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Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



It's what it always is, especially from the ones you love, you wouldn't expect them to be the ones that do it most, even the ones you may even trust can stab you right in the back. But why lie?  What's the satisfaction of hurting someone else or just the fact of doing it, eventually at the end you would get consequences, is it really worth it? Going through all the pain and suffering. Who even invented or started lying in the first place? Yes I see how it could help us by protecting us in some ways, but when it comes to lying about love or caring for someone or maybe even saying you will be there for someone and you aren't actually there for them, you might just be there for them in the beginning, maybe you and that person get into some fights but, doesn't real friends always come back to each other at the end and work things out? I'm afraid that's not always the case, these reasons and more, lots more, can give you a reason to not believe in the concept "friend/friend's ." It hurts most when the other person says they want it to work out or that they won't be like the rest who hurt you in the past or use that stupid L word a lot and not even mean it, love is not just a word that you can throw around, you have to really mean it and show it, but most people now a days say it to get things from you or example the person who they are speaking to (to get the things from them). Hurting is the worst feeling in the world, so why do we have to bare it? Again there can be multiple other reasons why lying is bad but these are some of the things I can relate too. So what do you think? Or what's your reason for still going through the headache of lies/lying? Isn't it time we step away from all of it and ect, yes I'm happy for you if you can work out with that person or friend and have them in your life for a long time, don't get me wrong yes that can happen, but it's rare for some people, don't be like everyone else, be your own leader and be better from what you heard from. 

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