Thomas's Bully

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A Boy named Thomas Murphy lives with his two parents, it might look like he lives a nice life, but when he is at school, he is tormented by other students, especially from a kid named Morgan Smith,
who we learn lives with a domestic family. Can Thomas survive being bully? Can Morgan survive his family?

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



It is a peaceful morning in Toronto, Canada 1994, as Thomas Murphy wakes up and gets ready for school, and Halloween is coming up, and Thomas has to pick something to dress up as, but he doesn’t know, as Thomas takes a shower and gets ready, his Mother and Father are downstairs as well getting ready, Thomas’s Mother is making lunch for him and Thomas’s father, and Thomas’s Father grabs his lunch and kisses his wife and says goodbye,


“Goodbye, I am off to work, have a great day.” Thomas’s Father says,

“Have a great day honey” Thomas’s Mother replied,

“Goodbye dad” Thomas replied.


A couple minutes has passed, and Thomas’s Mother yells out,


“Thomas, it’s time for school, the bus will be here soon, and your lunch is downstairs” Thomas’s Mother yelled,

“Thank you Mom, I’ll be right down,” Thomas replied.


As Thomas ran downstairs and grabs his lunch and hugs his Mother goodbye, he rushes outside, to see the bus arrive instantaneously outside, he rushes in the bus and says good morning to the bus driver,


“Good Morning Bus Driver” Thomas greeted,

“Good Morning Thomas, you crazy rascal,” The bus driver replied,


As Thomas walks towards his seat to sit down, Morgan says to Thomas,


“Hey Thomas, you loser, where your friends at, I can’t see them, you must be stupid,” Morgan said anger,

“Hey, why you being mean? Are you having some kind of trouble at home, so you have to mess with me” Thomas replied,

“Hey, you don’t know and what happens at my home, you don’t want me to punch you, so shut up,”


As Morgan said that, everything just went quiet, and you can just hear whispers of other children on the bus, but you can’t  make out what they are saying. Moments later, the bus arrives at school, and Thomas rushes out of the bus, and into the school, as Thomas walked the hallway, he sees Morgan acting strange and walks up to him to see what is wrong,


“Hey Morgan, what is wrong?” Thomas asked,

“None of your business, loser, Go away,” Morgan replies, as he walks away


Thomas says to himself, “What is wrong with Morgan?”


So, it’s English class, and Ms. Lerbouche talks about poetry and the structure, but, Thomas sees Morgan with his head in his desk, and Thomas leans over and asks Morgan what is wrong,


“Hey Morgan, what is wrong? ” Thomas asks,

“I SAID GO AWAY, LOSER!” Morgan yells, and runs out of the class,

As Morgan runs out, Ms. Lerbouche asks,

“Thomas what did you do to Morgan, he has been having trouble at home,” Ms. Lerbouche said,

“I didn’t do anything, I didn’t know he has been having trouble at home, I am trying to be his friend,” Thomas replies,

“Shut up Thomas, you have no friends,” another student said,


So, it is lunch time, Thomas is sitting by himself eating his sandwich, that his mother made for him, it has a bit of ham, cheese, lettuce and Thomas ate the whole thing, but then Morgan comes towards Thomas and says,


“So you think I need help, and I warned you, Thomas, I am going to beat you up,” Morgan says,

“Morgan you don’t need to do this, I can help you,” Thomas asks,

“You can’t help me, come on stand and fight me,” Morgan demands,

So, Thomas stands up, and Morgan gives a big smack on the side of the face,

“Please Morgan, I can help, you don’t need to go through your struggles alone,” Thomas asking,

Morgan gives him another smack on the face,

“You can’t help me, I don’t have any struggles,” Morgan yells,

“Morgan you have been having trouble at home is it domestic, and help you through it, I can be a real friend,” Thomas tries to reason with Morgan,

“How can you help me, my father beats my mother, and I can’t do anything about it,” Morgan tells,

“This is good Morgan, you are communicating. So I’m guessing you are crying in your room, trying to block the sounds,” Thomas says,

“Yes, and I can’t do anything, but I want to, and my Mother just locks me in my room,” Morgan cries,

Morgan picks up Thomas and says Sorry,

“I am sorry, Thomas, I just so much anger against my father, that I just want to kill him,” Morgan explains,

“Morgan you don’t have to struggle alone, I am, no, We are here for you Morgan. Right Guys” Thomas says,

Everyone around them, just walked off, not caring about Morgan, but Thomas stayed.


So, as the fight ended and Thomas and Morgan sit down and Morgan talks to Thomas, and they start to connect and talk about other things that they like, and Thomas says that Halloween is coming up, and Thomas asks Morgan if he would like to come with him to trick or treat,


“Hey Morgan,” Thomas says,

“What Thomas,” Morgan says,

“Halloween is coming up, would you like to come trick or treat,” Thomas asks,

“Sure, I would have to ask my Mother, but I would love to go,” Morgan replies,


So, Thomas and Morgan talk about things and they become best friends.


Days Later.


So, it’s the day of Halloween, and Thomas trying out his new costume, Thomas is dressing up as a Cowboy, and Thomas runs downstairs to show his Mother,


“Mom, look at my costume,” Thomas asks,

“That is amazing, and Morgan is coming over soon,” Thomas’s Mother replies,

“He is, Yay.”


Moments later, Thomas hears the doorbell ring and opens it to see Morgan there, wearing his costume, Morgan is dressed as a vampire,


“Nice costume, Morgan,” Thomas says,

“You too, Thomas,” Morgan replies,


So, Thomas and Morgan become best friends at the end of it all, and they go trick or treating, and they get so much candy, that they have a sugar rush for months and a really expensive dental checkup.


© Copyright 2019 F.S.P Winiata-Taylor. All rights reserved.

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