Leaving Some Things Behind

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Someone splits with his girlfriend and he gives some ex-girlfriends a call. And he rings some female friends as well. One friend returns his call and says she can be at his in half an hour. She
comes round and they soon have each other's clothes off. But is it all as it seems? And now his ex-girlfriend wants to get back with him. So he gives her a call!

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



"Would you like this chair? It's better," he said considerately.

She declined but still seemed unhappy.

He talked about his move and about how he might get an Internet connection again.

"I know I said I didn't want the Internet. And that I said all I did was watch videos on it, but maybe I could do something different this time. Perhaps, I could look up some things…."

She looked across at him, but didn't say anything.

He continued, "And I'm sorry I wasn't dressed when you came. But I was up using my computer as my move was worrying me. I wanted to problem-solve some things, such as what I needed for the house. And I tried to think about how I was going to go all the way back to where I used to live so I can still see my friends. I have a computer. But it's not online. And I've found out some useful tips using my computer without the Internet. Also, I've tried out some software other than a browser. Perhaps…,"

"Don't let it worry you."

He began telling her some more stuff about his computer, but he could tell that she thought his talking about his computer was only an excuse for not making better conversation. When he had seen her yesterday, she had said what she was going to watch on TV that night. And although he had promised her he would not miss it, he had done so. Now as they sat together, he began to feel embarrassed by their poor conversation. But he could do nothing about the bad feelings he had when for some reason he had not done something so easy. All he had to do was to watch some TV and it would have improved his conversation. Also, it would have improved their relationship. He had seen nothing at all last night, but she had watched just as she said that she would. Still, they talked about some old stuff until she said nothing more and then ignored him.

They stayed silent just a little and then she said, "Actually, I've got to leave. I have my own house to go to and to spend the night in. And I have a comfortable bed to go to. I don't know what your problem is. And you don't have to bother to see me out either. I'll see myself out."

After she left, he scrolled through the numbers on his mobile phone and gave some ex-girlfriends a call. Most said they were busy or they weren't single. One said she never wanted to date him again. However, another friend, Janet, seemed pleased to hear from him.

She had only ever been a friend to him, but he wanted some company. Also, he had hopes. He thought that they might change their relationship and she could be his girlfriend. After not more than a few minutes or so on the phone when she seemed to understand and empathize with all he said, she exclaimed that she had thought of him too and had wanted to hear from him. Also, she said that she'd leave now and come to see him. And as she lived nearby, she could be there in half an hour. When she came in exactly half an hour later, they had gone to bed as if they had wanted to get the clothes off each other for years.

Afterward he did not phone her for a few days. Then Dawn, who he thought had dumped him, rang and asked him to come to hers. She had not had enough of him after all despite what she had said. And she still wanted to see him. He thought affectionately of all the good times they'd had together and they restarted their relationship. But he did not tell her he had seen someone else for one night.

About a week or two later, Dawn said that she had a new job. And she said that she would be meeting men at work and socially. There would be many available men for her now. So if he didn't mind, she didn't want to date him. And she didn't have time to see him either, as a friend or anything else. The men she met at work now and socially would be much more interesting. He had a long chat with her about it. But she insisted she already knew that she didn't want to see him again.

When she had gone, he called Janet and she came to see him. She got in and settled down heavily on a sofa. They did not say anything for a few minutes and then he talked about his new home. He told her how before he came here, he had lived with a relative. The relative had cooked a meal every day. And the rest of the time, he had sandwiches. Most evenings and for years, he had sat down to a meal she gave him. And she always cleaned his room. He'd had money to spend and he'd spent it mainly on snacks. Also, he bought clothes and toilet soap, particularly when he had a girlfriend. Most of the time he would watch music videos and then he'd watch the soaps. And after that, he'd watch some other TV. Also, he said that his computer had helped him a bit with some problems he'd had recently.

Another time he saw Janet and he gave her more news of his move. Also, he talked about his computer but only the interesting stuff. He thought that she might feel interested in hearing about computers for a bit. Janet did ask him about his computer, but it was mainly to criticize him for mentioning it at all.

"Doesn't everyone want one?"

"Why does everyone want one if nobody wants to talk about them?" he added when she said nothing.

She listened a little pensively. And she said no more.

Then as if having thought of something she really wanted to say, but instead saying something that was different and that occurred to her at the last moment, she turned and spoke directly to him.

