how ketogenic diet works

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Find your way to ketogenic diet


Health and fitness are the top most searched items according to google adsense. The dream of a healthy lifestyle has invoked the creation of many fad diets in the last century. Whatever you are doing on the internet, you are bombarded with myriad advertisements of various diet plans promising to bring about the change that you have been coveting. Not all diets, though, are healthy for the body. This is where ketogenic diet takes center stage. Here, we are going to tell u how ketogenic diet works, so that you can assess if this is the best option for you.

The origins of ketogenic diet:

Ketogenic diet was developed by Dr. Russell Wilder in the 1924 during his work with epileptic patients, specifically children in the esteemed Mayo hospital. He noticed that consuming a diet with very low amounts of carbohydrates actually resulted in the reduction of the number of seizures these kids were experiencing during a certain period of time. The results clearly showed a 90 percent decrease in the seizures. His numerous examinations and results were collected and presented in a journal on neurology and indicated the positive effects of this diet, even when the patients were not taking the medicine to halt the seizures in the first place.

Why is ketosis good for you:

Let’s see how ketogenic diet works. We know the body needs fuel to work just like any other system around us. Carbohydrates are the biggest source of the fuel that the body requires, but it’s a double-edged sword. Although it provides the body with energy that it requires to work, the process on the other hand produces a huge amount of oxygen as a byproduct, resulting in the inflammation of organs due to excessive amount of oxidation. On the contrary, when ketones burn, they produce a significantly low amount of oxygen, hence they do not destroy the body due to inflammation. This induces a state called “ketosis”, resulting in optimal number of ketones in the body.

Double benefit:

Researchers claim that ketogenic diet not only helps the body to produce less amount of oxygen and hence decrease inflammation, it also triggers an increase in the mitochondrial cell functions. When you stop eating a carbohydrate enriched diet during ketosis, you actually end up consuming a high protein diet. As we tend to feel full after a normal portion of high-protein diet, therefore take in less calories. This actually results in weight loss, which stimulates the progression of overall health for us.

The fact that ketogenic diet works to improve body performance is enough reason to definitely give it a try. 

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