When you are understood

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Many times be the author how to think like a genius for that is why you have a role in this Gods creation. How longest day may your creative potential help to innovate new solution is the greatest
giveaway of your freedom here ? When you read this poem, think like you are here for this change always for the deepening wisdom to make it a practical guide for your life ahead. This is why you
read a bible always celebrating a open mind of our history. :)

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



There are times in your life,

You forget everything except knowledge,

When you ask yourself why all this ?

You forsake everyone except wisdom,

Many witnesses say you spent so long time idle,

How will your unleashed genius be the selfless author upon history always so changing ?

Yet you will come back for a greatness God wants from you,

This day stands so tall,

Only you need to share one currency united in time again,

As you have changed the unchallenged,

For they scripted your path,

In them you long for all worth under the heaven,

When you struggle with those who loved you most ?

First be understood reorganizing your vision of your world,

When you look for action cultivate celebration wielding happiness everywhere,

Second be silent unleashing harmony to your mind,

When you look for resolution develop love of wisdom unlocking your perspective,

As a silent action makes all accomplishment untold in power,

You need to go farther in life,

Here your destiny makes your roles so loved,

When your angel gave upon this faith in you,

Lived for all thanksgiving moment God made you for this day,

Here love will be against hardship you owe,

When blessings of a heart rebirth your story,

May God guide your path from HIS distant star,

When all bonds of human value is the faith within,

May you love this day for refreshed start always at refreshed spirit,

When all birth is a message in gestures,

Will you complain if God redressed this occasion as a key contented in you ?

For God gave you this life,

Your father never asked more than service in your duty,

If you shine above this devotion like a grown up,

No complaints for a life prayed to forgive all crimes,

Will be the reunion of all blessing you are made here,

Let you fulfill this plan God gave you all the Earth for our destiny here !

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