Life Punishment

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A man's life as never been seen before

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



Once a child with dreams mountains can't hold, thought life nothing but a sweet he can eat. As big as the sky is ,but nowhere near that little child's mind which filled with imagination. He loved everything where he couldn't do anything, he had never knew the meaning of boredom, loved life in its good and bad. He has always been looking at himself as the one, no one like him, strangers, friends, and families look at him like none other,all were his thoughts.This child is every one of us, dreamers, life conquerors, as they say, until that moment where life freeze, the moment of truth,I call it, where life starts falling like a hurricane non stop. Eyes like they never had a sight, ears like they had never heard, all our senses start to collapse as life goes on.

This is not the same old life we knew, our mind starts rolling, everyone treat us differently, until the final strike, I am not special,if we believed that deep down ourselves everything related to that little child is dead.

 The greatest murder the world have ever witnessed,where our maturity kills our young self, a very few children survive that life punishment, make yours live and keep your child memories, we don't need to remember them, we need to keep them, every day should be a day to remember, until we met our end, fight the downs, frustrations. we are special.

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