Fathers speak

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An attempt how fathers feel towards their children

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



Fleshed from flesh

Blood and bone

I, too, one day

Found myself alone


Decided I won’t leave

The world alone

Without someone

I can call my own


Yes, that was me

The man who did the deed

Blind as a man can be

Led one to have one to feed


Yet, there was love when I saw

What I did and knew

That part of me will grow

A seed that will pass through


The earth when I’m long forgotten

Yet forget you I never will

My last thought you were well begotten

Stronger that my version of will


Just to know you grow is peace

I die thinking I did good

And in the world I released

A person branded into Manhood


I may have left or hid

Or hid my feelings in a freezer

Knowing I can’t undo what I did

I’d die to see you breathe


I may have opened the door and left

A coward that I maybe

And no excuse if I committed theft

And stole a life to be


But with every step I drag

Feet of memory of those I committed injustice

Never will I one day brag

That that’s how the rest of me is

I cannot speak because

I feel the shadier side of you

The one I won’t let you expose

So you can be the stronger of the two


I’d like to ask for forgiveness

But if one day a father you’ll be

You’ll witness this side of grimness

Mixing love’s hard and easy


If not, you’ll go on believing

That it’s not worth it

That there’s a future one you’re deceiving

And they don’t deserve it


But I wish is fleshed like me

From blood and not stone

You’ll take in life’s mystery

Be better than the father you’ve known

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