And she said, "Do you want to be with me? Or do you just want a friend to talk to?"

"Yes, I do want more than a friend," he said.

Now she felt happier and he supposed he did as well. But then he still had another girl to think about even if he might only think later what he should do. When they chatted now, he called her his 'girlfriend'. But then oddly, she said that she was still only his friend.

"How can we really be a boyfriend and girlfriend when we're already friends? You're not like other men. You're just 'you'. To me, you are the person I knew already and liked beforehand. Nor are you like the boys I meet when I'm out. I like you just as my friend. Nor do I want to start dating you as my boyfriend. And nor do I want you to call me 'your girlfriend' ever again. I've decided against it now."

He talked about this with her some more. And if it was that words bothered her, then it was that words bothered him as well. It must be catching or something. However, it was only catching if it was something about which you needed to worry. Perhaps, it wasn't catching or anything to worry about. She sighed as he began speaking again about the words they had used and them still talking like this.

"It's between friends. What's the difference if I also sometimes stay overnight or share a bed with you? You're still my friend. Aren't you?"

"Yes," she said to him. "Of course, I'm your friend!"

"All right, seeing as you're my friend and an old friend, then we're all right about it. And I'll take up your offer of coming to see you because I really do like you and I know we would still be friends…"

"You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. It is nothing more than that then. It's just a friendly thing and something mutual and understood between friends, one male and one female."

"Yes, of course it is that."

They lay together on the sofa and watched the clouds change and then the sky darken that said it was time for her to leave. They were quite still and then she moved to get up. After that, she put on her heels that she had taken off. Briefly, she stepped over to him to get her clothes. Then she went to the hook on his wall, took her coat, and put it on. Her high heels dug into the bit of carpet between the hook and the door. And then he heard them clacking across the concrete landing outside his apartment. So then, she had left.

His mobile phone rang. It was his earlier girlfriend.

"Look! I still want to see you. I acted in haste."

"Yes, that's all right then. Do you want to come to mine?"

She came to his. And it was like old times.

When she had gone, he switched on his computer. It fascinated him to work on his files. And he had not had enough of it yet. He switched on the radio as well.

Then he turned the volume right up to full as if only just realizing he could hardly have heard it where it had been. It had been so long since he had even touched the volume knob.

Now he did not see Dawn for some time, as she did not contact him.

Janet rang. She was the old friend. Perhaps, he was lonely and wanted company. It seemed pointless not to sleep with Janet when they had already done it. Janet came in.

Then they talked for a bit and listened to music.

"I do really have a girlfriend. And she is lovely and I like her a lot."

She stretched out.

"Just come here! One hug won't hurt."

He went over and hugged her.

When she had left, he thought that she would have stayed a bit longer. But she had said that she had a reason that she had to go. And then she quickly left.

After she had gone, he felt a bit bad. Perhaps, he should have not told a lie to his girlfriend. And now as he waited for his computer to warm up, he thought that he really wanted to do some problem solving about it all.

In less than an hour, he had switched off his computer and then had switched on the TV. There was still time to watch some as it was yet only early evening. After that, there was the late film. Perhaps, he could get back with Dawn as if nothing had happened. He would be seeing her tomorrow. So it was not so long to go before he saw her again. And he could try to talk with her about something other than computers. Maybe he could do this, but then he would have to see. In the meantime, the TV was on. And he'd see the time he might go to bed. The movie finished. And he undressed to go to bed.

On a whim, he switched on the radio he had on his bedside cabinet. Most nights he didn't listen to his radio. Before he had switched it on, his room had just a few faint sounds you could hear. There was the whine of traffic, the sound of a crane and the patter of raindrops on his roof. Otherwise, it was silent. The faint sounds coming from outside were all there was to disturb the calm and quiet there was inside. Now in the night his room was dark. This was other than from the faint yellow light of a street lamp that came in from the window. He listened to the radio and tried to relax a bit more. Then his eyelids grew heavy and he felt like sleep. Once he fell asleep, the next time he saw his room would be in the light of the morning.

Waking again an hour later rather oddly, he lay on his back in his bed with his head on his pillow listening to the sounds of the radio that was still on. Tomorrow would come soon enough. And it would bring with it whatever it did. But for now, he began to feel just a bit tired again and as well, he felt like he might turn over and go to sleep. Then he reached over, switched off the radio and slept soundly until morning.


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