God's Gift

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A Blind child's Birthday story

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



God’s  Gift


Short story by Sridevi Vijayan


“One, two… three… four …five …six” Anu slowly counted the six candles on the table and blew them. “Happy Birthday to you” sang everybody around. Her mother cut a piece of cake and put it in her mouth. And the cake was cut and distributed to all the other children and her parents.


The Birthday bash was in full swing. There were balloons of different colors at every door and the ceiling. Some balloons were blown by Anu herself. Only, she knew not, the difference between the various colors of the balloons. All the balloons of the same size and shape were same to her.


 Though born blind, she was but not totally at the mercy of others. She could find her way around the house, touch and understand each thing and her sense of smell and her sharp hearing almost overtook her disability. And she was an exceptionally brilliant girl.


The guests had all settled down with their food. Anu’s friends as well as the neighborhood children were all there. Her mother had organized some games and some children were singing.


Suddenly it started raining heavily. Anu loved the pitter patter sound of the rain and also the smell of the earth during the first rain. “Now, how will we go, with such heavy rain?”

Priya’s father was saying. “The rain will stop in no time. You know the rains here. It comes and stops within a matter of few minutes.” Anu’s father consoled them. “By the time we finish our food, the sky will be clear”. And true to his words, the rain stopped before the party drew to a close.


Finally, the guests started leaving. They all said goodbye to Anu and some of her friends pecked on her cheek, which Anu loved very much. She always loved it when anybody touched her. It made her feel wanted and there was a bond between both the people. Amma and Appa loved her very much and always saw to it that she missed nothing that she wanted, but about her grandparents, she was not so sure. There was something about her that they didn’t like. And she had found it out that it was because she was “adopted”, though what that meant, she never knew. All her friends had told her that their grandparents loved and pampered them more than their parents, but in her case, she had always found some restraint in their behaviour.


Once the guests had gone, Anu started unpacking the gifts. Her parents helped her and she started to touch and see each gift. There were different kinds of dolls, boxes of chocolates, balls and a variety of other gifts. She touched each present lovingly and held them close to her heart. And papa was taking her photographs, she knew. “What a beautiful girl Anu is!” She had heard many telling. “Looking at her, nobody would say that she is blind.” Such comments she had heard very often.


“Deepu, take her for a wash and change her dress,” Amma (mother) was telling Appa(father). He led her to the spare bedroom to change her. She could hear Amma talking to her parents in the bedroom line. Once Appa finished changing her dress and left her to take bath, she tiptoed to the bedroom and stood outside the door. She wanted to hear the conversation of her mother with her parents.


“But Amma, it was not correct on your part to miss Anu’s B’day” Amma was telling. “No, now don’t give me any excuses. It is hardly two hours drive from there. And you could have stayed with us. Anu missed both of you”. There was a pause as Amma must have been listening to the conversation on the other end.

“No, Amma, whatever you say, Anu is our daughter only. I will not have you think otherwise. And you know that I cannot conceive and give birth to another child of our own. We feel that the love we give her will reach out to our daughter whom we lost because of you all. Twelve years back, when I gave birth to a blind girl, you all took a decision to give it for adoption. Yes, it is true, it was uncle’s decision, but none of you put your foot down on that decision. Yes, maybe she lives in the lapse of luxury in the foreign land and we hardly could afford to give her a decent living at that point of time, but there is not a single day that I don’t remember her. And you know that it was purposefully that I have adopted a blind girl, to compensate for giving away my child. Now don’t differentiate her ever again. Or I will never talk to you again” Mama slammed the phone down and there were tears flowing down her cheek.


Though Anu could not understand all that Amma was talking, she sensed that Amma was crying, which made her feel very sad. Anu slowly reached out to her and wiped the tears on her cheeks. “Amma, don’t cry, Anu is always there for you.” She whispered softly hugging her mother and holding her closely. “Yes I know, dear – you are the gift that God has given us and we all love you dearly”.  Amma said hugging and kissing her lovingly.

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