Working Out While on Ketosis

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Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



Working Out While on Ketosis


A lot of people of people aiming to improve their fitness while on a diet are concerned with the effects of their diet plans on the road to build muscle along the way. There have been very mixed results shown in various studies about the actual logistics faced by the practitioners of ketogenic diet.

When to exercise on ketogenic diet:

Most trainers recommend getting into your workout plan early in the day. Just start before your breakfast and consume a lot of water during the workout. Note down the type of exercise that you are carrying out every day. Keep a journal and check the weight loss after every week. Different types of exercise can also boost weight loss in a different manner. You just have to evaluate which routine works best for you. The amount of carbohydrates that you are allowed during this time should be ideally below 20 grams, subsequently resulting in a more focused outcome.

Does exercise really matter:

Remember the large amounts of ketones will NOT result in general fat loss. A combination of ketogenic food plan with a specific routine can bring out the best results. Our bodies shift to burning fat instead of “glycogen” which it was earlier using to produce energy, ensuing a great way to lose fat.

Carb requirement during exercise:

Some people tend to have a more intense workout regime than others. If you are performing more strenuous weight lifting exercises, you should not depend solely on a ketogenic diet plan. To carry out tough routines like these, it is recommended to intake about 25 grams of carbs before exercising and 25 grams after the workout. This should be taken half an hour before the routine and within half an hour afterward it, to get the desired effects.

Best Plan for you:

Knowing when to exercise on ketogenic diet, can greatly influence the attainment of your health goals. If you are opting for a low intensity workout, you can keep the intake of carbs to a minimum and perform a combination of two routines, one earlier in the day and one in the evening. If you are going for high intensity workout, you should consider watching your carb intake and keep just one-time slot for exercise during the day. Of course, you can increase your sets if you don’t see any health issues.

Overall, the benefits of combining the ketogenic diet plan with a scaled work routine are significantly shown to produce great results.

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