The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"W-why...why are you saying this nano...?"

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Here's Episode 97, senpai!

Chapter 97 (v.1) - When You Play, Play It Dirty

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



"Heeee...even with your current condition like that, you're still being too confident, Death Goddess?" The woman in white butler clothes named Ivlis spoke to Aoi in a serious tone, with a tinge of mockery.

Aoi didn't answered, instead she just glared at her.

"All of you, surrender already. No matter what you do to save him, Milady will always have a way to get what she wants."

The girls just looked at Ivlis with eyes of scorn.

"You won't surrender? Fine. We'll have you surrender by force!"

The demons, at Ivlis' signal, charged at once towards the girls.

"[Stay Away, Pervert]!"

Iza, created an expanding dome barrier to push away the demons.

"Now!" Iza shouted.

"[Midnight Flash]! [White Noise]!"

Karen used a intermediate-class light magic she just learned a few days ago to create a blinding flash that lasted for several seconds to impair their enemy's vision. The whole place became so white that they can't see each other really well.

"W-What in the--" Ivlis muttered in surprise.

Karen's other spell, impairs the enemy's hearing and detection capabilities. The demons panicked when suddenly they couldn't see and hear anything at all.

"My turn!"

Rin's chantless spell variant of [Blink], [Blade Lattice], allows her to use [Blink] repeatedly to whittle down the enemy numbers.

"[Complex Arrow: Rain Fire]" Lerish, the only person who currently has complete grasp of their surroundings due to [The Tower], aimlessly fired her arrows at the enemy. No matter where she aim, the arrows will seek its target if she 'locks in' her opponents.

The blinding light subsided after a few seconds and what shocked Ivlis was, all of the demons except her are already dead.

"...Don't you dare resurrect them."

AAoi warned Ivlis when she tried to use resurrection magic to revive her fallen subordinates. She then burned their souls using her black flames so that they wouldn't be revived anymore.

" won't have your way to interfere with Milady!"

A large magic circle appeared suddenly on the ground. A light earthquake followed, that baffled the girls as they witness Ivlis' summoning prowess.

"W-What's going on?!" Iza said in confusion and fear.

"Something really bad, I guess." Rin answered while gripping tightly her sword.

A few seconds later, large monster emerged beside Ivlis.

The monster has a body of a man, with wings of a bat and head of a ram. On its hand, he carried a huge spiked mace that could shatter the bones of its opponent.

"Crush them all, Baphomet!" She commanded the monster.

"KHHUUUUGGGHHHAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" The monster raised an ear-shattering roar as it swings its mace at them.


Iza hurriedly created a huge circular barrier to block the monster's attack. When the mace hit the barrier, cracks formed on the barrier.


The shock caused by the impact caused Iza and the girls to be pushed back away from the monster.

"O-Ouch...he broke my barriers..." Iza said in despair and shock.

The girls' faces showed fear of the monster who is strong enough to break a advanced level magic.

Meanwhile, Ivlis grinned while watching the girls fall into panic.


"""What's wrong, nano? You're tired?"""

The Bells spoke to me in a mocking tone.

"Not...yet..." I replied while breathing roughly.

I only have four attempts and ten minutes left. At this point, I desperately searched of a way to identify who is the real one among her clones.

"""Fufufu, isn't it strange, this game us called tag but we're letting you catch us nano?"""

They said with a chuckle.

"Is that so? Thanks for the consideration, Bell." I expressed my thanks in a sarcastic way.

"""Heeee...I'm a generous god, so it's just natural nano..."""

Without minding my sarcasm, she just happily spoke what she wanted.

"That's thanks, I'll do this!"

I ran towards a group of Bells that didn't even tried to run or fly away from me.

"Three at once! It!" I shouted happily to the three Bells that I caught.

"""Wrong, nano!"""

The three disappeared, and the collar triggered with three times the usual strength.


I thrashed and thrashed on the ground while convulsing due to immense amounts of shock coursing through my body.

Bell, who saw everything looked at me in bewilderment.

"""What are you doing nano?! Are you trying to forfeit?!" They spoke angrily at me.


Still having a wide grin on my lips, I looked at all of them with eyes filled with burning rage.

"CUT THE CRAP, PERVERTED WOMAN!!!" I shouted at them.

The Bells when they heard that, fell into shock.

"""W-What nano...? P-P-Perverted...w-woman?"""

The asked me in unison, their faces showed their flustered expressions as they try to refute what I said.


"""That's...that's not true nano!!!""" They replied.


I kept on shouting.

I only tried to crumble her ego for a bit, but it seems that it really worked on her.

"""T...that's...""" Shaken, they muttered in a faint voice.


Yeah. I just kept on blabbering nonsense. Forgive me for everything that I said, I just need to confirm something I just noticed right now.

