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Yes, guys. I am an atheist.

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



In the one mighty country

A great general lived.

He had a child,

And the child was weird.


The son was retarded.

He screamed all the nights.

He could not self-serve.

He could only cry.


Crowds of mages and witches

Tried to treat him a lot.

However, the child

Only yelled like a toad.


The father went crazy.

He was tired to live.

Once, he met monks

And asked them to strive.


The monks did not concur.

And gave the advice

“To go to Lord

And forget all the pride.”


The famous general

Prayed for the son

He begged God’s mercy,

And the answer was done.


Lord opened his mouth,

His whisper was stern.

“I heard your desire.

And I want in return.


Son will be undying

And healthy, but note

For that, you must fight

For the name of your God.”


The father was happy

Without delay

Exclaimed “O My Lord,

I am your slave!”


He ran to his son

To bring him the news

And get a discussion

About son’s youth.


It was the celebration.

One month all the guests

Were glorifying faith

And having the feast.


The general straggled

And fought since that time,

A lot of the pagans

He forced to cry.


He was unmerciful,

Cruel and fierce

And name of his God

He kept on his lips.


Once was the battle.

The general said

“We might be the legend”

And lost his grey head


Because of colliding

With cannonball shot.

He left to his son

Only blood meat wad.


His son’s grown quickly

And was like his dad.

Same tactics, strategic and



He sought of the fighting

He looked for the fire

To become the vanquisher

Was his desire.


Once, in the night,

He took his platoon

To explore the space

When the foes were soon.


He fought like a tiger,

But died like a hog,

Scattered his shit

On the marsh frogs.


Somewhere nowhere

On the Universe board

His soul got meeting

With the spirit of Lord.


“You promised my father

To make me not die.

Why was I killed?”

He asked in surprise.


God made the smile

And gazed at own sword

“It was the joke,

I simply was bored.”



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