First-Annual Power Dick-Off

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'Let's get ready to AB-USE!'

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017




The Power Dick Of The Year!


"Welcome to the first annual 'Power Dick of the Year,' brought to you by 'Lube-O-Rama Personal Lubrication Gel'. In this show, it's the Democrats vs. the Republicans to see which has the better sexual harassment tricks, and which will take home first prize as the 'Most Deviant' Three-Pound Ham' I'm your host, Wilbur Funchkin, let's meet our combatants. First, he's a 2-term senator from the state of Confederasia, representing the fighting R's, say hello to Harlan Gropefield!"


"Hello, Wilbur, I'm anxious to see what I can get away with--eh, ha, ha!"


"Senator Gropefield! Next, say hello to his opponent, from the state of Liberalistan, representing the mighty D's, say hello to Representative Dylan Spackle!"


"Ladies--err--and gentlemen, of course!"


To determine which will take home the prize ham, and be crowned, "Power-Dick of the Year,' you'll each have an opportunity to use you best pick-up lines, then our studio audience will vote for which of you is the bigger dick! Backstage, we have a gullible, innocent young girl, who will be the object of you sexual mutterings. Dawn thinks she's here for an interview about puppies, boy will she be shocked. Let's bring her out, Dawn Chesney, come on out, let's talk puppies!"


"Hi, everyone!"


"Hi, Dawn, we're not exactly here to talk puppies!"




"Senator Gropefield has something to say to you!"


"Hi, Dawn, that sure is a beautiful name."


"Thank you, but I don't understan---"


"And you're beautiful, do you like apples?"


"Yeah, but--"


"Those are some hot-looking shorts."


"Thanks, but I'm starting to get uncomfortable."


"You don't have anything to feel uncomfortable about--my back's sore, how about you come over here and give Uncle Gropefied a back rub? I just happen to have a tube of, 'Lube-O-Rama". All you need to do is squirt some on those pretty hands of yours, and start rubbing."


'Not a chance, perv."


"Okay, thank you Senator Gropefield, you're next, Representative Spackle"


"Hi, Dawn--oops, I dropped a quarter.."




I've seen and heard a lot of people in posts online gleefully laughing when a Democrat is accused of sexual harassment, and likewise the anti-Republican posts--like it proves all Republicans, or all Democrats are sexual predators. It has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with them being morally-bankrupt losers who think they can use their power to intimidate young women into sex they don't want. It's not a partisan competition, it's about messing up an impressionable young girl's life. We need to remember the long-term damage it causes.





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