The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Become big brother's slave."

reku-chan desu.

Thanks to all who read Vol.1! I'll do better in the next volumes to come!

Here's Episode 98, senpai!

Chapter 98 (v.1) - The Queen of the Underworld Became My Slave?!

Submitted: March 08, 2018

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Submitted: March 08, 2018



"Like I said, it all happened like that!"

I said angrily to them, who are still not convinced on my explanation about what happened earlier.

Right now, I was forced to kneel down on the ground as a punishment.

I'm in Underworld and I'm being punished. What the hell.

"...So that means you didn't intentionally pushed her down, big brother?" Aoi asked while crossing her arms and glaring at me in a cold manner.

"I didn't! Why are you thinking of me that way?!"

"Because it's you, and you're a pervert." Rin said while also being angry.

"I think what he said is true. It all happened because the monster crashed to the wall, right? Please let him stand up now." Karen said as she looked at me in worry.

"K-Karen..." I said while being happy because she believed me.

"Geez. Ren, you can stand up now." Lerish said as she pulled my arm.

"Haaaaah..." I only let out a deep sigh.

"Then, what about her? Why is she also kneeling?" Iza asked the girls.

Meanwhile, Bell is also kneeling on the side, feeling disillusioned by her defeat, her blood-red eyes lifelessly looked at the ground.

"I don't know. She followed when Ren did the same thing." Lerish replied.

I slowly walked towards her.

"About the collar. Remove them now." I said to her in a serious tone.

Bell nodded lightly, and suddenly the purple gem on the collar stopped glowing. I removed the collar from my neck, and gave it to her.

"Being zapped is not okay, okay? Take that in mind." I said to her. feels good to have my Arcanas back.

"...Big brother."

Aoi, spoke to me as she looked at her coldly.

"...A god like her needs to die."

Aoi created black flames on her hands as she lets out an evil smile.

"Ah, Aoi. About that...I said to her that if I win I'll take her head along with us, so let me do it for you."

Aoi looked at me with widened eyes.

"...Is that so? Thank you very much, big brother!" She said in high spirits.

My gaze turned again to Bell. I summoned Nadir, and pointed the blade to her.

"Don't hate me, okay? You left me no choice but to do it." I imitated what she said to me earlier.

Bell didn't said anything, but just closed her eyes in resignation.

I raised my sword, ready to decapitate her anytime. With a wide swing, I slashed her misplaced horn on the top of her head.

"E...Eh?" Bell became surprised when her horn was chopped off instead of her head.

I caught the horn, and it turned into black flames when it touched my hand.

"When I said that I'll take your head, I meant it in this way." I spoke to her coldly.

I used [The High Priestess] to know the details about my newly-acquired Arcana.

{The Fifteenth Arcana, [The Devil]. Spell Type: Summoning Magic. Grants the ability to summon different creatures under certain conditions.}

"That's a wonderful power!" Lerish said in amazement as I read the details about [The Devil] from the hologram-like magic circle.

"Oooh, is that how you obtain your abilities, Ren? Amazing!!!" Iza also looked at the hologram in enthusiasm.

"Summoning Magic, huh? I like where this is going." Rin muttered in deep thought.

"It is! With that, Ren became more powerful. I'm glad." Karen spoke happily to Rin.

Aoi, on the other hand, kept her eyes fixed on Bell.

"...Belzeebub, you've caused us a lot of trouble, you know that?" Bell didn't said any word to her.

"...I heard everything from big brother. You want to take all of his Arcanas? Are you an idiot?"

"A-Aoi..." I spoke to her while feeling unsure of what to do.

"...Big brother, you said that you'll take her head off, but you didnt. Why?" Aoi asked me coldly.

"B-Because...I don't think that she deserved such a lighthearted punishment. I thought, there are other things that is much more worse than death. I'm not sure, maybe I'm still not used to killing and stuff."

If I kill her instantly, it doesn't feel fulfilling to me.

"...Ah. I finally understand now, big brother. You're saying that she deserved a punishment worse than death, right?" Aoi asked me.

"Nn. It's a waste if she died that easily."

Aoi and I looked at each other, and grinned. We turned our gazed towards Bell, who looked at us nervously.

"...Big brother, can I borrow Nadir for a moment?"

"Eh? Ah, here." I said as I gave the sword to her.

When she accepted my sword Aoi pointed it at Bell's forehead.

"...Become big brother's slave."

She spoke to her in a serious tone.

"S-Slave?!" I asked Aoi while feeling surprised.

"...You said it, right? She doesn't deserved to die a quick death, that's why I decided that she'll serve you for all eternity. Isn't it great, big brother?"

Aoi spoke with a grin.

"B-But, will she accept such a--"

"I humbly accept my fate, nano."

Bell spoke suddenly to us.

"My pride has been crushed already, and my subordinates will start to ridicule me after that nano. It's impossible to me to regain their trust and respect again. I have nothing left. Maybe, being a slave is the only way to for me nano." She said in a faint voice.

"That's not true, Milady!"

Everyone looked at the corner in surprise, and we saw Ivlis running towards Bell.

"You haven't lost anything, Milady! I vowed to be your retainer as long as I live!" Ivlis said as she knelt in front of her.

"B-But, they'll depose me for sure! I will be a laughingstock in front of the gods nano!"

Bell said anxiously.

" one asked you to leave your position as a queen of the Underworld. When it comes to that, let big brother deal with all of them."

"Hey, Aoi!" I glared at her.

"...Why, big brother? You don't want her to be your slave?"

"W-Well, it's great if she could help us, but you're being too pushy Aoi!"

A slave? I haven't thought of it at all.

"...Then it's settled. You'll become a slave, is that clear?"

"Understood, nano. But I have a request, if you won't mind Death Goddess."

"...What is it?" Aoi asked her.

Bell took a deep breath, and spoke.

"I want him to be the king of the Underworld nano."

"WHAAAAAAAAAT?!" Everyone shouted at her in surprise.

"Since he defeated me, it's just right if he becomes our king nano."

"...Where is the current King of Wands?" Aoi asked her.

"The King is a vacant position. I ruled the clan for thousands of years, waiting for a rightful king to appear. Now that I lost to him and became his slave, it's just natural that he becomes the king nano." Bell explained.

"K-King...but I can't! It's impossible!" I said in panic.

I'm just an ordinary person, I don't have the talent of being a leader in me!

"It is my duty to assist my master in his role as the king. I am a queen, so I know how things worked here nano." Bell said with a light smile on her lips.

"Ren, don't you ever forget that I'm a princess, so let me help you as well." Lerish spoke from the side.

"I can't rule them anymore, so I beg of you Ren Mortel, no, Master! Please, be the King of the Underworld!" Bell said as she prostrated in front of me.

H-How did it ended up like this?

"O-Okay, okay! I understand it already! I will be the king, so will you please stop prostrating? It's too uncomfortable for me, you know?!"

Aaahh, I did it again.

Bell stood up, and bowed her head to me with renewed dignity.

"Then, please take care of me from now on, Master."

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