"You're just good on the outside! Deep within you're just as ugly as your subordinates! Even your retainer wouldn't look you in the eye! You're the worst! You're the lowest being that ever existed in this world!!!"

I said while panting. I stopped shouting, but the harsh words just keep on coming out from my mouth.

"Even right now, I've been fighting back my urge to vomit each time I glance at your disgusting face! How dare you charm me with those red eyes, did you got them infected or something?!"

All of them were taken aback from my continuous barrage of words.

"W-why...why are you saying this nano...?"

"And those chest of yours, did you think that I will be fooled by those? I knew immediately that they're fake! You just made them bigger with your crappy magic!"

I looked into their eyes. Each of them also looked at me, feeling hurt.

"That's why...I'll expose your real self, right here and now!"

I ran towards the Bell who just stood as she stared at me with teary eyes. I tackled her really hard, and pinned her to the ground as I straddled on top of her.

"H-How...nano..." She spoke in a soft voice, confused.

"I could tell, from the way you react to everything that I said."

I noticed earlier that one of them acts slightly different from the other clones. When I said those words as an experiment, she reacted slightly earlier and exaggerated more than the others, making it look like they are just copying the real Bell's actions.

It's like I found a piece of straw hay in a mountain of needles.

"'re sure nano, just say 'it'. I won't resist anymore."

With me straddling on her as she lie face up and pressing her arms to the ground with my hands so that she can't escape, it gives off an image of me doing something indecent to her.

Bell spoke to me in resignation.

"There may be a chance that you're just a clone, right? There's no way I would say it!" I said to her.

"B-But...the time're running out of time!" She said angrily.

Feeling irritated, I gave her a headbutt.

"O-Ouch! Why did you do that nano?!"

" for the demons that destroyed the world and killed my comrades..."

The reason we came into this world, is because of her: the Demon King, more appropriate to say, Queen.

I headbutt her again. Blood dripped from my forehead.

" for abducting me and wanting to take my heart and the Arcanas."

To obtain something the likes of her don't deserve to have, is just plain loathsome.

I raised my head higher, and looked at her with eyes of hatred.

"And for Aoi!"

I made the third headbutt the strongest that I can do, enough for me to have a concussion.

"I will make you pay...for all the things that you've done to me and Aoi, Demon Queen!"

I slowly raised my right fist with a burning desire to kill her even without the use of Arcanas, and not minding the fact that she's immortal.

Even though she still has the capacity to kill me, she decided not to resist, and closed her eyes as she wait for me to hit her.

"'It' ends here." I said as I punched not her face, but the ground beside her.

One second. Two seconds. She didn't disappeared.

Ting-ting-ting! I heard a sudden ring of a bell, informing us that one hour has already passed.

I hurriedly stood up and looked at her with a cold expression.

"I...lost...nano..." Feeling defeated, she muttered as she kept on lying on the ground.

I decided to extend my hand to her.

"Stand up. I couldn't bear seeing a woman lying on the ground."

She reluctantly held my hand and I pulled her as she stand up.

"I'm sorry for doing those things to you. I overdid it, I think."

Being insulted, pinned, headbutted, and almost punched, I don't know if she will hold grudges against me.

"You're still a woman even though you're my enemy, so it's necessary for me to apologize to...--"


Suddenly, we heard a huge explosion from behind us, and I saw a huge carcass of a black monster flying before crashing into the walls, splattering flesh, blood and bone all around the place.

The fallen monster caused the ground to tremble violently, causing me to lose my balance and I fell along with Bell to the ground.

"W-What was tha--"

I said in surprise before noticing a strange sensation on my hands.

"...Big brother! We're here to save..."

Suddenly, Aoi, Iza and the girls appeared from the huge hole created by the monster, and looked at me with a shocked expression.

"...Big brother...what in the world are you doing...?"

'E-Eh?' I looked below, and I realized that I accidentally did something unimaginable.

I am straddling again on top of Bell, with my hands not pressing on her arms, but on her chest. Unconsciously due to panic I lightly squeezed her breasts and she raised a soft moan as she breathed roughly.

"Ren? What the hell are you doing?!"

"Explain, before I cut you to pieces."

"Ren, you hopeless pervert, lecher, scum!!!"

"Oooh, someone's going to jail after this!"

Karen, Rin, and Lerish angrily glared at me with a piercing gaze while Iza grinned as she crossed her arms.

"I-I-It's wrong! It's just an accident! Let me explain!!!" I said to them in panic as I let go from Bell.

Aoi, looked only on the ground while releasing black miasma.

"...Big brother...we went here in order to save you, only to find out you're doing something indecent with that woman?! Unforgivable! Burn here for all eternity!!!"

She created a huge black magic circle, and fired a huge death ray aimed at Bell and I.

And thus, the Underworld became much more hellish because of Aoi, to the point of she became more fearsome than Bell.

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