each of the girls inside the magic formation began to be covered in bright light. The glowing circle slowly spun as Aoi channeled the teleportation spell.

"...Big brother...wait for us..." Aoi said in an eager tone.

Before long everyone got swallowed by the white light.


Bell and I stood about ten meters away from each other while inside this huge room where she brought me.

This room, has space enough to hold a rock concert in this place.

"Since I'm the one who is challenged nano, it's just fine if I make the rules of this game nano?" She asked.

"Nn. I understand." I replied.

Bell's evil smile shows that the game that we will do will be insane, and I have no chance if winning it.

"If you just said to me that you'll offer yourself nano, I would've shown you some mercy nano..."

"I don't need mercy from a god who isn't really a god. Just say the game that you want, and we'll deal with this quickly."

Bell hissed angrily at my provocation, but she smiled at me afterwards.

"Right, if that's what you want nano. Excuse me."

Bell cleared her throat for a moment.

" about we play a game called 'tag'?"

"'Tag'?" Confused, I asked her.

"Yeah, but this isn't just your regular tag nano..."

At that instant, countless magic circles were formed surrounding us, and countless clones of Bell sprouted from them. I estimated that there are a thousand of them.

"The objective if this game is to touch the real me while saying 'it' nano. You only have ten attempts to do so, and each time you say 'it' to a wrong Bell, the collar in your neck will trigger nano!"

What in the...? Ten in a thousand? It really is impossible for me to win, huh...

"This game would last only an hour nano, so if you're ready we'll start immediately nano."

With her giving me a time limit as well, she just reduced the probability of me winning against her. This is troublesome indeed.

"This is better than me having to fight you in a real duel, so I'm ready." I said to her with a determined expression.

" that so, nano? Then let's begin, shall we?"

Suddenly, black wings sprouted from her back, and all of her clones.

"""Let's have a good game, nano!!!""" All of them spoke in high spirits.

Then, all of them flew at once, covering this huge room as they fly in circles.

If only I can use [The Tower], I could end this in an instant.

"""Here we go nano!!!"""

One by one, about half of them landed on the ground, waiting for me to chase them.

"""This room has infinite space, so let's run nano!!!""" They said as they started to run all around.

"Tch. I'll catch the real you!"

I ran after them.

How the hell can I differentiate the real one from the clones with this number?

'Eh? Isn't that one slower than usual?' I thought to myself.

I chased after her. When she noticed it, she got flustered.

"N-No, you can't, nano!" She shrieked as she desperately ran away from me.

"I got you! It!" I said as I grabbed her hand.

"E-Eh? You're wrong, nano." She disappeared with a 'poof'.

"Huh? I'm wrong...AH-CHIH-CH-ACH-AAAAAAAHHH!!!"

The collar glowed purple, and created a shock that zapped my body.

"""You have 9 tries left nano!!!""" All of them chuckled.

"Damn..." I stood up again, and continued to run.

Without a definite strategy in mind, I just chased after those who seem different from the others.

"It!" I said to Bell who tried to fly when she saw me running towards her.

"Wrong, nano!" She 'poofed', and another shock ran through my body.

"Hhrrrgghhh...damn you all!"

I stood up again after collapsing for awhile, and chased after them again.


"Wrong, nano!"

I am wrong for the sixth time, and the shock collar zapped me again.

'This sucks!' I said angrily to myself.

Bell and her clones just leisurely flew around the place as they look at me with eyes of ridicule. The smug grin on their faces really bugs me a lot, it makes me want to kill them if I regained my Arcanas.

"""Don't give up! You have for more attempts nano!!!"""

They all spoke to me in unison.

Fatigue is starting to accumulate in my body, making everything much, much worse than ever. Also, about half an hour has been used up already, so if I don't start to move again I won't make it in time.

I stood again, and looked at them with scorn.

"This game, are you having fun?" I asked them.

"""Of course! This is the first time in my life to be this happy nano!!!""" They all said to me.

"Is that so? Then all I have to do is to enjoy this game too, is it?"

"""Hmm???""" They all tilted their heads in wonder.

Seeing that reaction from them, I showed an evil smile on my lips.

"Let this be the most memorable game in our lives!" I said to her.


"...We're here."

Aoi said to the girls after the transportation spell worked.

"So this is the Underworld, huh? I like it not." Rin said as she looked around the place.

The place where they are, really depicts their impressions of the word 'hell'.

"It's too dark...and scary..." Karen gripped her staff as she embraced it.

"T-There they are, in that direction!"

Lerish said to them as she used [The Tower] to find Ren and the woman.

"As I thought, this place prevents detection from outside." She muttered.

"Then, let's go and get Ren...huh?"

Iza said happily before noticing a strange phenomenon.

"W-What's wrong?" Karen asked her.

Rin looked around, and she saw a faint flash from afar.


"[Round and Round]!"

Iza, at Rin's signal created a dome-shaped barrier just in time before a beam of light could hit them.

"W-What in the world was that?!" Iza said in surprise.

"...We're being surrounded." Aoi said in a faint voice.

At that instant, a woman wearing butler clothes appeared in front of them, and brandished her rapier that hung from her waist.

"I won't let anyone interfere with Milady." She spoke in a serious tone.

Several demons appeared after her, and they also prepared their weapons as they release immense amounts of killing intent.

Aoi, only stared at them.

"...I won't let anyone hurt my big brother!"

Then, she released a killing aura far more deadly than all of their killing intent combined.

"...This time, I'll kill that woman for sure!"

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