An Unknown God.

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Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



My name is Jordan Cornell and this is the story about how I became a god, or should I say an unknown god. I think the year was 2015 and I was 16. At the time I was, let’s just say not the most popular guy at school. People made up stories about me and some of them were true, like the time I fell to the floor because I saw my crush, but they never heard my side of the story. They’re quick to judge, like what if I was just attacking the floor for fun? That was a bad example but the point is they should listen to all sides of the story. So let’s just get on to how I became a “god”.

It was a normal day. But I got this weird feeling that I shouldn’t go to school but I did either way. Besides that I thought it would be a normal day. So I was just going to class and the typical bullies made fun of me, so yeah pretty normal day. The rest of the day was boring and all that but what caught my attention was when I was going home. I go home on the subway and this strange man came up to me and said “You should’ve stayed home” and oh boy how I which I had listened to him. If I did everything would have changed. I just thought he was a crazy man. But anyways I carried on my day and when I came home..... god how I which I listened to the man and stayed home. What I found was my mom, the only family member I had left, in the ground with a weird goo coming out of her. Blood was boiling inside of me but before I had time to do anything a person that had their face covered threw dust at me. The next thing I know I’m lying in a white box. There is music, peaceful music. I thought I was in heaven, but I wasn’t because every single bone in my body was hurting like hell. Then a strange man came up to me and told me this was my new home. This isn’t even close to home. He said if I want to go back I have to “finish the deed”. What the heck does that even mean? Either way I couldn’t wait to find out what the heck I was supposed to do...


Ps: pls let me know if you want a part two!


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