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Here's some sappy poems I wrote about my boyfriend. He's inspiring me to write poetry again and it's different from what I've written before

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



Break the Cycle

He doesn’t take my breath away.

He makes it so I can breathe

He’s not all I think about

He calms the swarming chaos in my head

He doesn’t grope or grab

He crushes my doubts with his gentle hands

He reassures me

Tells me I’m amazing or beautiful

with no other motive

Easier Said Than Done

My body craves his gentle touches

I wish he could massage the worry from my brain

Take out the bad memories and replace them all with


Not The Same

Where there’s doubt

There’s also hope

It’s pushing it’s way to the surface

Every time I see you

Fear Is Good. Change Is Better

If I wasn’t afraid

that would mean it’s not real

I’m not playing a part because I have to.

I’m changing because I want to.

Let You In

You’re gently opening my arms to let you in

It’s easy

It’s like I already made room before you even asked

It’s like I knew

you’d come along

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